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New Research Says Meat and Dairy Cause Acne

Got acne? Lose the cheeseburgers.

It’s pretty much that simple according to new dermatology research from Germany.

The researchers say that acne is becoming an epidemic, and put the blame squarely on a Western diet “characterized by high calorie uptake, high glycemic load, high fat and meat intake, as well as increased consumption of insulin- and IGF-1-level elevating dairy proteins.”

They called for “dietary intervention” as a means of treating acne, recommending that persons with acne should reduce offending foods listed above.

But the most impressive thing about their comments was that slowing the metabolic signaling that leads to acne is “only possible by increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruit, the major components of vegan or Paleolithic diets.”

Researchers also put the duty of sharing this information on the shoulders of dermatologists, saying that they had a “tremendous responsibility” to advise acne sufferers to change their diet.

And that responsibility is not just because of acne.

As it turns out, the metabolic signaling that leads to acne can also lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases later in life.

This study is another reminder that we need to pay close attention to what our bodies are telling us.

We need to remember that a minor annoyance could actually be a signal that something much more serious is lurking — and that shunning the ways of the world in favor of God’s ways (including adopting The Hallelujah Diet) can turn the situation in our favor.

[quote]Have you ever had problem acne? How did you treat it?[/quote]


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