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Are You Medically Naïve?

What Your Unanswered Questions Could Do To Your Health

The definition of naïveté is “lack of experience.” Also, “innocence.”

The definition of treatment naiveté means that no medical treatment has been performed on this person.

Recently in my travels I came across a man with a PhD in cardiovascular science and we discussed a situation I found myself in and he said I had medical naïveté.  I honestly didn’t know whether this was a compliment or if I was to feel slighted.  As he continued to explain the meaning, I soon understood that while I am a clean eater–rarely if ever consume an over the counter drug, and have a body that is innocent from prescription drugs, when I recently was given prescription eye drops for dry eyes, it shocked me that within 2 weeks of using those eye drops, I developed oral thrush and a definite sensation in my lower throat area that I am still dealing with today.

Paul and I love to bicycle ride.  It is not uncommon for us to travel 20-40 miles a day on our bicycles.  But when I would awaken at night with my eye pasted shut and painful tears streaming down my face, I thought my bicycle riding days were over. That is why I sought medical treatment for my dry eyes.

Most medical practitioners would love the fact that you are considered “treatment or medically naïve” since your body should be able to respond more effectively when administered a drug or other pharmaceutical treatment. However, as is being proven by more and more pharmaceutical studies that use only “treatment naïve” candidates, people do not improve because they are “innocent” of other medical treatments.  Rather, these “never been treated before” people are actually finding more negative results that are more harmful to their bodies.

If practitioners would ask a few more questions and learn more about the habits of these patients, they might begin to see them as a new kind of demographic that should not be treated as a typical patient that can easily withstand the drops, drugs and treatments that are doled out to the clear majority of their patients.

We the people who have taken such good care of our bodies that doctors are amazed at our blood test results, cannot even begin to be treated as just another patient.  We go to the practitioners to see if there is anything serious but it doesn’t even occur to us that the seemingly nonthreatening bottle of eye drops could ever cause any serious damage…

I talked with my friend Olin, and found an excellent nutritional supplement that if taken regularly, has kept my dry eyes under control and I can even ride my bicycle in the wind again!

If there is anything you can derive from this post, it is that when you need to see a doctor, take a few more minutes to explain the innocence or naïveté of your body from all over the counter and other drugs.  Then, if you both agree to receive a pharmaceutical treatment, please ask exactly how it must be taken and read the fine print BEFORE you begin the treatment.  If I had only done that, perhaps I wouldn’t be dealing with horrible side effects of this eye drop.

I never bothered to go back to this eye doctor since it is highly doubtful that he could even suggest any way to repair the damage.  I just increased my raw juice consumption and believe that my miraculous self-healing body will overcome the devastating effects of those harmless little eye drops.


  1. Jane Jones August 24, 2017

    What nutritional supplement are you taking for your dry eyes? I have dry eyes and have been prescribed restasis.

  2. Karen D Bryson August 24, 2017

    Thank you for this post. My husband is going through cancer and we have been on the hallelujah diet sincet November 2016. Recently his doctor talked him into trying chemo. It was in pill form. He took only three pills and had such bad ( and serious ) side effects that he quit taking them. We are trusting God for his healing. No more drugs, but lots of juicing. Thanks again for this post.

  3. Suzi Landis August 24, 2017

    Please tell me what you use for dry eyes!

  4. Shelly Stebbins August 24, 2017

    I have dry eye and would like to know what the supplement you began taking is.

  5. Harriet Ginsberg August 24, 2017

    What food helped your dry eye?
    Good article I agree.
    My husband and I were with you in NC for a 2 day series that you do.

  6. T Black August 24, 2017

    It is amazing what the side effects of some prescription medications can be. I honestly don’t think most doctors are aware of most of them. They are more educated on the “benefit” of the drug.

    There are a lot of people that are very sensitive to many medications and will have more adverse reactions than usual. Many times, the reaction can be more severe than what they were already dealing with.

    Most of the time, it can be very beneficial to research and see if there is a more natural approach that can be tried first.

  7. Hi Ann,
    What are you using for your dry eyes? Thanks for any info you may have.

  8. Carolyn B, Calhoun August 24, 2017

    There is so much that we think we know about medical care. Many times we rely on a doctors advice and they are not always correct. It takes a lot of patience and finding out for ourselves the best route to take. We cannot always take a physicians word.

  9. Ann, so sorry you had to go through all this. I suggest you DO go back and tell the eye doctor the side effects you experienced. They might be more careful prescribing it going forward.

    My eyes get very dry when I am not consuming essential fatty acids (EFA’s). And the plant-sourced ones don’t seem to work as well as the superior quality fish sourced. Allergens/pollen could also be a consideration. For oral thrush I’m sure you have increased you probiotic supplementation, especially oral probiotics. Gargling salt water with tea tree oil is also helpful.

    Praying for a swift recovery. That you for being vulnerable enough to share your experience.

  10. Angie Brummett August 25, 2017

    Would like to know the product that you are using for dry eyes. I have the same problem and eye drops seem to make it better for a short time then I need it again. Would rather correct the deficiency.

    • Joyce Siegel August 27, 2017

      Is it a secret what supplement you are taking for dry eyes? I notice you don’t reply to the many who are asking you for that information.

  11. I also have dry eyes. As Angie eye drops that only seems to work for a short time. I would rather correct the deficiency also. Please write and tell all of us with the problem what to do.

  12. Karen Steiner August 26, 2017

    I would also know what you are using for dry eyes since I am having a problem with dry eyes too! Thanks!

  13. Faith Roedel August 26, 2017

    I pray that you will let us know what the supplement was that you used to take care of your dry eye. On occasion, I have a blocked tear duct. Any suggestion as to how to clear that?

  14. C. Kincaid August 26, 2017

    Thanks for sharing, I always learn so much from your posts. My mom is suffering from dry eyes also, and I too would like to know what you are now doing for this issue.

  15. I’m like Jane Jones, I didn’t see what you used to correct the eye problem?

  16. Beverly August 26, 2017

    Please tell me too. What can we eat that will elimate using over the counter eye drops for dry eyes.
    Thank you so much

  17. Melody Hord September 19, 2017

    Here is the link to product Ann used.

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