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“Hands and Feet”

Recently we were invited to speak at a church that a Health Minister couple attends in Virginia.  We love getting invited to speak at churches.  We truly believe that our message should resonate in churches where the people believe that their bodies are temples but need to learn how to treat those miraculous places better.

Ron and Thelma Marsh, our esteemed Health Ministers, were conscientious about how they advertised around their city and community.  They were eager to share this message of hope and healing with anyone interested in hearing it.  Their pastor who has watched them witness their belief in clean eating for years as they have taught other members of the congregation educational and food preparation classes – came to our presentation and sat in the front row!  We appreciate pastors who recognize the value of taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit.

There were several testaments from the audience of the excellent teaching Ron and Thelma have been giving, and the subsequent powerful health improvement testimonies were absolute proof.

These Health Ministers will be the first to tell you that sharing this message isn’t always easy and some people have even mocked them for it.  Yet, they steadfastly continue to teach their classes every Sunday.  They even mentioned that although the other ministries in the church take a summer sabbatical, theirs is the only one that continues throughout the year!  What dedication and devotion! What compassion they must have for the other members of their church!  What a powerful testament to what Jesus calls all of us to do!

We must get out of our comfort zone, recognize that what we are doing may not be easy—but is vital to the health of others, and steadfastly move forward into a world that may be filled with uncertainty, yet with the help of the One who propels us forward, we will soon find that our words and examples will light the path of those around us.

If you have an extraordinary interest in health, please know that you have options: 1. You can find a Health Minister in your area by calling our number and asking for a referral.  2. You can come to our Health Minister Training in June, July or October and find out why people like Ron and Thelma are so dedicated to sharing this powerful health message. Or, 3. Continue to stay where you are and miss an awesome opportunity for a life-changing experience.

Remember, it is never too late to change your direction, your focus or your health.  Give us four days and we will give you hope and guidance and very likely, your life back.



  1. Ronald Marsh June 20, 2014

    Thank you so much for publishing this awesome weekend spent with Paul and Ann. Thelma and I are still rejoicing over this successful weekend. We are especial happy that our Pastor embrased this week end, We hope to reach more Pastors in the future. Please pray for us to continue to preach the Hallelujah Diet to the uttermost parts of the world.
    Thank You Again,
    Ron and Thelma

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