Healthy Fats For Your Prostate

Healthy fats do a prostate good!

Contrary to the low fat message we’ve been hearing for years, healthy fats from the vegetable kingdom are now being touted for their ability to reduce risk of prostate cancer (and all causes of death in general).

New research is highlighting this truth. Citing their findings, researchers of the 24-year study (1986-2010) concluded, “Replacing 10% of energy intake from carbohydrate with vegetable fat was associated with a lower risk of lethal prostate cancer.”

Replace carbs with fat? That’s an interesting recommendation in itself, especially since it comes from mainstream medical research!

However, it should come to no surprise if you’re on The Hallelujah Diet.

Hallelujah Dieters already know that whole food fats are beneficial for overall health. In fact, the human body needs fat from plant sources, which most plant sources contain.

The highest plant foods with good fats include avocados, olives, seeds, and nuts.

Udo Erasmus, the developer of Udo’s Oil, has written that eating the right fats and oils improves energy level, athletic performance, fat loss, cardiovascular health, immune function, longevity, and more.

That’s in sharp contrast to the popular assumption that all fat, even from plant sources, causes weight gain.

The truth is, a 2009 study showed that fat consumption from plants (nuts in particular) was associated with a significantly lower risk of weight gain and obesitya prime risk factor for deadly prostate cancer.

Now, if you’re convinced that fats from plant sources are OK but still want to limit your intake, consider cashews!

Cashews are lower in fat than most other nuts. And the fat they do have is the good kind of fat:

  • Some 75% of the fat in cashews is unsaturated fat.
  • Most of this fat is oleic acid (monounsaturated fat), the same kind of heart-healthy fat in olive oil.
  • This type of fat helps to reduce triglyceride levels, which can be a big help to diabetics.

Bottom line: plant-based fats are not bad for you. In fact, they could even help save your life.

What’s your favorite, fatty veggie?
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  1. Connie Gesser July 5, 2017

    That’s good news about cashews. Many diabetics do not know that the healthy fats are beneficial to their health.

  2. Janet Beck July 6, 2017

    That sure IS good to know about cashews. They are one of my snacks of choice (the other is an organic apple) if I get the munchies in the evening, long after supper, instead of other junk snacks. Cashews also make the best homemade cashew milk for use in oatmeal or smoothies – it’s much creamier than when I’ve made almond milk. I do this because it’s so easy to make & is much better than store-bought nut milks, as most brands contain carrageenan.

  3. Annette August 22, 2017

    This is some great information talking about the good fats from the different vegetables! I like putting avocado on my sandwiches when I make a veggie sandwich along with other vegetables.

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