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Kari Becken’s Journey on the Hallelujah Diet


Learn about Kari Becken’s journey on the Hallelujah Diet and how it helped her overcome health challenges. 

“All of my life I have been, for the most part, blessed with good health. However, in December of 2010 I began to face some trying challenges. Pain in my abdomen literally made me afraid to eat and I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks without trying. I also experienced a loss of energy, lots of fatigue and recurring bouts of ‘tonsillitis’. I saw my regular doctor a couple of times, had an ultrasound to rule out gallstones, blood work done to rule out mononucleosis and, unfortunately, did a couple of rounds of antibiotics to fight off strep throat and a possible deep inner ear infection.

Deep down I knew (and feared) that if I kept going to the doctor I was going to become a ‘guinea pig test subject’ with no definitive results. I also knew that the symptoms I was having were caused by something and I wanted to figure out what ‘that something’ was and not just treat the symptoms.

So, I began to research diet and nutrition on my own and consulted with a local chiropractor/nutritionist. A gluten free diet, probiotics, digestive enzymes, HCL for low stomach acid and other natural supplementation were implemented into my life. I became a member of the local whole foods co-op and began to eat all organic. I also left most meat and dairy behind and increased my intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and gluten free whole grains as I continued to learn. I have made great progress and have had no need to return to the doctor.

What started out as a ‘health scare’ has turned into rejoicing with thanksgiving because it opened my eyes to the importance of diet and nutrition. Learning and sharing with others the truth of how God designed our bodies to heal themselves has become a passion in me second only to Scripture. I desire to serve my King in health and wholeness and I want to echo the words of Caleb from Joshua chapter 14 when he spoke of being as strong today (at 80) as he was when he was 40.

I want to say that I feel as strong and healthy – if not more so – today at ’40’ than I did when I was 20! I have also realized that for those whom I love to make changes in this area, it needs to be more than talking about the information, they need to see the reality of it manifested in my life. Therefore, I want to be a walking billboard – set apart for the Almighty’s glory – of what our lives can and were meant to be when we live and walk according to His ways. Hallelujah Acres’ Health Minister Training is an exciting step for me – one that I am trusting will increase my understanding and help me reach many others!”


  1. Connie Gesser January 4, 2018

    It is wonderful to read about the health improvements Kari has experienced from changing her diet and using supplements. I’m glad she was able to regain her health naturally.

  2. Kari Becken January 6, 2018

    Hi – I’m the gal who wrote this testimony back in June 2013 when I went through Health Minister Training. Imagine my surprise to see this published so many years later. My guess is my submission of this testimony back in 2013 was/is subject to some Terms of Use – and that is fine. But, I wanted to clarify something. The testimony above is an accurate representation of who I was in my journey at that time. I still live a healthy lifestyle and I am thankful for continued good health. I also appreciate many of the products and information that Hallelujah Diet offers and teaches. However, my system of belief has changed and I no longer profess belief in Christianity or a higher power. I felt I needed to be honest and transparent regarding this because truth and authenticity are of utmost importance to me. That said, I wish all of Hallelujah Diet’s customers success in their health journeys. ~Kari Becken

    • Melody Hord January 8, 2018

      Thank you so much for your honesty and transparency. It is great to hear you are still in good health.

    • Brigitte Nelson January 18, 2018

      Kari, I just read your testimony of recovery, which you attributed not only to your change in eating but also to the Lord, and you pledged to serve your king in health and wholeness. I am saddened beyond belief that you have turned away from the Lord, who is ultimately responsible to give you back your health. Psalm 16:11 says “ You (God) have made known to me the path of life”.If it weren’t the Lord who has led you to this revelation to change your lifestyle and eating habits, how else would you have found out about it? Acknowledge Him as your Healer and Sustainer, and return to Him in repentance and faith!

      • Geri Peterson February 2, 2018

        Brigitte, It made my heart happy to read your comment to Kari about how God is the one who lead her to the recovery that she has experienced in her life. I too hope she will experience a change and return to the God that created her and allows her to live this life she has chosen.
        It is sad to know she has rejected him after she was lead to such a wonderful recovery of her health. I pray she will realize she needs him and
        repents and returns to him.

  3. Teresa Brook February 20, 2020

    Why are you posting a testimonial this dated? There must be a few to choose from! One of the exciting things about HD are the testimonials.

  4. Annette Whitworth February 21, 2020

    This was awsome to read about her health improvements. It can give others hope to change. Thanks

  5. Wonderful artcle and testimony on the journey of the Hallelujah Diet! Uplifting an encouraging!

  6. CAROLYN B CALHOUN February 27, 2020

    What a neat article about the benefits of he Hallelujah Diet. Even though it is an older testimony it is always good to see how greatly it effected her life. Thanks

  7. Honesty, transparency, truth, authenticity…all characteristics of Jesus (christianity).?

  8. Well-said Brigitte, Geri, & Roxanne!

  9. Gina Wells January 6, 2022

    I agree with Jeff, well said Brigitte, Geri and Roxanne. Kari, I pray that you will return to your first love. You are so precious to our Lord.

  10. Brian Miller January 6, 2022

    I had always eaten hvery ealthily (or at least I thought so). In August 2020 at age 67, I was diagnosed with an advanced aggressive Stage IV prostate cancer with metastases to the pelvic lymph nodes, left femur, pelvis, and 3 areas in the spine (i.e. lumbosacral, thoracolumbar, and cervicothoracic regions). To make a long story short, the key components in my healing were (1) prayer, (2) lifestyle changes with strict adherence to a diet closely approximating the Hallelujah Diet, and (3) medical care. My PSA dropped from 629 to undetectable and my alkaline phosphatase dropped from 661 to 78. I no longer have any bone pain (which had racked my body 24/7) and have gone from needing a cane to walk slowly and painfully (and being near to needing a walker) only a short distance at a time to easily walking 2 or more miles with no pain whatsoever. The Hallelujah Diet was instrumental in my healing. If I had solely followed the advice of the medical doctors (who dismissed nutrition), I would likely be dead by now. Unlike Kari, this experience drew me even closer to God with thanksgiving and gratitude for every day I am alive and every breath I take. I appreciate Kari’s honesty but am saddened by her failure to acknowledge God as the ultimate source of all healing.

    • Melody Hord January 7, 2022

      Thank you, Brian. That is fabulous that you are well. Did you juice, and are you still juicing if you did? Did you take any supplements? I totally believe that the Lord orchestrates wonderful things in our lives.

  11. Jennifer January 17, 2022

    Praise the Lord for Kari’s good health and miracle of her healing.

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