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Gut Health Is All In Your Head

Many people are surprised to learn that your brain is the first organ to suffer from nutrient deficiency.

In fact, food has everything to do with brain health because your brain and gut are linked by an exclusive connection called the enteric nervous system.

Through the enteric nervous system, what you eat affects your moods, emotions, etc and vice versa.

In terms of your attitude and character, literally, you are what you eat!

Curiously, the by-products of certain foods lend themselves to certain character traits that the people of India have known for millenia.

In the Indian caste system, rajputs (the warriors and rulers) were given meat to eat because it was known that meat made them aggressive.

By contrast, the Brahmins, who were to dedicate themselves to study and spiritual advancement, were not permitted to eat meat because the aggression that meat caused would interfere with their duties.

Furthermore, consider the story of Jacob and Esau in the Bible. Jacob (who prepared a vegetarian stew for his brother) was “a peaceful man, living in tents” while Esau (who routinely prepared meat for his father, Isaac) “became a skillful hunter.” (Genesis 25:27)

Could it be that Esau’s cavalier attitude toward his birthright and his impatient desperation for a bowl of Jacob’s lentil stew had something to do with his meat-based diet?


There’s much more to be explored on this topic! In the meantime, consider the following:

  • Drinking chlorinated tap water narrows blood vessels to the brain and can contribute to senility
  • High sugar foods can cause “brain fog”
  • Overeating can have a devastating effect on brain health
  • Foods high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, B vitamins, and vitamin E boost your mood and thinking ability
  • Easily digested food improves blood flow to the brain, improving mental clarity

Have you noticed that certain foods affect your thinking or personality? Comment below!





  1. True, when I have breakfast with a lot of raw vegetables my mental alertneds is usually wonderful.

  2. Years ago when peaches were in season all I ate for a week were fresh peaches. My brain got so clear!

  3. When I eat foods high in sugar or when I eat cheeses my joints swell and I get headaches. This has been a theme for me for 14 years. When I eat low or no added sugar foods, raw fruits and veggies and minimal cooked or process foods I feel incredible, energetic, alert.

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