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Foods that can help combat arthritis pain

Did you know that arthritis affects about 52.5 million adults living in the U.S.? That’s more than 1 in 5, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not only is it the leading cause of disability in the country, but it is also the most common chronic illness.

There are a number of factors that could increase one’s risk of developing arthritis. This includes non-modifiable causes such as age, gender and genetics, and modifiable factors such as being overweight, enduring joint damage, having an infection or even working a physically demanding job.

Eating the wrong foods may increase inflammation.

Because arthritis puts your body in an inflammatory state, eating the wrong foods may increase inflammation and contribute to the development of other risk factors – one being obesity – according to the Arthritis Foundation. In fact, several foods have been known to trigger arthritis, such as ones high in salt, sugar, certain fats and oils.

However, by fueling your body with the proper nutrients, you can help guide it back to its self-healing ability instead of opting for medications prescribed by doctors. To do this properly, making a change in your dietary habits is necessary. Eating the right foods can help fight the disease and also help your body restore its health the way God intended it to – naturally.

Consider including these foods into your diet to combat pain caused by arthritis:


Broccoli has a great reputation for being a healthy vegetable, but did you know it could protect your body against arthritis? According to a study led by James R. Cerhan of the Department of Health Sciences Research at Mayo Clinic, cruciferous vegetables – such as broccoli – are loaded with antioxidants that can reduce the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Those who consumed broccoli actually showed the strongest adverse association for combating arthritis development. Consider snacking on raw broccoli more often or sauteeing it in olive oil for a delicious side dish.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that is commonly known for boosting the immune system. However, that’s not the only good vitamin C can do for your body. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin C is essential to make collagen in the body,which is a natural part of cartilage. When one develops osteoarthritis, the cartilage in the body is broken down and puts loads of pressure on the bones and joints. By fueling your body with a diet that is rich in vitamin C, you can help promote collagen growth, thus reducing your chance of enduring arthritis pain.


Citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, are loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that can help combat arthritis.


According to the Arthritis Foundation, soybeans are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are widely known for fighting inflammation. Additionally, soybeans are low in fat and high in protein and fiber, creating an all-around beneficial food for your body. Tofu and edamame are two excellent sources for soy, so consider pairing the two together for your next dinner.

90% of soybeans grown in the US are Genetically Modified (GMO). Additionally, soybeans are estrogen mimicking and can negatively impact hormonal balance. Women especially shouldn’t consume large amount of soybean products. Fermented soy is ok as the proteins are broken down through the fermentation process. Only consume organic to avoid GMO seeds and the heavy spraying of RoundUp. Avoid highly processed soybean products.

Olive oil

Did you know that eating foods that are cooked with extra virgin olive oil can curb feelings of pain from arthritis? It’s rich in heart-healthy fats and it houses properties similar to anti-inflammatory medications. The source stated that cooking with olive oil, as well as avocado and safflower oil, has been shown to lower cholesterol.

Berries have natural pain-relieving and joint-healing properties.


These superfoods are beneficial in more ways than one – they’re delicious, natural treats that can sweeten up any dish or dessert, but they have natural pain-relieving and joint-healing properties,according to the Institute for Natural Healing. Berries are loaded with anthocyanins, which are antioxidants called flavonoids that are excellent for combating inflammatory issues in the body. Start topping your oatmeal with more of this sweet, beneficial treat.

To improve the effectiveness of how well these foods can benefit your body, consider a supplemental approach. The My Hallelujah Diet System recommends BarleyMax, Fiber CleanseSerrapeptase and Joint Health for the best quality nutritional support to help rebuild your body if you are living with arthritis. The products can help assist the body to relieve inflammation that results in the chronic disease, all while restoring your immune system and improving your overall health. For more information, click here.


  1. Susan Pearce April 25, 2016

    Thank you for an important article suggesting healthy foods for combating arthritis. I did find a mistake, though, about soy. No soy is good enough to consume, not even fermented organic. Please read the following excerpt in an article, of what Dr. Russell Blaylock said about soy.

    “The worst of the things they’re doing are the soy extracts. Soybeans, naturally, have one of the highest glutamate levels of any of the plant products. When you hydrolyze it, you release the glutamate, and the soy protein isolates. The glutamate levels are higher than a lot of what you’ll find in MSG products, yet the vegetarians are just eating it like it’s the healthiest thing in the world. There was a 25-year study done, which looked at people who consumed the most soy products, and they followed them for 25 years and did serial CT scans. They found out that the people who consumed the most soybean products had the greatest incidence of dementia and brain atrophy.

    “These people are destroying their nervous system, and I talked to a lot of them who complained of severe migraine headaches. I said, ‘Get off the soy,’ and they do, and that migraine headache goes away. In addition, you have very high manganese levels, which is toxic to the very same part of the brain that produces Parkinson’s. You’ve got a mixture of toxins with soy products, and the people think they are eating a healthy, nutritious product. It’s destroying their nervous system, as well as other organs.

    “…I think people ought to avoid soy products as if they were poison.”

    Dr. Blaylock knows what he’s talking about. Please pay attention and avoid all kinds of soy.

    Susan Pearce

    • Paul & Ann Malkmus April 25, 2016

      Hi Susan,

      You are absolutely correct concerning the soy extracts. We agree with what Dr. Blaylock is sharing. So many people have transitioned from the Standard American Diet (SAD) and incorporated what we would term healthy “junk” foods. All the processed soy is terrible for one’s health resulting in a host of health issues. At the same time though, people of Asian descent have consumed fermented soy their entire lives without experiencing negative side effects. In fact, a study of their health puts them among the healthiest of nations. As with many things, cut and dry answers are not always possible. Thank you for taking the time to post to the blog.

    • Cindy Flome April 27, 2018

      Well said, Susan Pearce and Paul and Ann Malkmus!

  2. I have read that it is not safe to cook with olive oil due to the type of fatty acids it contains, rather, that it is supposed to be consumed cold. Are you all aware of any research on that? Thanks!

    • I’m sure a Google search will yield quite a bit of information on that. It is really not healthy cooking with any oil as the heat damages the oil, creating free radicals, making it unhealthy. One of the better oils to cook with is grape seed oil as it will withstand higher temperatures before breaking down. If using olive oil, one should only use low heat.

  3. Sandy Priecko April 25, 2016

    Can a person on Coumadin take your joint health product?

  4. Funmi Aina April 26, 2018

    how do i subscribe to this magazine?

    • Melody Hord May 7, 2018

      Hi Funmi,
      If you go to the top of the Hallelujah Diet web home page and click on Contact Us, that will take you to a page where you can sign up to receive emails of blog posts and links to Delicious Healthy Recipes, and other offers. Hallelujah Diet no longer publishes a paper magazine. Hallelujah Diet offers a free “Living the Hallelujah Guide”, that explains the Hallelujah Diet, to those in the United States. You are welcome to call 1-800-915-9355 to request a copy.
      The hours are M-F 8am-6pm and Sat. 9am-4pm EST. Thank you so much for your interest.

  5. Annette April 27, 2018

    Good information. I have arthritis so the information about the different foods to eat helps a lot. I do like eating Broccoli and berries so that gave me a heads up with that. I have tried using the HD silica powder and the joint health, both have helped me along with changing the way I eat. Thanks

  6. Jennifer April 27, 2018

    Thank you for this great article. I have several family members who deal with arthritis. This will be great information to give to them and also to be sure I’m doing all I can to prevent arthritis in the future.

  7. Carolyn B, Calhoun April 28, 2018

    Love my broccoli RAW RAW RAW. Don’t eat soy products at all. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease..Just a medical label. I take Serrapeptase, Joint Health and Silica on a regular basis. But I know the berries and broccoli are doing their job to keep the inflammation under control. Stay with the raw diet as much as possible. God does His job and I do the best I can to do mine. Thanks for this information.

  8. Kaci Christian June 9, 2018

    Physician Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, of the reputable Cleveland Clinic, is a staunch Whole Foods, plant-based advocate, writes in his book, “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease” to not use *any* oil. Not olive, grapeseed, coconut. None. Oils are highly-processed, go rancid (except coconut which has a long shelf life), and are affected by temperature.

    • Melody Hord June 12, 2018

      Dr. Esselstyn has a wonderful book that explains that diet can help prevent and help reverse the effects of heart disease. Other research, such as that found in The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo, shows that some of the longest living cultures with the most centenarians consume a lot of olive oil. Both books are worthy reading!

  9. Beverly Benner March 14, 2020

    Soy was very popular in the late 1990s, and I ended up with a breast concern and thyroid problem from tofu. What I now understand is that fermented soy is fine but not unfermented soy. Soy products were not identified as such to make a purchase. When I learned the reason for the problem, I dropped soy and the health issues disappeared. I even had a soy biopsy. The doctor had asked if I enjoy soy and I commented affirmatively, thinking this was a health food. But instead soy was a known problem in the medical field.

  10. It is good to learn that broccoli, citrus fruit, olive oil, soybeans and berries contain antioxidants and nutrition that help reduce the inflammation and pain of arthritis.


  11. Great information in this article eating the Hallelujah Diet way is always a benefit to the body!

  12. Following a well-balanced plant-based diet is always a good start when you are trying to get the nutrients needed to fuel our bodies with natural disease-fighting nutrients. I appreciate the fact that further studies and opinions have been shared by Hallelujah Diet. Michael Donaldson did a Webinar on Soy recently. It seems that soy can also be beneficial.

  13. Annette Whitworth March 31, 2020

    This was great information with some of the foods that a person can eat that is dealing with Arthritis Pain. After I read this I did not know that soy beans are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. I had read how important the berries was. It is very helpful to learn about the different foods that can help a person that is dealing with the illness.

  14. Thank you for the tips on which foods can most benefit someone that deals with Arthritis. I take the Joint Health EVERY SINGLE DAY, and keep the Serrapeptase on hand, but knowing which foods are more beneficial is always a plus!!

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