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Meet with Rev. Malkmus

I was excited to be able to call my dad this past weekend and wish him a happy Father’s Day. He is now 81 years old, extremely healthy and still sharp as a tack. I remember him not always healthy though. I recall how he used to have terrible allergies and then there was the tumor in his colon nearly 40 years ago.

Growing up with Rev. Malkmus was definitely a unique experience. He certainly had a lot of drive and passion for whatever he believed in whether it was family, spiritual or country. After he was told he had colon cancer and found someone who advised him to change his diet he implemented the dietary changes throughout his family. There are four of us siblings (teenagers at that time) and we all were “not” impressed with these new dietary guidelines. In fact, all of us kids said “We don’t care what we die of we just want to eat food that tastes good.”

Fast forward to 1997 when dad asked me to help promote the Hallelujah Diet — I was hesitant to say the least. I hadn’t had exposure to the Diet since my teen year. Though dad’s tumor went away as well as his other physical problems but me, promote healthy eating? I already mentioned what we thought about this health food business when dad first “thrust” it on us kids. Then of course, there is working with dad. After being on my own for almost 20 years I wasn’t overly excited about the prospect of working with dad on a day to day basis.

Dad asked me to join him at a Health Minister training in 1997. On the first evening of the training there were scores of trainees who gave witness of powers of the Hallelujah Diet they had experienced in their own lives. Cancers, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune diseases and many others; people just saw their bodies heal. Hearing these incredible stories propelled me to decide to help dad share this great message. Click here to read some of the amazing healing testimonies.

Working with him turned out to be an incredible experience. The passion and dedication that I had observed him him as a child was again manifested through his sharing of the health message. His mission in life became helping people overcome their health challenges by simply changing what they consumed.

And, the results that I have witnessed first hand have been as incredible as they were that evening way back in 1997. One of the biggest hurdles I’ve observed over the years is that people can’t believe that the Hallelujah Diet works as well as it does. How could something so simple work so well? It is simple and it does work!

I remember traveling with dad several years ago. We were in the Chicago airport (funny, that is where I’m writing this article). Someone approached dad, introduced himself and proceeded to tell dad what an incredible experience he had with the Hallelujah Diet. Over the years there have been tens of thousands of people who have written or called to share their wonderful results. It was actually these reports of healings that inspired dad to continue to dedicate his life to sharing this incredible information.

Now, dad is enjoyed a wonderful life in sunny Florida. I could hear the energy and excitement in his voice when we talked Sunday. The zest for life is still there and he is still passionate about the diet and the difference it makes in people’s health.

Rev. George Malkmus with “Rev. Malkmus” in the “Subject” field and we’ll be sure he gets it. I know he would be inspired to hear from you.

If you haven’t tried the Hallelujah Diet before, you can learn more about it at
Thanks dad for teaching us the health principles that have helped so many to regain and maintain ultimate health.


  1. Heather June 24, 2015

    Dear Rev Malkmus:
    I use many HDiet products! Thank you so
    much for getting the message of how to live healthy and
    with vitality and for HDiet products! They are the best!
    I have shared your story with many people and info/products on the
    Diet as well.
    I live in Canada and was so blessed to go to an event at the HAcres in Toronto
    when Paul and Ann where teaching there! Was terrific!
    Hope to visit a Retreat Centre in the US sometime. I thank the LORD for you and yours!!
    Blessings to all,

  2. Paula Driver June 24, 2015

    I went to health minister training several years ago and I too love sharing the message of healthy eating! I had the privilege of meeting George and Rhonda then and at a couple women’s retreats. What an inspiration you two are! Thank you so very much for all the work and love you have put into this ministry over the years and still this day. The Lord truely is using you to change lives! God bless!!

  3. Sandra R. Mundy June 24, 2015

    An online presentation with Rev. Malkmus would be wonderful! I would love the opportunity to hear from him directly and dialogue with others about the Hallelujah Diet. I have been trying to transition from the beginning of the year and I realize I need to just jump in, my life depends on it as my endocrinologist and other doctors are not helping me at all – I feel bad and I’m only 50 (almost 51). I tell my friends I’m never giving up without a fight, so let the battle begin; in the end I will win!

  4. Chris Hebert June 24, 2015

    You are the best, Rev Malkmus. You changed my life years ago when I asked God to lead me to someone somewhere who could help me get well. I “accidentally” heard you on TV one morning when I was doing laundry and knew in my heart what I was hearing was the truth. I flew out and took your HM training. Thank you for being faithful to God’s call on your life. It must have been hard at times but you persevered and blessed so many many people. Thank you! Of course I want to be a part of an on-line presentation by you! What an opportunity!

  5. Michelle June 24, 2015

    Would love it! Thank you for giving people hope! 🙂

  6. Darrell Saari June 24, 2015

    Hi Paul,

    It would be a great experience to be able to hear from George first hand, he is such an inspiration in my life. Please let me know if this will be a possibility.

    Best regards, Darrell

  7. Rev. Valaida Arlayne Franklin June 24, 2015

    I miss going to Shelby North Carolina for the Health Ministers’ Reunion. I had a chance to be with Ronda, Malkmus, Staff, and other health ministers. My brother and I came from Hackensack, New Jersey. The internet and webcast have separated the close fellowship. I have so many good memories of when we were together.
    I love you and I miss you all. I would like to hear and listen to Dr. George Malkmus!!!!

  8. Marie Homan June 24, 2015

    Hello Rev. Malkmus,
    I am so grateful to the Lord for His blessings to you and your family and Hallelujah Acres. My friend and I drove from central Pennsylvania to meet you and hear your message in upstate New York in 2010. During these years I have adopted your diet with ups and downs; and so my health had ups and downs – high blood pressure in particular. With the Lord’s help, I am starting anew to be consistent on the diet-about a week ago. It was your health tips and now your health news that is very encouraging to me. I would love to join in on the special on-line presentation with you and Paul. God’s Blessings to all of you!
    Marie Homan

  9. Janet Meier June 24, 2015

    Would love to hear more from Rev. Malkmus!

  10. Peggy Herron June 24, 2015

    The Hallelujah Diet has become/is becoming my lifestyle. As I grow to be 100% on the Hallelujah Diet, my health grows to be 100%. 🙂 This diet is the key for me to overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally and I give thanks to God that I found it.

  11. Yes, I would love to hear from Rev. Malkmus!

  12. Diane Bell June 24, 2015

    What a great idea, Paul!! We miss seeing your dad, and an online connection would be a huge blessing!!
    God answered my prayers when i was in search of an alternative solution to my health problems and the Hallelujah Diet was presented to me many years ago. i doubt that i would still be here otherwise.
    Thank you, George, for sticking with it… in spite of the negatives that came your way!!
    Diane & Paul, Ontario Canada

  13. YES! Always welcome hearing your Dad. I’ve seen him at least 2 or 3 times and enjoy his speeches a lot.

  14. Barbara calabrese June 24, 2015

    Thank you Reverend Malkmus for sharing your incredible knowledge and encouragement to others. I am just one that has benefited from eating the HA style.
    I have overcome several health challenges and always feel my optimum when I eat solely the HA style.
    My joints don’t hurt, my digestive track is healthy, I don’t have the headaches and I have energy and clarity eating this way. I am able to exercise and participate in jazzercise. My blood work is in the normal ranges. I praise and thank our good Lord above for you, and your good works. Please keep it up. God bless you and your wife Rhonda. I would love to attend one of your presentations as I have attended several in the past including NC and Florida. At the least, I will appreciate hearing from you on a webcast and hope I will be available to participate.
    May God continue to bless you.
    Barbara Calabrese

  15. Would love to hear from you and see how you and Rhonda are doing in Florida. Take care and thanks for all you have done and are doing for people across this world.

  16. Rev Malkmus, I am so ever grateful for YOU and the incredible team on HA organization. There is one word that I often use to describe you and HA–it is INTEGRITY! Thank you for your zealous and fearless heart in speaking God’s truth regarding health and how we can learn to care for our God-given temples. Thank you for your organization’s perseverance in studying, researching, and producing the most helpful/excellent information and quality products. Thank you for the generosity of HA in allowing everyone to have full access to hundreds of important articles and excellent recipe without cost. As a HA Health Minister, I am most grateful to receive such quality loving support from your personnel of all levels–from the Vice President of Health to everyone who helps me with the orders.

    I was born with very low immunity due to mom’s PTS after WWII in Vietnam (mom was very sick during pregnancy; after I was born, she didn’t have mother’s milk for me, and died when I was three). During the first 51 years of my life, I was just fighting for life with countless trips to ER (I had severe asthma, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis all over my body, severe allergies to lots of things, etc.) . My most incredible earthly father thought I would never make it through even teenage years, so he was there for me and tutored me through high school, as well as helped me to study so that I could pass a test for medical school (since doctors couldn’t help me, I thought I could treat myself if I would be a doctor!). Well…I followed everything I learned in medical school such as consuming more meats, dairy products, etc. but I got sicker! Long story short, I didn’t have much quality of life during these 51 years even though I was very conscious about eating healthily…but I was on the SAD diet! I thought it’s just the way I was made (not very strong like my siblings!) so I went on with life including serving God overseas for 30+ years.

    Then God my Heavenly Father, in His mercy miraculously connected me to HA 15 years ago (when I was home in the US for a few months of furlough). I attended a 5-days intensive hand-on training course led by Health Ministers Bev and Chet Cook, at one of HA Health Training Centers in SC–I haven’t been sick SINCE!!! ALL my health symptoms above were gone!!! I then got further training with HA and became HA Health Minister. I am so ever grateful to God for being my Healer, for helping me learn how to take care of my temple and the trillions cells of my body through HA training, for all these 15 years of enjoying most excellent health, as well as for giving me opportunities to help so many people (here and overseas) to recover from all kinds of health issues when doctors gave up on them.

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY! AND MY FOREVER GRATEFULNESS TO REV MALKMUS AND HA ORGANIZATION. May the Almighty Sovereign and Loving God help each of you persevere daily, maintain your standards with integrity, and continue being Light and Blessings to the world for His Glory and His Kingdom.

    Blessings, protection, health, provision, peace and JOY from our Heavenly Father!
    Much love and gratitude from me!
    Kim Le

  17. Sylvia Usling June 24, 2015

    I would LOVE to hear more from all of you guys!! I love AM and PM too and that super upbeat peppy lady. Can’t remember her name.

  18. Shirley Colee June 24, 2015

    Thank you, Rev. Malkmus for all you have done for so many. I have used the information from your website since 2001. A psychologist colleague told me about his brother who healed himself of a cancer diagnosed to be fatal within months by following your strictest diet for one year. I was hopeful that my husband who would eventually die of leukemia would do the same, but he was not willing to change his eating patterns. I’ve told many to use your website to gain information and products to help them with serious health issues. You’re one of the most inspirational healers I’ve had the good fortune to discover.

  19. Thank you very Much Rev. for your sacrifice to humanity. I am very grateful to you and may God continue to bless and increase you on every side. I have heard much about the HA and I am trying to practice it. I would be glad to know when your team will come to Nigeria so that I can participate in the health seminar to help me live healthy life. May God bless you and grant you many many more healthy years for the sake of your service to humanity – Amen

  20. Kathy Craddock June 25, 2015

    I first saw Dr. Malkmus on Homekeepers. Right away, I ordered his book, The Hallelujah Diet and have been gradually trying to incorporate all of the Hallelujah Diet principles into my life. In 2013, I heard Dr. Malkmus speak in Easley, SC. His enthusiasm and energy was very inspirational and hearing his amazing testimony in person was wonderful! Thank you Dr. Malkmus.

  21. Martin and Joyce Stevens June 25, 2015

    We first heard George Malkmus at a church in Carlsbad, CA long ago….maybe in the late 80’s or
    early 90’s. We were impressed. We have been helped by following this diet, and once in a while
    feel we would have even more results if we came to HA. Marty has some serious challenges,
    (blood clots, stroke, some back issues after stumbling while carrying a heavy item, etc.) but we
    both feel he would not be alive today if we hadn’t made serious changes. He is 83 and has no
    medications at the moment. WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR HIM IN PERSON, again. Please let us
    know if that is going to happen. We still have some things to see improve.
    We have been faithful to the program for 6 years. Marty and Joyce

  22. Jim and Rebecca Harrington June 26, 2015

    Hi Paul, would love to hear from your Dad. We

    • Jim and Rebecca Harrington June 26, 2015

      Hi Paul, would love to hear from your Dad. We have been Health Ministers for 18 years. Jim originally heard George on the 700 club and started us on the road to health. We attended the first 9 or 10 health minister reunions and then moved from Ohio to New Hampshire. Still share the good news of good health!!

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