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Control Hot Flashes with These Foods!

The cooler days of fall are officially upon us, but for many women, there’s little relief from the heat!

For those experiencing menopause, the sudden onset of heat and sweating, known as hot flashes, can make even the coolest room feel like an oven!

According to T. Colin Campbell, American biochemist well known author of The China Study, “about 40 percent of North American women seek treatment for menopausal symptoms,” with hot flashes being the number one complaint.

Often accompanied by an increase in heart rate, nausea, dizziness, anxiety or weakness; when the hot flashes occur at night, they can lead to insomnia, fatigue, irritability and loss of concentration or memory.

While doctors are quick to prescribe hormone replacement therapies (HRT’s) as the answer, evidence suggests that other lifestyle factors, such as diet, may hold the key to turning down the heat.

For instance, the hot flashes appear to be significantly less common in Asian countries where less intake of meat and dairy and higher consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are common.

While it’s estimated that up to 80% of American women suffer from the hot flashes, only 10% of women in Japan report experiencing this condition.

Though HRT’s have been shown to provide some relief for the symptoms, they have also been linked to some very serious side effects.

The Woman’s Health Initiative, a study launched by the National Institutes of Health, concluded that women who took HRT for several years had an increased risk of breast cancer, heart disease, stroke, and blood clots.

A safer and more effective way to control the hot flashes is through adopting a healthy, plant-based diet.

A study published in the journal Menopause found that “a low-fat diet consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains helped postmenopausal women both lose weight and manage night sweats and hot flashes.”

One reason, women whose diets are low in fat and high in fresh fruits, vegetables and grains have a tendency to lose more weight, which leads to a decrease in symptoms.

Additionally, a plant-based diet is higher in phytoestrogens, a substance found in plant foods that exhibits estrogen like properties and can help offset many of the complications related to menopause.

A study entitled, Phytoestrogens in postmenopausal indications, reported that phytoestrogens “could play a role in the prevention of other estrogen-related conditions, namely, cardiovascular diseases, menopausal symptoms, postmenopausal osteoporosis, neuroprotective effects, and hormone-dependent cancers (breast and endometrium cancer).”

Some great sources of phytoestrogens are whole grains, chick peas, green beans and black beans. Almonds, peanuts, cashews and walnuts are also high in phytoestrogens, as are winter squash, broccoli, green beans, collards, and onions.

Apricots, dates, prunes, peaches, berries and seeds (particularly pumpkin, sunflower and sesame) are also good choices when trying to incorporate more phytoestrogens into your diet.

So if you are one of the millions of women experiencing the symptoms of menopause, before you turn to HRT’s, first try a diet low in fat and rich in these plant foods.

While it can’t turn back the clock, it could help you turn down your internal thermostat and look and feel years younger in the process!

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  1. I would only wish this were true. I do eat the suggested diet but continue suffer terribly. I’ve been off of her for many years trying the natural alternative. Sometimes I get relief for a shit time then it comes back full force.

    • I too have stuck to a vegan diet, but that did not help hot flashes at all. What did help was a cream derived from the Mexican wild yam. I had to use it for 2-3 months before it helped (that is expected.) It is called NatraGest cream, and is distributed by Viotron International, out of Ada, Michigan. It contains natural, plant-derived progesterone. Prior to that I tried Black Cohosh, Black Raspberry tea, and a few other natural remedies that did not help. Good luck!

    • I have not had a hot flash or night sweat since taking the balanced woman cream 3 months ago. Have you tried it?

    • Dear Sonja,
      I experienced very high intensity hot flushes after I had my two ovaries surgically removed as part if the therapy for Cervical Cancer, way back in April
      2010. Drastically Changing to adopt the Hallelujah Diet, Lifestyle and Supplements has totally eradicated the hot flashes for me. Sincerely speaking I have not had a hot heat for some years now…can’t quite remember the last episode. But I want to share some bits here about the effect of low levels of iodine, thyroxine,Vit D3, vit B12, folate, vit C and the deficiency of Gut Friendly bacteria, which are important in the production of vit B12. Vit B12 is necessary for the blood, heart and brain health. Menopause is mainly due the loss of estrogen supply from the ovaries, which normally comes with aging. Incidentally, other deficiencies also show up at about the same time, due to our prolonged and protracted malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle, as well as Environmental pollutions especially in oil-drilling areas and highlyindustriluzed cities. The summary of my gist is this : there is need for a total medical check to reveal and detect Disease-Triggering Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies. This will enable your Healthcare Provider advise you on how to safely correct such conditions. Combine this with your 85% raw plant diet and moderate exercise. I do recommend the Balanced Woman cream as well if you can get it. Also getting rid of negative emotions and replacing them with an attitude of gratitude can go a looooong way to eliminating or reducing the dreaded heats!

  2. My menopause started about 14 years ago and I had a hot flash after coming back from vacation (=visiting with my family and at times eating items I know that are not recommended, like high in sugar and some animal products). So I right away took extra vit C and went back on the Gen. 1:29 Hallelujah diet (85% raw vegan) and the hot flash went away again and stayed away, thank God! — If I want one I just have to indulge in more cooked food, high cal. highly sweetened foods at night and no exercise for that day and I can have a hot flash. — On the hacres d + lifestyle I have been hot flash free for the last 14 years and felt full of energy and joy! Hallelujah!

  3. Carla Locarno December 6, 2013

    I am a vegan. I was in full menopause a year ago suffering worse every year with night sweats and hot flashes all day and night. I found an amazing VEGAN product called “Femmenessence Macapause”. You can buy it right now on Life Extension’s website: Right now they are having their blowout sale which happens every mid-Nov thru Jan. A box of Macapause is $23.62. Normally it is $35.00 and only sold on the company’s website that makes it called Natural Health Internation: or sold on or sold on or sold on All four normally sell it for $35.00 a box but right now Life Extension has it for $23.62 which is when I buy 12 boxes. Anyway, it’s vegan capsules and inside the capsules are maca root powder made from the maca root plant that grows in the mountains of Peru. This is a 100% vegan and organic product. Natural Health Intl is the only company that has documented research/evidence that their product works. Their maca product nourishes the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals and your adrenals then begin producing your own estrogen. In January 2013 my Estradiol level was ZERO. After 3 months on “Femmenessence Macapause” my Estradiol was 51!!!!! All my hot flashes were 100% gone and my night sweats were 100% gone. My FSH and LH were lowered and my Progesterone was normal. I will never stop using this product. My doctor was floored. Life Extension has a 12 month money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. You can call NHI and talk to their reps for info or call Life Extension because they have advisors as well. Life Extension phone number is: 800-544-4440 and NHI’s number is: 888-668-3661.

    • Thanks Caria for the info about the organic Peru grown, Maca root,
      vegan product. It sounds really great . The scientific detail about measuring
      and monitoring your blood levels of FSH , LH , Progesterone and Estradiol is revealing.
      That will definitely help women and their Health care-givers asses the clinical
      Progress of therapy. You wrote that the Maca nourishes the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary and the adrenals…and the adrenal now resumes the production of your own Estrogen. I had thought that it’s the ovaries that produce estrogen ?
      If indeed, it’s the ovaries, and not the adrenals, please what happens to a
      patient that has lost both ovaries to surgical treatment ?
      Can the Maca product still help?
      Chinwe, Uniport , RIVERS STATE . NIGERIA.

      • Carla Locarno December 8, 2013

        From what I understand – it won’t matter that a person doesn’t have ovaries. Yes, the ovaries do make estrogen but mine are nonfunctional because I’m in full menopause. I’ll be 55 soon. My Estradiol in Jan 2012 was 23. In January 2013 it dropped to zero. Then in April 2013 after 3 months on MacaPause it was 51. My adrenals got the nutritional support they needed from the maca root to alleviate adrenal fatigue and my adrenals began producing estrogen. My hormones became balanced. It’s so wonderful to feel normal again. It’s so wonderful to not have that heat in my body from hot flashes. No more tossing and turning in bed at night with nightsweats. I suffered for 3 full years with all of that until I was so fatigued that I sat at my computer and searched and searched for what product to take and I came across MacaPause. What a fantastic product it is. It’s worth every penny. Also, my hair had been thinning out due to low estrogen but still making testosterone. After taking MacaPause my hair is as thick as ever! I am so happy about that. I always had very thick hair and I was so worried because I started seeing

        • Carla Locarno December 8, 2013

          Continued – my scalp showing through and now my hair is normal and thick. I’ve been on MacaPause a year in January. I guess it took the higher Estradiol level to allow my hair to all grow back. Or it had something to do with my hormones becoming balanced. MacaPause helps with insomnia but it doesn’t cure it. I still don’t sleep perfectly so I’m ordering Life Extension’s time released Melatonin capsules. It’s a VEGAN product in vegetable capsules or you can buy their liquid Melatonin in citrus vanilla flavor which is VEGAN also. I’ve never tried Melatonin but I know Life Extension is so reputable so I’m going to buy 6 bottles of capsules which is enough for a year and it’s only $7.43 a bottle. If I’m in the 50-60% of people that Melatonin doesn’t help with better sleep then I’ll return the unopened bottles because Life Extension has a 12 month money back guarantee. Good Luck!

          • Chinwe, Uniport . January 10, 2014

            Thanks for the info about the Resurcitation of the fatigued adrenals. The MacaPause is surely wonderful. Wish we could get some down to Nigeria. The cycle of life is about birth to adolescence, adulthood, middle-age, elderliness and finally death. All the organs and systems gradually begin to wind down and finally stop when the heart packs up at a ripe old age. Is it possible there may be a hidden risk in overstimulating organs that should be gradually winding down in line with the biological clock phenomenum? Hope the researchers can help us out with this. I read the piece about the glorious exit ( death ) of Mr Jack Lalanne, one of the great pioneers of Raw vegetable juicing and fitness training, as the bedrock foundation for Healthy living. He was reported to be healthy up till his last breath at the ripe age of…was it 98? He is a true legend. Back to worrisome menopause symptoms, insomnia ( poor sleep at night ) and depression are two symptoms that have harassed me seriously since last year. I got some Melatonon supplements and almost slept for 48 hours after taking a 3 mg dose tablet the first night!!! The sleep deprivation and depression got me searching desperately for answers. Due to a massive, ugly Multi-Nodular goiter , I had total thyroidectomy same time (April 2010) as the oophorectomy…so my body was hit hard with hormonal deficiencies ( thyroxine and estrogen ) at the young age of 41. So I have to take L- thyroxine for life. But the great news is that for 3 years I was on 125 mcg , but due to the self healing ability of my body, which was restored through the Hallelujah Diet, lifestyle and Supplements, my last thyroid function tests in August 2013, revealed that my body needs a lower dose. My endocrinologist gradually reduced my L-Thyroxine dose from 125 to 100, and finally to 75 mcg and I am stable on that for now,
            Also I was placed on mild antidepressant and mild anxiolytic
            to combat the insomnia and it’s side effects. You can’t win them all, as they say. But I celebrate God’s goodness and
            mercy everyday, because, it could have been worse! So please don’t feel guilty if you need to take some helpful prescribed medications from your doctor, while you do your healthy eating and living, that will enable your self- healing body do it’s best. Let someone shout HALLELUJAAAA!!!

  4. I am on the Recovery diet and am limited to certain foods on the H-acres diet. I cannot have nuts and seeds and certain oils and sugar. I still suffer with hot flashes, especially at night. I do notice when I eat mostly raw they subside a bit. But, I lost too much weight and need to eat more cooked foods to gain and maintain weight. I am on the Recovery diet because I chose not to have Chemo or Radiation due to the fact that I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May of this year, 2013. I had a bilateral mastectomy and went on the H-acres diet. I will be on this for a year, then go to the regular diet. Maybe then, the hot flashes will go away when I can add nuts and seeds to my diet. I really need to gain some weight, but cannot eat the foods that would help me gain weight right now. (trying to be steadfast…………with the Lord’s help!)

    • Dear Lori, God is your Strength. Your story touched my heart. With the major surgery you had , it must be tough on you. Is your menopause due to age or surgery, like mine was? Whichever it is , there is a natural way out, especially as you and I have had ia history of cancer of the female reproductive organ ( mine was cervical, not breast ) so the option of Hormone Replacement is out…
      Please i encourage to continue with the Hallelujah Diet, lifestyle and supplements. I beg you by the mercies of God, please do not even think of stopping the HD, to return to what you were eating before the Cancer showed up. Research has shown that most cancers are caused by Toxins and Deficiencies, and few by genetic factors. The major deficiencies linked to development of cancer include Iodine, Vit D3, Vit B12, Folate and loss of Gut-protecting Friendly intestinal bacteria. Toxins linked to Cancers include Hormone-disrupting substances and Estrogen-mimicking chemicals.
      It’s sad that women are subjected to bilateral mastectomies, as if what caused the breast cancer was because the women had too many breasts!
      Sad to say this but if what brought the cancer in the first instance, is not detected, and corrected….the malignant cells will remultiply and appear in another part of the body….metastasis. Cancer cells thrive on dairy products, residual hormones from animal protein (red, white and yellow meats) BPA,
      dioxins from plastics, Teflon from non-stick cooking wares,…
      Poisonous preservatives, fatal flavor ants, chemical colorants, alcohol aspartame, sickening saccharine, maddening MSG…are a few of the Toxins that are fuelling and funding the breast cancer epidemic. In Africa , some of poorly processed local foods are loaded with cyanide and bromate, which are major culprits in causing Iodine Deficiency, a major factor in the conditions that reduce Immunity that leads to cancers of the Reproductive organs female and males as well.
      Please Dear Lori, do all you can to ensure the cancer cells don’t show up ever again . Dont be worried about Regaining your weight. Focus on rebuilding your Immunity and Detoxification. Never stop the Hallelujah Diet, Lifestyle and
      Supplements. God is our Helper and Healer. It is well.

      • Dear Chinwe, thank you for your blessed contribution to Lori et al. Have you considered the negative effect of antiperspirants/deodorants as well as other man made chemicals applied to hair, scalp, skin – household cleaning products? Amen to him who is our helper and healer!

  5. Really good tips. It makes a lot of sense to me. Seem that a plant based diet helps just about everything! 🙂

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