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How To Have A Healthy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us next week, it’s time to search out some Hallelujah Diet friendly recipes!

A lot people ask us what we think are the best foods for the occasion. Obviously, the key is moderation, both in how you prepare the food and how much you eat.

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend the turkey.

Aside from the fact that it contains disease-causing animal proteins (and perhaps even growth hormones, antibiotics, etc) a report from last Thanksgiving found that “sometimes a turkey or turkey breast is injected with salt water to plump it, adding a hefty dose of sodium before it even reaches the store.”

Conventional stuffing and gravy also add significant amounts of sodium, 600 grams and 270 grams per serving, respectively.

But it is possible to make Thanksgiving fixings that are healthy — you just have to improvise a little.

Instead of using butter, use organic virgin coconut oil. The saturated, medium chain fatty acids are heart healthy (to most everyone’s surprise) and coconut oil is known for its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antitumor effects, which have been shown to strengthen the immune system.

Instead of table salt, use unrefined sea salt. Unrefined salt still contains all the body-boosting minerals from nature, which offset the effects of the main mineral, sodium chloride.

Sea salt can actually help to regulate blood pressure instead of raising it like refined salt does.

Include lots of raw veggies — did you know you can even use them to make a raw, no-bean hummus?

Then, instead of conventional cranberry sauce, make cranberry salsa!

Instead of regular stuffing, make healthy stuffing.

And for dessert, try raw pumpkin pie!

It’s not difficult, just different.

All the while, you’ll be keeping your friends and family healthy — and that’s something to be thankful for.

[quote]How do you make Thanksgiving healthy? Comment below![/quote]


  1. Looks wonderful. Thanks for helping with our menu. Any ideas on gluten free stuffing cubes?

    • Udi’s makes a good gluten-free bread that can stand up to the demands of becoming a stuffing. I’ve tried in my house – works great!

  2. guitarnut925 November 15, 2012

    Hi, I just love to see and hear Melody on the videos..I love her enthusiasm, and from Health Minister Training, I realize she isn’t faking it… She is vaccinated with ENTHUSIASM.. My only regret was not being able to talk with her, when I was there… Can hardly wait to make this loaf for Thanksgiving.. PB HM Class of NOV 2011 on day 468…(Yep, I’m counting them and still loving them…)

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