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Brain Health Breakthrough

As it turns out, the old saying “use it or lose it” applies to brain health as much as your biceps.

In other words, you can change and strengthen your brain — if you put your mind to it (no pun intended).

“It wasn’t so long ago that we thought you were born with all your brain cells, which will eventually die. Now we know that it’s possible for brains to change and to make new connections and neurons,” says Emily Rogalski in a recent Chicago Tribune interview.

She’s a neuroscientist at the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and lead author of a new study involving “super agers” — people in their 80s and beyond who have memory and cognitive function of people half their age.

Rogalski and her team are trying to find out what makes super agers so sharp.

And nimble, too.

These people with better brain health have more energy, they look younger, they’re more concerned about others than themselves, and have a great attitude. Everything about them seems younger than their peers.

Hmmm… sounds like a certain 79-year-old Hallelujah Diet Founder we know. 🙂

Speaking of which, can you believe that diet is not part of this new study?!

It certainly should be!b12cta

We have people telling us all the time about how The Hallelujah Diet gave them more energy, lifted their brain fog, and helped them focus and concentrate better.

And when you have more energy, you want to do more with your life.

You want to exercise, which then helps improve brain function even more and has the potential to improve symptoms of Alzheimer’s, too!

Surely this study will find different reasons why these whipper-snappin’ seniors live so youthfully.

But you don’t have to wait for the study results.

Changing your diet is something that anyone can do at any time — so you can start protecting yourself against Alzheimer’s and enjoying the benefits of better brain health and younger, more vibrant living… right now!

[quote]Do you feel younger or older than you really are?
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  1. I feel about 25 – but my body keeps telling me I’m 42! Need more BarleyMax I guess – LOL!

  2. I am 56, and feel like I am back in my teens. Thanks to the Hallelujah diet. I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in April of this year. Found the H-diet and didn’t do chemo or radiation. Praise the Lord for this diet. I give all the glory to HIM!

  3. Mattye Wright September 12, 2013

    I will be turning 65yrs old in November, and actually feel 35 yrs old. I have a great deal of energy. I also, look twenty years younger. No wrinkles. I eat right,and keep moving.

  4. jonathan st.thomas September 27, 2013

    Wikipedia has information on raw veganism at

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