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A Guide to Falling in Love with Food That’s Healthy for You

After years of following the Standard American Diet, switching to a healthy eating lifestyle can be a real challenge. Today’s standard menu of fatty meats, tasty, calorie-laden comfort foods, sugary treats, and salty snacks creates a vicious cycle of food cravings and sickness. If you’ve tried to develop a healthy eating lifestyle and made little to no progress, you’re not alone. The good news is there are easy steps you can take to condition your body and your taste buds to fall in love with food that’s healthy for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide to just that.

Food Cravings Are Fickle

Food cravings can be deceptive, telling you your body needs a sugary or salty treat to make it through the morning or feel content. What’s happening is the result of years of conditioning. In effect, the desire for a certain food has gone from being something you want to something you “think” you need. Also, sugary treats, in particular, do a number on the body’s blood sugar levels, producing spikes and crashes that drive these cravings.

As difficult as it may be to ignore or change food cravings, it can be done. Interestingly enough, just the practice of trying to eat foods you don’t particularly like can change the way you feel about them. After four or five tries, there’s a good chance you may start to fall in love with food you used to hate.

Ease into Healthy Eating

When it comes to developing a healthy-eating lifestyle, making gradual changes in your day-to-day menu greatly increases the likelihood of long-term success. Drastic changes only end up testing your resolve while also pitting the body’s physical cravings against your intentions. Rather than replace your favorite dishes altogether, add healthy entrees along the way. As you get started, aim for covering two-thirds of your plate with vegetable and fruit-based foods, such as salad, whole grains, or the fruit of your choice.

Consider Healthy Substitutions

Making the switch to healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor and taste. Most any meal based on the Standard American Diet can be made using healthy substitutions. While it won’t taste exactly the same, it will still taste good, only in a different way.

Creating a personal list of healthy substitutions (especially for times of the day when you’re most likely to indulge in unhealthy food choices) makes it easier to stick to your guns. Categories on this list may include:

Chocolate box with vegetable and fruit contents

  • Snack substitutes
  • TV-time substitutes
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner entree substitutes
  • Beverage substitutes

Meat Substitutions

Meat may well be one of the hardest foods to let go of, but take heart in knowing that plant-based ingredients can hold their own as worthy substitutes. Whether you’re thinking burger or roast, meat substitutions run the gamut. All you need is a little imagination and maybe a recipe book or two. Of course, you can just substitute vegetable dishes in the place of meat, but it’s just as easy to cook your favorite recipes with substitutions, such as lentils, mushrooms, or tempeh and fall in love with food all over again.

Healthy Sweets & Dessert Substitutions

For many people, sweet treats and desserts hold a sacred place in the daily menu. Not to fear. There are more than a few healthy ways to soothe those sweet cravings. A hearty apple crisp can make you forget all about that slice of pie after dinner. A plant-based diet like fruit and nut combos fill in nicely for ice cream dishes—and don’t forget the power of the smoothie, which offers any number of fruity options and flavor combinations, including mangoes, bananas, or berries mixed with natural almond milk. You can even mix in some organic cacao for a chocolate kick!

Cauliflower – The All-Purpose Substitute

Cauliflower is a powerhouse of healthy antioxidants and phytonutrients—nutrients well-known for their ability to lower cancer risk and help with weight management. Cauliflower also makes for a jack-of-all-trades substitute for most any type of food. Whether you’re looking to create a healthy rice dish, pizza crust, soup base, or even a potato substitute, cauliflower fits the bill every time.

Small Steps, Big Results – Fall in Love with Food All Over Again

Small Steps Big Changes

As with any major lifestyle change, small steps can bring big results with a little patience and time. Switching from the Standard American Diet to foods that are healthy for you becomes so much easier when it happens gradually.

In this way, you fall in love with food on two levels: the new taste sensations and the feeling of health and vitality that comes with eating power-packed, nutrient-dense foods. Before long, the food craving pendulum starts to swing to the other side as your body comes to appreciate how much better it feels when you eat healthily!


  1. Annette Whitworth March 26, 2019

    This was a great blog. Good information about different foods we can eat to help us stay healthy. We can take small steps to help us get to where we need to be with our health. The tips is a great way a person could use. Thanks again.

  2. Shawna May 6, 2019

    I just have a question with regards to this being God’s diet plan. Why no meat? One of the miracles of Christ was multiplying the fish and the loaves, no fruits or vegetables mentioned. I’ve always thought that since Christ blessed it and fed it to the 5,000 that it was good for our consumption as well? Thanks

    • Melody Hord May 7, 2019

      Hi Shawna, The Hallelujah Diet is a Genesis 1:29 diet, the first diet given to man.
      George Malkmus, founder of the Hallelujah Diet, believes it is the optimal diet, especially since it was the one given in the Garden. You may enjoy reading his book, God’s Way to Ultimate Health.
      BUT, over the years, Hallelujah Diet became aware of the need for a cost-effective source of DHA. In fact, they sell fish oil and DHA from fish.
      I personally eat wild Alaskan salmon and feel my body appreciates it. I also take fish oil. The PharMax brand sold by Hallelujah Diet is great. I believe Jesus multiplied a very clean and delicious meal for the crowd.

  3. I agree that food cravings can deceptive and misleading. Just because you crave something doesn’t mean your body needs it. I think a person can crave fast food because it has become a habit. You can have a craving for chocolate if that is the only dessert you allow yourself to have. When summer comes and I smell someone grilling, I get cravings for hot dogs, potato salad and jello. It doesn’t mean my body needs those things. I want them because that is often what my family ate when I was growing up at a picnic. Sometimes we crave food we had as a child because it reminds us of carefree happy days.

    • Melody Hord January 8, 2021

      Now there you go mentioning chocolate! I allow myself a few pieces of organic Green & Black’s 85% dark chocolate. I have found no replacements that compare. However, I am able to enjoy sparsely. If I couldn’t control myself when there is a bar in the house, I would have to let it go completely.

  4. Great reading on how to ease our bodies and mind into a better diet. Focusing on healthier foods.

  5. While some people are able to transition “cold turkey”, others need to transition to a plant-based diet by gradually substituting healthier options as they get more used to eating this way. Either way… the main thing is to make the transition so that you are giving your body the nutrients it needs to boost your immune system and stay healthier.

  6. I love the advice to ease into this new lifestyle. I feel like that helps to make this change not so challenging. I would encourage anyone to continue making changes little by little and before you know it you will be completely on the Hallelujah Diet and feeling great.

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