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How Will You Die?

1 in 6,000 people will die in their sleep. That’s it! So the question then becomes how will the other 5,999 people die?

A few years ago we gave a presentation on the topic of choices. It was a moving presentation.  Our son had just lost his three-year battle with cancer so the feelings were fresh for us and emotions were high. We can’t say that our emotions are any less now than they were then so we’ll see what happens in this article.

This topic came to life again for us this week as we have a couple of staff members whose loved ones are now fighting disease.

Our son is our hero. After his diagnosis he decided to go the medical route of chemotherapy. This decision wasn’t what we had hoped for but we knew it was more important for us to love him and support him whatever direction he chose. You can imagine how difficult it was for us (who teach health) to watch as the nurses, wearing the protective suits, put the chemo drugs into his veins. The discomfort that followed each treatment is almost indescribable not to mention the permanent damage that it did to various parts of his body.

At one point after his cancer came back the first time, he actually embraced the Hallelujah Diet. When he did, his energy returned and he started acting like his normal self again. Then a doctor told him that he shouldn’t drink carrot juice anymore.  Before long he slipped back to the Standard American Diet (SAD) way of eating.

Each time the cancer returned he would bravely face the next series of chemo treatments knowing how terrible it would make him feel. In the end the doctors ran out of options and he succumbed to cancer,as do so many these days.

Many people who die of cancer have to stay in hospice for the last few days because the family members aren’t able to keep them comfortable. Here are a couple of things you might not know about their last week in hospice:

  • 90.9% are on Narcotic Analgesic for Severe Pain
  • 78.6% are on Anti-Vomiting Medications
  • 50%    have Difficulty Breathing   

Death is not a topic typically discussed, but if there is one thing we can be certain   of, we will not get out of this life alive. Except! If Jesus comes!

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.”   Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Death is not what we fear. We know where we are going after we die.  But, have you ever thought about the journey that must be made before the Peace of death takes over?  For some, the journey is so brief that one may hardly notice it took place. An auto accident can be an instantaneous death.

For others, the days turn into weeks, which turn into months and even years. For them, each moment can feel like an eternity.

Our greatest fear is in the process:  How much pain will we have?  Will we lose control of our bodily functions?  What if our mind is sharp, but we cannot communicate? Will we be a burden to our loved ones?

We always talk about going to heaven. But maybe we need to spend a little more time thinking about how we’re going to get there!

Wouldn’t it be great if we just fell asleep and woke up in the arms of Jesus?  No pain, no difficulty in the journey. Just peaceful transcendence.

But remember, the chances of dying in our sleep are only 1 in 6,000.

We would like to introduce you to a couple of our friends:

Bev was diagnosed with cancer in 1978. He was in his mid 60’s then. He changed his diet and lived another 25 years.

Dave (and his wife) own the Florida Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Florida. Dave was wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis.  After staying faithful to the HD for six months he began to notice some improvement and it took another year before he became free from the wheel chair. He now lives a life of ministering to others.

Graeme was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and given less than 2 years to live. This happened around the year 2000. His destiny was the same type of horrific death that most cancer victims succumb to. He changed his diet and lifestyle, and today he is vibrant, and doesn’t demonstrate any negative effects of cancer.  He is leading a full and productive life pastoring a church.

Each of these people realized that they had a choice in how they would die. They realized that they could either let themselves become another one of the statistics or choose to do something different. They all changed their diets and changed the course of their health.

So the question remains, how will you die?

Shortly before our son passed he penned a journal entry: “People are going to be helped because of my sickness. I know it doesn’t make any sense now, but I know they will.”

Won’t you let Joshua’s death help you make a change today that could impact how you die?

In memory of Joshua Dean. We love you!


  1. cdntalker April 30, 2014

    Paul and Ann – Thank you so much for sharing this amazing and wonderful story about your son. Yes, Joshua Dean was correct, he is helping and benefiting others. I can’t imagine how painful that must have been for both of you as parents, to stand by in loving support as he underwent the chemo treatments. John and I have embraced the HA diet about 2 years ago and have never turned back. I can always tell when I do some cheating 🙂 – those yucky feeling of indigestion and lethargy appear – caught again! We are sharing the good news with friends and family as we go about our busy daily lives. God is allowing us to tell our story in so many ways as we encounter new people. It seems the first thing anyone wants to talk about is their chronic illnesses, aches and pains – how sad that we are a nation of wealth and yet SO VERY SICK! After sharing our news, many are hesitant and we hear alot of “Oh, we couldn’t do that”. We just smile and move on. Many of them come around and begin to implement some of the lifestyle and diet changes – can’t help but smile when they tell you how much better they feel! God Bless you both as you continue to provide valuable testimonies and information that help us grow the network.

  2. yellowbtrfly April 30, 2014

    Paul and Ann–My heart goes out to you in the loss of your son. Our son, Jeff, also fought a three year battle with cancer, (osteosarcoma) and died just eight days after his 16th birthday. Since his death, almost 16 years ago, we discovered the HA diet and so many other natural ways to stay healthy. I only wish I had known the alternatives to chemo and radiation for Jeff back then. I can’t help but wonder if he would be with us today. God bless you both as you minister to others!!

  3. I have also read of people that initially refused the traditional medical treatments and tried alternative medicine (one example is diet but there are others). After some months with their disease and alternative treatments showing little or no success, some eventually then went with the main-stream, traditional treatments.

    By delaying the traditional treatment plan some people may have reduced their chances for healing. (I believe I have heard of Steve Jobs name mentioned in this light) Therefore it is difficult to know what is the best course of action. It is too bad that there is never any scientific studies to help support the claims that the Malkmus’s make with their diet plans. I assume this is because there is none and we are therefore left with individual stories or testimony. Since one can find testimony of people doing many different things (including most which aren’t repeatable) I am not sure that the motive here is to help others vs. a motive for personal gain.

    I wish there was more discussion around these issues but they just don’t seem to get published in the comments here.


    • Ginger May 1, 2014

      James, you need to watch the video Forks Over Knives. It will give you all the quantitative data you need to verify that the Hallelujah Diet, or a “plant based diet” has actually been proven to be the healthiest diet and the best way to deal with cancer and other sicknesses. Recently, Johns Hopkins University also put out an article stating the same thing as Forks Over Knives. They actually stated that a plant based diet was the superior method of cancer treatment. I appreciate that Paul and Anne were willing to share their painful memory of what their son went through in hopes of preventing others from having to go down such a difficult and unnecessary road.

  4. I just finished reading Ann’s new book and felt I gained knowledge and motivation. I was diagnosed with LGL leukemia four years ago this coming May. I have known the Lord since a little girl and felt as a young adult that while conventional medicine has it’s place, I believe the Lord Jesus created upon this earth, natural, beautiful and life-restoring food. Most of us have bought into the convenience in this microwave society and have unknowingly invited illness into our lives.

    I was convinced at the first words from my doctor “You have leukemia”.. that conventional medicine would not be for me. I have never gone back for Chemo or anything invasive. Only blood work along the way as a marker to where I am at. Not long after, I was told to check out “Hallelujah Acres” and have been mostly following the advice put forth from your books and online newsletter. I have done much, much research in the past four years and am in total agreement with Ann’s book. (I was so glad she went into detail about the problem with Alfalfa sprouts! Good job, Ann!).

    I just had a complete blood panel and workup on everything – gall bladder, liver, kidneys, female exams, and vitamin/mineral levels. All were perfect, except my sugar level was a bit high which it has been since I was a teenager (heredity plays a large part) and my cholesterol was a bit out of whack – which again, points directly to heredity and something I have had since a young woman (I am 56 now).

    All this to say that although I do not fear death because my soul is secure in Him, I often wonder about the weeks and days leading up to it. It can be a frightening scenario, but I believe that if we do all we can possibly do to ensure we have good quality days to live, then this too, will be a more natural and pain-free experience.

    When I first started to follow Hallelujah Acres (I signed up for several beneficial series that you offer online), I was aware to a small degree of what had happened to your precious son. I am glad you are able to share with us more of the decisions he made and how you handled it. You obviously were wonderful parents and Joshua (LOVE that name!) was so blessed to have you there for him when he needed to be surrounded by love and security. We lost twin grandsons, so I think I can understand the heartache of losing a child. It is not easy for even the most stalwart of saints!

    I appreciate all you do – all your family and staff who work so hard to get the word out about making changes and getting well. I know you aren’t motivated by personal gain as was intimated in another post – but you, like the rest of us, are trying to feed your family and at the same time trying to get people educated who are in need of knowledge and good supplements. God bless you, Malkmus family. May our God breathe comfort into your souls and envelope you with His strong arms of compassion.


  5. What a powerful testimony ! I am not doing the HD anywhere near perfect but I gave up meat and meat products enough to drive out prostrate symptoms out of my body. It took 9 months for the symptoms to leave. That was 12 years ago and now I’m 71. Healthy, happy, prospering (spirit, soul and body), full of joy every day and when I speak to people about their symptoms and testify as to how it worked for me – amazing – they are not interested. I can’t understand how hard of heart most people are. Even my relatives poo poo even though they can see in myself and my wife what even doing just a little can do to change our lives.

  6. I am very sorry for your family loss. I started reading the article because of something I have always wondered: So, what do people on the H Diet actually die of/from? If there is no disease in the body, then, statistically, what kills people on this diet? Just wondering….because most of us are going to die one day.

  7. That’s interesting post. Very informative. Thanks for sharing…

  8. leslie May 7, 2014

    Great Topic… Remember Pilgrim’s Progress… Pilgrim (now with name changed to Christian) could see the Celestial City in the distance, but there was this violent and deep river between him and the city. He had to walk into the river to get there. This topic needs to be MORE OPENLY DISCUSSED. thank you

  9. Brenda May 8, 2014

    How do you get ahold of Ann’ new book?

  10. loricbryant May 14, 2014

    I am so sorry for your loss. I just can’t imagine the grief. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in 2012, with the same prognosis of a 2 % chance out of 100 to survive the first two years with the standard of care. We chose a different route with low does insulin potentiated therapy and the doctor put him on a diet similar to the hd with a few exceptions. One of those was carrot juice, but I have done so much digging on this topic and diet as for healing and carrot juice came up again and again. It is a little hard to ignore. I ran across this website while digging at just the right time. My husband was able to easily switch to the hd as he was so sick of chicken and fish. He is infront of this disease with the help of our Heavenly Father and our wonderful doctors and I just felt like we could do so much more. You see, I want to see him whole and well here on this earth and this HD just seems like the right fit. I wish we had found it earlier. He has already gone thru a major health crisis. Nausea, vomiting, constant urination, chills and just a general feeling of ill health, but I think we are almost on the other side!!! Looking forward to his first two weeks of blood work results.
    There were four other people diagnosed with a stage four cancer the same time my husband was and they went thru the standard of care, sadly they have all passed away. Not because of the cancer, but because of the treatment and the havoc it wreeks on the body. My husband gets so upset because so many won’t listen.
    I just wanted to say thank you for giving guidance and for sharing such a deep and personal story. I am ever so grateful.
    Lori Bryant

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