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How The Alkaline Diet Supports The Immune System

An alkaline diet can help strengthen the immune system and ward off disease.

Beautifully created by, and in the image and likeness of God, the human body is equipped with truly miraculous self-healing abilities. When nourished and fed by the plant-based fruits of the earth as He intended, the body is made to be healthy and live for many years. Consuming a diet rich in alkalinity, such as the Hallelujah Diet, helps your body to function at its best and protect you from disease and sickness. In fact, alkalinity could mean the difference between life and death.

The Importance of an Alkaline Diet
The key to a strong, functioning immune system is a balanced pH level. While many people understand the importance of a balanced pH, they are not aware that the Standard American Diet is bursting with acid. The results of an acid-producing diet such as the SAD, can offset this balance and cause chaos and harm within the body. Meat and eggs for example, have a content of sulfur-containing amino acids that are 2- to 5-fold higher than in legumes and grains, according to Nutrition Facts. These are then metabolized into sulfuric acid. The body's way of handling this sulfuric acid is to buffer it with calcium, which was once thought to come from the bones.

However, new research has revealed that the body neutralizes the acid with our muscles. As the human body ages, the blood becomes more acidic, which may also help to explain the loss of muscle mass with age. It's been found that the body's pH is so important that even your muscles will be broken down to preserve the pH balance in the blood. Thus, those eating a plant-based diet are at an advantage, according to the source. These individuals benefit greatly from an alkaline-producing diet – common of those eating plant-based foods, while meat-eating diets are most often acid-producing.

Immunity and Disease
For the millions of people barely surviving off the SAD diet, their bodies are not able to properly rid the system of acids. This build up of acids can lead to a deprivation of oxygen and then, cell fermentation which causes once-healthy cells to deteriorate. As our experts express time and time again, acid is the catalyst for many physical problems experienced by human beings. By eliminating the acid and thus, the cause of complication, illness and disease, the body begins to heal itself. As our experts explain:

"Disease has a hard time surviving in an alkaline environment."

"Disease proliferates in an acid environment and has a very difficult time surviving in an alkaline environment."

An alkaline diet is especially beneficial in defending against tumor metastasis. Tumors create an acidic micro-environment around themselves, through fermentative metabolism, that help them break down the extracellular matrix and metastasize. If left unchecked the cancer can keep on growing. But, as mentioned above, disease has a hard time surviving in an alkaline environment.

For those living with the disease, maintaining a strong immune system and creating an alkaline environment within your body can help to better defend against cancerous cells. During this time it is more essential than ever that the body's cells, tissues and organs are getting the proper nutrients to defend, as well as rebuild. In fact, year after year, people living with cancer adopt the Hallelujah Diet. By simply changing their diets, without opting for surgery, radiation or any other form of treatment, they have witnessed their cancer go into remission.

The Solution
Consuming living foods raises the body's alkalinity, according to "Unravel the Mystery," by Ann Malkmus. Adopting and consuming a Genesis 1:29 whole, natural and primarily raw diet is the most effective way to keep your alkaline levels in line to support your immune system.

As an alkaline diet, this biblical plant-based diet is filled with foods that leave an alkaline ash. Nearly all food sourced from plants enables this ash, which in turn has a positive alkalizing effect on the body. These include prunes, plums, blueberries, cranberries, some nuts, legumes and seeds. All greens, beets, carrots, avocados, almonds and flax oil are also alkalizing. One of the most alkalizing foods of all however, is barley grass and thus, Hallelujah Diet's BarleyMax powdered juices are excellent sources of alkaline.

Beets are one of several alkalizing plant sourced foods.Beets are one of several alkalizing plant sourced foods.

One way to enhance the Hallelujah Recovery Diet – following the first three months of distilled water on the Recovery Diet – is to boost your distilled water with magnesium bicarbonate, as mentioned by Dr. Michael Donaldson, our Research Director, in a recent webinar. There are multiple benefits to doing this. One of them is that it adds alkalinity directly to your body right in your drinking water. With a balanced pH level, the body is best positioned to reach its self-healing capabilities and fight off sickness and disease.


  1. Coletta Beck June 7, 2018

    I have a problem with a lot of arthritis ,all my joints hurt would that be due to too much acid in my system??
    If so do you have a diet to go by to get back to normal and to loose weight??? My Drs don’t seem to look into what is causing all these problems. I know that I do not eat right my husband is a big meat fan.
    Thank you

    • Melody Hord June 8, 2018

      Coletta, The Hallelujah Diet is all plants, no animal products, except a little organic butter if you like. Perhaps this LINK will help. There is a “Get Started Kit” that includes a video of what a Day in the life of the Hallelujah Diet looks like.

  2. Terri Saelee March 20, 2020

    Hi Coletta,
    Your question about arthritis reminds me of a woman I knew who, in her seventies, who climbed a mountain every year on her birthday and volunteered as a tour guide on the campus of Weimar Institute where I was taking a Health Education major. We students could hardly keep up with her! But she had not always been so healthy. When she first went to Weimar, she had such bad arthritis that she could not walk into the health center without help. But after three weeks of the program, which included a plant based whole food also recommended on this site, combined with other gradual and monitored lifestyle changes, including regular exercise, regular and ample rest, hydrotherapy, sunlight, fresh air, avoiding toxic foods, and trust in God, she improved so dramatically that she decided to stay three more weeks, then three more. Finally, she decided to just stay and volunteer there. She amazed all of us who were students there! All this to say yes, arthritis can respond to the alkalizing plant based whole foods diet. It’s well worth the effort. And if you can get your husband to try it for just three weeks, he will surely feel the difference and will thank you. But even if he isn’t ready, don’t wait to go all in on your part for your own health. He will likely need you to care for him because chronic and degenerative diseases are almost inevitable for heavy meat eaters, so it will be worth it to him to let you do this. Courage! (((Hugs and prayers)))

  3. Minister Rochelle Thomas April 23, 2020

    Awesome article! I was just given tons and tons and tons of alkalizing food – especially the kale pictured in this article. I have so much I have to put a majority of it outside on the porch because I do not have room in my frig. With the healing scriptures and the refreshed plant based diet I am getting rid of this goiter. I so desired to get back to the discipled way of eatting but I wasn’t able to. But then “God”…He so blessed me with the desire of my heart with an abundance of alkalizing food, I can now bless my body. Praise the Lord…

  4. This is a good explanation and reminder of the benefits of an alkaline diet. Having an alkaline environment in the body can help prevent disease.

  5. Linda Shalom April 23, 2020

    This is a great article for such a time as this. The comments following were appropriate as well. I’ve been living in alkalinity for years, and recently, a tumor tried to claim the knuckle on my left pointer finger, as its home, but I just continued on my alkaline diet, and watched the tumor flatten. It was gone within 24 hours! The disease tried, but it died, because there was no food to feed it. It is good to live in the splendor following God’s rule in Genesis 1:29.

  6. What a wonderful reminder that following a plant-based diet and taking BarleyMax will help build our immune systems by making our bodies more alkaline!

  7. Christy McKinney April 27, 2020

    Awesome article! Thank you for always keeping us informed.

  8. Sandra Dufresne May 7, 2020

    why is organic butter and fish oil o.k to use on the hallelujah diet?

    • Melody Hord May 8, 2020

      Hi Sandra,
      Butter is at the very top of the Hallelujah Diet food pyramid, so folks would eat a sparse amount if following the Hallelujah Diet, or none at all. Grass-fed organic butter does have some good nutrition such and K2 and CLA. If a person is eating a sweet potato, they may find a little butter on it taste better than extra virgin olive oil. So a little butter from time to time is acceptable on the Hallelujah Diet.
      When Hallelujah Diet’s research revealed that many people need a good source of DHA, because they are deficient, Hallelujah Diet approved a clean source of DHA, fish oil. Adequate supplies of DHA are important to be healthy. The Pharmax fish oil taste great.

  9. Jennifer May 7, 2020

    Thanks for the information. Such a great reminder of the importance of an alkaline diet.

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