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Good Intentions Gone Bad

Trish K. of Cooran, Australia is 65 years old — she beat cancer single-handedly.

That is, she had no medical intervention.

In fact, she doesn’t even support cancer research anymore.

Here’s why.

Many years ago, Trish went on The Hallelujah Diet. Everything was fine and life was clicking along.

Her health was so good that she decided to help others by foster parenting.

That was all well and good, but it created stress. And that stress turned her focus away from her own health.

The Hallelujah Diet was left by the wayside — and cancer came knocking.

In 2007, Trish developed breast cancer and she knew exactly why.

“I immediately returned to and adopted The Hallelujah Recovery Diet,” she says. “And I have since given up foster care work and so have a lot less stress in my life, because I believe that stress plays a big part in causing illnesses.”

Today, Trish is free of cancer.

No chemo.

No radiation.

No surgery.

Not even a mammogram.

Just common sense changes to improve her physical and mental well-being.

In fact, throughout her self-directed recovery over the last four years, Trish’s doctors saw such improvement in her condition that they never once asked her to have a mammogram — despite that she’s in her 60s.

“All they say is ‘keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working!‘” she told us.

After experiencing the miraculous, self-healing abilities of her own body, she’s even stopped donating money to cancer research “because I have learned that they are only fronts protecting the cancer industry,” she says.

“I now tell those asking for donations for cancer research that a cure for cancer has already been found in The Hallelujah Diet, but sadly finding a cure is not on their agenda.”

Trish’s life demonstrates a perfect immune-boosting strategy for anyone facing a serious illness like breast cancer.

She changed her diet, shunned treatments she felt were dangerous to her well-being, and eliminated stress.

“And that’s not just me saying it,” she insists. “But verified by medical tests.”

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  1. Suzzanne Shaw October 2, 2012

    I am the director of a small Christian nonprofit that provides assisted living for developmentally and intellectually disabled adults. I have just received a diagnosis of breast cancer for the second time in my life after having adopted the Hallelujah diet 13 years ago and overcoming cancer without medical interventions. The stress of my job has played a large role in this second diagnosis, along with the difficulty of maintaining a proper diet when traveling, working long hours and dealing with a fragile population of people. So often, for days and weeks at a time, it was easier and more efficient to not eat at all than to eat prepared foods and foods I knew were not good for me. It has proven to be just as detrimental to my health to NOT eat or drink at all, in favor of work, as it was to eat a meat and dairy based diet so many years ago. The stress of the job, coupled with the stress of denying my body the nourishment it needed has been devastating.

    The organization I lead is a wonderful place that does wonderful things for people who cannot do for themselves. However, I’ve had to ask myself, “Who will lead this when I’m dead?” My board of directors and I are currently redefining my job description in order to bring some balance and give me more time to not only restore my health, but to continue to live a healthy life for years to come. God doesn’t need another dead sacrifice. He wants me to be a living sacrifice!!

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