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No Vaccine, No School!

If your family is on The Hallelujah Diet, it’s obvious you want the best health for your children. You probably question school-required vaccinations, too.

But what’s a parent to do?

If you don’t consent to vaccines, the school says they won’t let your child enroll.

Can they really do that?

Hallelujah Acres’ Scott Laird spoke with April Renee Tunsky of the Vaccine Information Coalition about this issue — watch the video below and you’ll be surprised at what she said! 


  1. Mellisa August 20, 2013

    Our state allows for the “Religious Exemption” so that is how we bypass it.

  2. LeAnn Addleman August 20, 2013

    I homeschooled through high school. Vaccination was not an issue and my children are much more healthy than other children I encounter as a school bus driver for the local school district.

  3. We did as Mellisa commented, The government definition of religion is one’s personal belief, if is our personal belief the vaccinations are wrong and harmful. So it is against our religion based on the governments definition. So we opted out.

  4. This is such a tragedy that innocent children are injected with these toxins. Unfortunately this is a story I’ve heard before. We used the religious exemption for all 3 of our children – who are now grown and have children of their own in the school system (also not immunized). I have had many conversations with people over the years who insist that children will not be allowed in the public school system without vaccinations. It simply isn’t true. Every step of the way – even through graduate school,
    people told us this couldn’t be done, but we were never even given a lot of hassle over it – just needed to provide a letter.

  5. I was appalled last Thursday when a NICU nurse slipped a paper for consent to vaccinate in with several other consent forms that had to be signed in the labor and delivery room. My daughter was in labor and being hooked up to IV’s and monitors while being told her baby could have ingested merconium (poop) and would need NICU nurses in attendance because of possible complications. The nurse said “This is for vaccines that are mandatory for school.” I don’t think my daughter even knew what she was signing.

    • AnnettePK August 21, 2013

      Vaccinations are NOT mandatory for school. I have found many health care workers, including MD’s and RN’s, tell that lie, or perhaps they are mistaken.

    • Linda Nitzschke August 26, 2013

      I’m a medical transcriptionist, and I’ve typed reports where the doctors really gave new mothers grief if they didn’t want to vaccinate. Eventually, everyone working in the hospital was required or strongly “encouraged” to get the flu vaccine, even those of us in transcription who had no contact with patients. We were allowed to work from home by this time, but if we had to come into the hospital for a meeting (again, even tho we’d not be coming anyhere near the patients), we were told we’d have to wear a “mask” if we’d not gotten the flu vaccine. Having refused the vaccine, I was so tempted to buy a Halloween mask to wear to the meeting (which was the last meeting before leaving the company)! Instead, I just didn’t go to the meeting. Now I work for a company (as most transcriptionists do these days) for hospitals and clinics nowhere near where I live, and so I never have to go in for any meetings, which is about the only good thing about working in this field anymore.

  6. Jessica August 20, 2013

    Unfortuately, I live in the only state that doesn’t allow Religious Exemptions, so I have homeschooled my children for 4 years now, because I do not agree with vaccinated my kids.

  7. get a religious exemption

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