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Father of Holistic Dentistry — In Memory Of

Today we commemorate a leading pioneer in changing lives, not through nutrition, not through conventional medical practices, but believe it or not, by identifying the cause of many unexplained diseases and symptoms for which the medical community has no explanation.

Dr. Hal Huggins has rightfully earned the title of “Elder Statesman” of Holistic Dentistry and is the “Grand Father” of identifying and treating medical problems caused by toxic dental materials.  Dr. Huggins died last week peacefully at the age of 77.

Dr. Huggins began noticing significant changes in the health of his patients in the mid 1970’s when high copper amalgams were introduced. This “state of the art” filling, which the ADA claimed released no mercury was later found to release fifty times more mercury than previous amalgams based on studies from Europe.1

His patients began to show an increase in autoimmune diseases. During this same time, the country also saw an alarming increase particularly with Multiple Sclerosis and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  His study in toxic microorganisms, cavitations and the connection between root canals and neurological disease has been met with controversy and criticism but has also created testimonies from patients whose lives were improved from dental care that removed the primary cause of their degenerative conditions.

In a time where he was chided, ridiculed and ultimately side-railed, Dr. Huggins never gave up his fight to educate other dentists and anyone who would hear him, that conventional dental practices are not beneficial to the health of the patient.  We salute you, Dr. Huggins for being the lead pioneer who paved the way for so many biological dentists who now know that some of the practices learned in dental school was not the best and safest for their patients.  Your protocols are safer and more effective and they have saved so may lives and improved the quality of many, many more.

Dental toxicity due to the mercury in amalgam fillings as well as other standard dental practices, such as root canals and improper tooth extractions (cavitations) have been shown to contribute to many health issues.

The dentists we (Paul and Ann) use have learned the techniques taught by Dr. Huggins. Ann recently shared how her health significantly improved after we visited a biological dentist. Read our blog article “The Surprise Connection Between Teeth and Cancer” to learn more. This is an important topic impacting millions of Americans.


  1. Meta Pope December 10, 2014

    Who is the dentist that you and Paul use that has learned the techniques taught by Dr. Huggins? Thank you. I do appreciate all the information that you are giving us.

  2. does this dentist suggest pulling the teeth to replace with false teeth if the teeth have gone bad ? or how to keep the ones you have..that in time have failed to stay secure because of lack of calcium in the diet or being able to absorb it from the diet. ??

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