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Dehydration: The Silent Killer

Nutritional deficiency is rarely considered in terms of getting enough water—but it should be.

But most of us don’t really know what dehydration looks like. As a result, it creeps in slowly and undetected until it becomes a chronic condition.
Chronic dehydration is, in fact, a major, underlying cause of many common ailments in addition to causing decrements in physical, visuomotor, psychomotor, and cognitive performance.

hydrateThe signs of chronic dehydration manifest themselves under the guise of seemingly insignificant and/or unrelated ailments.

For example, allergies (and even asthma) can be a symptom of chronic dehydration. Dehydration increases histamine levels, which causes the body to release cortisol (a stress hormone). This suppresses the production of white blood cells, making the body vulnerable to allergens.

Chronic dehydration can also cause or contribute to:

  • heartburn
  • gastro-esophageal reflux disorder (GERD)
  • joint pain (due to dried out cartilage)
  • kidney stones
  • depression
  • acid/alkaline imbalance (causing fatigue)
  • diverticulitis
  • high blood pressure
  • obesity (dehydration causes a craving for foods rich in water, which confuses the body into thinking its hungry)
  • eczema (because the body does not have enough water to dilute toxins, which then irritate the skin)
  • urinary infections
  • rheumatoid pain (toxins build up and cause pain because they have not been flushed out)
  • premature aging

Thirsty yet?

The raw foods and juices in the 85% raw portion of The Hallelujah Diet contain abundant water in its purest form—living foods. Of course, a supply of purified water is also recommended.

The best water we have found is alkalized Kangen water. A Kangen water machine purifies tap water, then alkalizes it up to a pH of 11.0; it actually makes your water better hydrating and makes it an antioxidant in the process.* But not everyone has a Kangen machine or access to a local business that offers it for free (like Hallelujah Acres’ Health and Wellness Store does). The next best thing is distilled water treated with Hallelujah Acres HydroBoost re-mineralizer (formerly WaterMax).

HydroBoost alkalizes distilled water, bringing it to a pH of 8.0 or higher. It also boosts your body’s protection against free radicals, boosts hydration to your cells, and boosts nutrition with more than 70 ionic minerals and trace elements! One 8 oz. bottle of HydroBoost will treat 48 gallons of distilled water.

So, remember, drink enough liquids! It’s easy and goes hand-in-hand with a proper diet.

And speaking of diet, here’s a tip: Drinking water a half-hour before eating will also help the process of food digestion, easing its effect on your cells.

* NOTE: Kangen water machines do not remove fluoride without an optional pre-filter. If your tap water contains fluoride, you may want to consider this pre-filter, especially if you are battling a chronic condition and are drinking large amounts of water from a Kangen machine.

[quote]How much water do you drink each day?[/quote]


  1. Gloria Uhl July 20, 2012

    I have been drinking coconut water and it seems to rehydrate me almost immediately.  Is there a problem with drinking too much of it?  Gloria Uhl

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      if you are drinking the canned coconut water it may not have all of the nutrients if it’s been pasteurized, which it most likely has. so you may be drinking a lot of calories without all of the nutrients. I do love it though!!! so refreshing. I always drink Kangen water all day and stay hydrated. when you have your own machine it comes out to just a few cents a day so it’s very affordable and I have found it greatly has improved my health along with the plant based diet. Hope this helps!!

  2. Bdixon July 22, 2012

    I drink alkaline (8.5, 9.0, or 9.5pH),antioxidant (-300 to -400 ORP), restructured water that has been used in Japan for over 40 years to improve the health of many (certified medical device in Japan, approved by their Minister of Health).

    • Ken Brooks July 24, 2012

      I would like to know more about this product –

      • Scott Laird July 24, 2012

        Hallelujah Acres is now conducting research into the issue of water to determine other options, including whether or not to recommend ionized water based on a number of pros and cons.

        • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

          hi Scott,
          I’m glad to see Hacres has begun to embrace kangen water. I’ve seen amazing improvements in my health class students since I have started them on the water!!!!

      • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

        Hi ken, I just sent you an email and can send more information to you. check your spam in case you didn’t get it from

    • i would like to know more about this device too.

      • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

        hi Tameka
        As a health minister I have been giving the Kangen Water out for 3 years now to my students and seeing AMAZING results I’ve never seen before. Please feel free to contact me directly and I will answer any questions you may have – 214-914-7733 or

  3. We know that commercial sports drinks are not good for us, but my husband sweats a lot when he exercises in our hot summers.  I hear that getting electrolytes is important.  True?  Anyone have a recipe for creating a healthy sports drink?  Or is it enough if he takes potassium, sea salt, and water?  

    • Angela July 12, 2013

      Coconut water is full of electrolytes, more than any sports drinks have and there are no sugars added.

      • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

        it’s awesome! I’m thinking you have to open up a fresh coconut though, not the canned ones. what do you know so far about that?

    • Phyllis July 23, 2013

      It’s not enough. You should look at Youngevity. They have a product called Tangy Tangerine that he should take to replace lost minerals. It has everything.

      • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

        that product looks good, I wonder what else is out there without maltodextrine?

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      hi Karen
      FULVIC Minerals are what I have found to be the best so far, fulvic is produced by plants that have pulled the minerals up from the rocks and restricted them so our body can use them. I’ve been using Vital Earth and seem to get good results!

  4. Ken Brooks July 24, 2012

    I was researching your product, Watermax, and was puzzled by one statement in the website copy: 
    “The higher the ORP the fewer antioxidants are present. WaterMax reduces the ORP from approximately 162 for distilled water down to approximately 67 – a significant improvement in the ORP.”
    Doesn’t the first sentence say, in effect, that the ORP should be high? The second sentence says Watemax reduces it. How can that be an endorsement for the product?
    Also, small typo-type suggestion. The sentence which follows the above quote reads 
    “WaterMax significantly improves the mineral content (measured by total dissolved solids – TDS. Distilled water has approximately 0.90 ppm, with Willards water we have approximately 97 ppm and with WaterMax we have approximately 202 ppm.”
    The parentheses begun after “content” are never closed.Sorry to mess up your blog with these comments, but I see no way to contact your via email.

    • Scott Laird July 24, 2012

      Ken, ORP is best when it is 0 or a negative number. For example, an ORP value of -200 is better than 200. Zero is neutral, negative means the substance is an antioxidant, a positive number indicates oxidation. The closer the number can get to 0 or below, the better.

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      hi Ken, what you are looking for is a negative ORP, negative antioxidants means there are more antioxidants to bind with the free radical. anything over zero will not be as good of an antioxidant as what is below. Kangen water goes to the negative of -800 to -1200 ORP which is also even better than ORAC which is used when rating foods that have to be digested. Kangen water does not have to be digested, it’s absorbed immediately into the cells of our body. That’s why people see their age begin to reverse after drinking it for awhile

  5. 1- When is best [besides 1/2 hr before eating] to drink water and how much?
         a- on regular H-Diet
         b- on Recovery H-Diet

    2- How does water filtered by osmosis rate?  Is it better than distilled bec it maintains 1% minerals?

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      Hi Gina, I can’t answer your first question but I can perhaps find it for you. answer to #2 is RO does not retain all of the minerals, worst about RO is it rates on the -5 pH scale, so it acidizes your body putting greater stress on it. Kangen water has been the best I have ever seen.

  6. I work outside in hot summers, typical daytime temps reach 100+. I juice watermelons and drink perhaps 1/2 gallon per day, along with a smaller amount of purified water and other fruit and veg juices (also in smaller quantities). Everyone is unique and must learn to read their own body and what it needs. Working under extreme conditions is traumatic for the body (not always a bad thing) but should be respected and proper care to the body needs must occur. See how your husband reacts by trying different natural fluids. He’ll find what he needs if presented with the right materials.

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      hi dave, so glad to hear you are juicing the water melons (do you do the entire fruit including the rind?). that is an excellent recommendation.
      I have been an Hacres Health Minister since 2001 and have recommended the distilled and reverse osmosis waters. When I started giving out the kangen water to my students three years ago I started seeing miraculous recoveries. I won’t drink ANY other water now. no bottled, tap, RO or maybe distilled if I need to detox, but distilled is acidic so wouldn’t drink it for long

  7. Judith July 12, 2013

    I am on recovery diet, struggling to drink 6 juices plus 6 barley green. Am experiencing pain in back. Is that from detox and not enough water to flush out toxins? How much water with recovery diet?

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      Hi Judith, you still may be acidic, I have found when I eat acidic forming foods my body begins to hurt. Have you started drinking the kangen water yet?

  8. I’ve got a good recipe for a delicious spinach shake if anyone is interested email me @

  9. Curtrina July 23, 2013

    there are also many other alkaline waters with electrolytes added in. You just have to find the one that works best for you and your husband. Also the higher the PH the better it hydrates.

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      hi Kurtrina, some companies add base minerals to make the water alkaline but don’t purify the water. There are two other major benefits to Kangen, one is it’s Microclustered so the water can get into the cell, then the other even more important is it is ANTIOXIDATING!!! it helps keep the cells from being burned by oxygen. Athletes and people doing heavy labor need major amounts of antioxidants because they oxidize so much during exertion.

      • Curtrina August 3, 2013

        Thanks, that is good to know. I want to make sure I get a good one. My daughter will also be using it and I worry a lot about what I allow her to put in her body. She has the worst allergies I have ever seen next to her father. I will look into Kangen and see what they have to offer me. Thanks again.

        • Barbara McManis Giberson August 3, 2013

          hi Curtrina,
          are you fully on the Hallelujah diet? your daughter should easily heal from allergies with diet change. also, you can email me directly and I’ll send you some information links on the Kangen water. doing the research is very confusing my email is

  10. elisabeth July 24, 2013

    I aim at drinking half my weight in oz (ie: 120lbs = 60oz of water daily). I have more energy when I am diligent with it.blessings

    • Barbara McManis Giberson August 2, 2013

      hi Elizabeth, are you drinking Kangen water or some other?

  11. What if you can’t afford bottled water and boil tap water for 5 minutes?

    • Melody Hord May 18, 2018

      Hi Julie,
      Boiling tap water can help reduce chlorine in the water. However, then one could breathe in the chlorine from steam. According to WaterWise, “You may be shocked to know that your body can absorb more chlorine in a 1-minute shower than from drinking 8 glasses of the same water.”
      Getting a shower filter is a smart move.
      I don’t see how boiling could remove heavy metals, fluoride and other chemicals.

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