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Nothing to “Sneeze” At!

Hi everyone, this is Ann .  As I was researching the article on Seasonal Allergies for this week, I was reminded of my own interesting past when, as a young girl, I developed asthma.  In high school, I was given a series of scrapes on my back and was found to have nearly 50 “allergies” to everything from cat dander to mold.  From there, I was given weekly “allergy” shots.  I only took them a few years and then I went off to college in a different part of the state.

Years later, I found myself in California and was quickly told that it was the worst state for “seasonal allergies.”   I did notice some allergy symptoms but just lived through them wishing the season would be over soon.

In my early thirties I was back in the Midwest and experienced some of the worst seasonal allergies I had ever had.  The memory of a dripping nose while picking strawberries will forever haunt me.  Strawberry season was in the beginning of June and lasted only a few weeks, yet my runny nose seemed to last much longer.


As much as I wanted to be rid of those long winter months, the very thought of Spring made me want to cry (and that was before the itchy, watery eyes set in!)

I found that I didn’t even need a Kleenex during strawberry picking season my first Spring on the Hallelujah Diet.  For anyone who has had the skin rubbed off his or her nose during allergy season, this is a true accomplishment!!

I soon realized that as long as I kept my immune system strong, I would never have to worry about the changing seasons again!

Today, I live in North Carolina.  I am surrounded by people who are told by their doctors that this is the “worst state” when it comes to seasonal allergies.  I just want to set the record straight right now:  I have lived in three states that have all declared themselves the “worst” when it comes to seasonal allergies.  Will the real “worst” state please stand up?

There may be some states with greater tree pollen than others, but there will be other states with greater grass pollen, and still others with greater flowers.

The truth is, no matter where you live, you CAN rise above the allergy issues that plague more and more people every year.   If you remove dairy, sugar and grain, you will have removed some of the most inflammatory foods, which alone will give your body a much-needed break.  Then, continuously consume only foods and nutrients that consistently nourish the body and before you know it, you will find yourself hiking and biking without so much as a Kleenex break!

Statistics can be deceiving.  You don’t need to be another one of those who must to take over-the-counter antihistamines for a few months or wear a mask when going out doors. Take good care of your body and no matter what state you live in, the state of your health will be flourishing!


  1. Susanelizabeth April 16, 2014

    When you say, “remove grains” are you talking about gluten or other grains, like rice, quinoa, millet, etc?

  2. Ifollowtheshepherd April 17, 2014

    I’m also wondering what all should be removed from our diets which comes under the heading of ‘grains’…thank you. 🙂

  3. PraiseHim April 17, 2014

    I have asthma also. After going through allergy testing & shots about three times (to no avail –because doctors told me I was not allergic to any foods) — I removed dairy & wheat. ( I have to tell you I went back to the doctor and he could not believe how clear my lungs were and asked what I was doing. I told him I cut out wheat & milk and he said “oh yes, they are real mucus forming foods”. Why didn’t he tell me that years before?
    After I got better I realized I could “cheat” sometimes (don’t ask my why I thought that was a good idea??)
    I now sneeze very infrequently — so WHENEVER I sneeze, it makes me stop and think. EACH & EVERY time I can look back & I can pinpoint it that I ate wheat either that day or the day before (even whole grain spelt, or wheat bran). I think it is wheat not all grains from my experience. Hope this helps!

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