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Off To Port Harcourt!

Greetings from Port Harcourt, Nigeria!

On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.) we completed Health Minister Training in Abuja where we had 63 participants. It was a good training, many people were touched and the message is spreading throughout Nigeria!

On Friday, we flew to Port Harcourt where we will spend the next week and a half.

That day we spoke to a women’s conference, and on Sunday we spoke at a local church. Monday it was time for another radio interview, followed by another health conference on Tuesday (like the one in Abuja last week).

On Wednesday, we will start another Health Minister Training.

We’re certainly keeping busy here, and the atmosphere everywhere we go is electric! The country is beautiful and loaded with colorful sights and wonderful sounds.

It is humbling to listen to the radio here; The Hallelujah Diet is mentioned so often as they are promoting the different events and venues we are attending. It’s just amazing how many times we hear The Hallelujah Diet discussed as the radios are always on in every car.

We are enjoying the changes in climate here in Nigeria, too. Inland at Abuja it was dry and warm while in Port Harcourt (in the Niger Delta)  it is more humid; it reminds us of the climate in Florida. With population of 1.3 million (about the same as San Diego), Port Harcourt is also a much larger center than Abuja, which has a population of around 775,000.

Of course, when you’re spreading the word about The Hallelujah Diet, you have to try the local food — and the fruit here is wonderful, especially the fresh avocados and pineapples!

More updates soon. Thank you for your prayers! 🙂


  1. When are you coming to lagos?

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