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Is Your Manicure Negatively Impacting Your Health?


One of the most luxurious ways that a woman can pamper herself is with a good mani-pedi, but many women don’t realize that a manicure or pedicure can have a negative impact on their overall health and wellness. In fact, there are certain ingredients and chemicals that are often used in the nail salon which might lead to hormone disruption and potentially cause cancer!

If you enjoy having your nails done, then there are a few things that need to be considered when you are choosing a nail salon:

Parabens and Hormone Disrupters
Many beauty products contain parabens, which are used to reduce microbial growth and improve the shelf-life of the product. It is estimated that these parabens are added to over 13,000 beauty and household products, including items that might be found at your nail salon.

“Parabens are added to over 13,000 beauty products.”

These hormone disrupters are dangerous because they can impact the hormonal function within your body which has a domino effect on many other aspects of your overall health. The endocrine system controls the systems that regulate your sexual hormones, sleep hormones, metabolism, growth development, and more. When you use beauty products with hormone disrupting ingredients, then you will likely experience other side effects in many areas of your overall health and wellness.

Whether you do your own manicure at home or you prefer to visit the nail salon, make sure that you are using products that are free of parabens.

Ask about Products and Chemicals in the Salon
Call ahead and ask about the types of products and chemicals that are used in the salon. Many salons will even give you the brand name that they use, so that you can do your research ahead of time to ensure that the products are safe.

Call ahead to ask about the products and chemicals the salon is using.Call ahead to ask about the products and chemicals the salon is using.

Make sure that you choose a high quality salon that is committed to using safe products and avoiding the toxic chemicals that are so common in standard nail salon products. You will pay a little more for a manicure at this type of salon, but it is worth the cost to protect your health.

Pay Attention to Hygiene Practices
Fungal diseases and infections can be spread if the hygiene practices get sloppy, so you should make sure that you are visiting a nail salon that is careful about the way the supplies and tools are treated. Find a salon where the workers use gloves, wash their hands frequently, and properly sterilize the tools between clients.

Don’t be hesitant to ask about the sanitation practices of the salon, because the sanitation will have a direct impact on your health and safety!


  1. Yes all perfumes contain toluene. This is thought to cause primary myelofibrosis.
    I used the best perfumes and was diagnosed 3 years ago. This is a form of blood cancer and the bone marrow is affected.

  2. Angela Solomon June 27, 2017

    Very interesting article. Thank you for the information!

  3. Good to know! Thanks.

  4. Karen Moss August 3, 2018

    Thanks good read .

  5. It is always a clue to me when I walk by one of these salons and smell the odor and see the employees wearing masks! I feel sorry that they are exposed to the harmful chemicals all day long.

    It is helpful to learn that the parables can interfere with a person’s hormones in so many areas of the body.

    I can see why the salon’s hygiene practices are crucial in preventing fungus and infection.

  6. It is surprising how many people are not aware of the potential risks associated with a simple mani/pedi. While we all hear about the possibility of fungal infections from poor hygiene practices, many don’t think about the risks of the chemicals you are exposed to during the process. I think if you are willing to pay to have this type of service, then you should be willing to pay a little more to find a salon that uses safer products to reduce the possible risks associated with Parabens.

  7. Wow..I will shared this information to my daughter because she goes every two weeks to get a pedi and Im sure she was not aware of any of this. Thanks

  8. Cindy Charland June 11, 2020

    For Connie, Parables are the good news of the Bible, you meant parabens which can harm our bodies.

  9. Great info and advice. I have always been very particular about the hygiene practices.

  10. Central Virginian March 17, 2022

    Nail polish is full of toxic chemicals that get absorbed into the body through the nails and breathed in when applied.

  11. Wow, thanks for the information. I was thinking about this last week and what do I see… this article. Definitely confirmation for me. Thanks again and again.



  12. Jennifer March 22, 2022

    It’s terrible that some beauty products contain parabens that can disrupt our hormones. Thank you for the information. We should all be much more mindful of this issue.

  13. This is eye opening for sure, so many toxins are in products these days. You have to be safe and protect your health.

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