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GMO vs Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

So what’s better: hybridized foods or genetically modified organism (GMO) foods?

Sometimes the best choice is “none of the above!” However, there are some significant differences.

While hybrids are created by “naturally” crossbreeding similar species to achieve desired traits, GM technology involves selecting genes from any living thing (similar or not) to force the creation of DNA that would never be found in nature.

In the plant kingdom, nearly all attempts to hybridize are imperfect, but are relatively harmless. In fact, many of the commercially available fruits and vegetables you buy are hybrids.

GMO foods, on the other hand, result when hybridization is taken to the genetic level — the concept is a noble one but ill-conceived.

For example, GMO foods were supposed to create “superfoods” that were weed resistant and would lead to an endless food supply. What we now have instead is weeds that can’t be killed, requiring a return to more conventional, time-consuming methods of weed control.

Getting away from these methods was the whole point of adopting GMO technology, which now appears all for naught.

Weed resistance is not the only reason plants are being genetically modified. Bacteria resistance, produce size, and other commercially attractive traits are in the works.

But no one knows if these foods are safe. The only way to tell is to observe the health of those persons who consume GM foods over the long-term.

Care to be a guinea pig? Neither do we!

So, how do you avoid GMO foods? For now, buy organic or foods labeled “non-GMO”.

When you purchase non-GMO foods, you’re voting against GMOs with your purchasing power — making GMOs unprofitable is the only way to stop them from overtaking the entire food supply.

Could GMOs really take over? Yes, here’s how…

If you think about it, open fields of GMO plants have to be pollinated to grow, just like any other plant.

And if cross-pollination with non-GMO plants happens, whether through wind, insects, or other uncontrollable forces, fields of organic produce near GMO fields could be contaminated with GMO pollen — making truly organic foods extinct.

So, whenever possible, choose foods labeled non-GM or non-GMO.

All Hallelujah Acres “Max” juice powders are non-GMO, raw, and gluten-free.

And when you plant a garden, look for heirloom seeds. These seeds are open pollinated, which means non-hybrid. These seeds allow the gardener to collect seeds from a crop for future planting. Hybrid seeds do not.

There is still, however, the question about GMO cross-pollination; it may seem like there’s nothing we can do.

But there is one thing — pray.

No matter what man tries to do to this world, God is sovereign and looks after His people.

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  1. Awesome to put the word out. I just watched a documentary called Genetic Roulette that talks about it in detail and gives lists of food and suppliers to avoid. Thanks for what u do!

  2. Dalila Kempf March 27, 2013

    I try to buy as much as I can organic whole foods no animal products because I realize that GMo and Hybrid are very harmful for your health, even doctors would not buy them . The main idea is start even in the city to cultivate your own products org. non GMo , Heirloom until eventually you move to the country. The Good Lord will lead you step by step to ready for the end time. Observing His Commandments .

  3. fernando April 4, 2013

    vao mas e estudar burros de =&)(%. os ogn sao o futuro. se consegues fazer um fruto resistente as ervas e as pragas tambem consegues que esse mesmo fruto seja tam ou mais benefico para a tua saude que um organico. relativamente a possibilidade de deixar de existir as frutas nao transformadas a solucao passa pelo melhoramento parra que essas mesmas plantas apenas consigam se polonizao entre si e nunca entre as organicas da mesma especie ou ate mesmo serem plantas estereis. hoje em dia tudo se consegue com estudo e investigaçao.

    sorry the portuguese comment if you want go to google translation!

  4. Vanessa June 14, 2013

    Unless you move to the country and start your own farm to grow all your own food—all of it, the solutions at this point only serve those who can afford it. The poor, aged, handicapped, and many children are left to the evil of a greedy world system. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do. Our Savior leads us indeed and protects us no matter what environment we are in. It’s just sad as I look around that many of the options of organic healthy living seem to lean towards those who have. Yet our Father in Heaven said he will defend the poor, needy, fatherless and widows. Many sources for alleged organic food is out of the affordability of many, especially city folks who need it the most. And many companies that claim to be organic may not in reality be that at all. I think the being able to define what organic is in this green world is becoming very gray and confusing.

  5. I am 51, I have eaten GMO foods all my life and I am perfectly healthy- Remember that just because it says organic doesn’t mean its nutritionally sound- organic only means grown without pesticides and herbicides. You have no way of knowing if their soil is nutrient deficient or if its been professionally tested and corrected

    • Gwen, if you are 51 then you have not eaten GMO foods all of your life because the first GMO food approved by the FDA (which was a tomato) came into the food chain in 1992. 1994 is when the GMO soybean was introduced and 1996 is when GMO corn was introduced. So it appears that you had a good 30 years of non-GMO food consumption. I will take non-GMO foods grown without pesticides and herbicides any day of the week!

      • Thank you, Tracey for your informative post with that historical GMO timeline and thus setting the record straight on the OP’s comment! 🙂



  6. Hi readers! Are you all concerened about your

    Ok.,children’s children?,greate grand children ?
    will they be born?????????

    If we and our children are eating
    all these hybrid, GMO(non-reproducible or barren- u can not grow one with these
    seeds or there are no seeds only)

    v Fruits,vegetables,fish,chicken,egg,cow,sheep,milk
    and milk products, honey what not everything ,these so called bio scientist
    (they are Gods they think).

    Now itself 30 years old are looking like 60
    years and children are having white hair, some are born without limbs,heart is
    out, lot of new disabilties.and boys are looking like girls, girls are having
    beard,moustache like boys..

    Please! Pleassssssssssssse! think and react. We got
    to do something about it.

    Right from morning

    · Brush(with
    plastic,fibre),paste, soap,

    · For
    breakfast,lunch,dinner, GMO(genetically modified/barren),hybrid variety of

    · Creams,
    powder for face and body everything chemicals, chemicals only chemicals(smell
    is natural but content is chemical ) all bluff.

    · Adding
    to these junk food and packet (plastic covers food.

    · Plastic
    bags, everything is plastic(brush, bucket, carriers, water bottles, what not)

    Eventually, cancer, tooth,hair, health problems(
    only doctors are earning)

    Please, follow our ancesters atleast now, now,now,nowwwwwwwwwww is the
    Change is compulsory. They have to stop hybridization and bio-technology(
    technology in biology L)

    Read Indians old way of living ayurvedam and learn (stop
    saying development,development, development.

    Like cows and other animals our children may have to
    take injections to give birth. Will that be fine???????

    Don’t buy these by looking at their beauty and their
    so called nutrition table all bluff,bluffffff

    If a girl is so beautiful but barren will you

    If whole mankind even, creation(plants and animals)
    are going to be barren or non-repoducing. Will that be fine.

    I am praying for this you too pray and also tell all
    the formers.

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