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50 Signs of a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you ever have colds or the flu?
Do you suffer from infections (lungs, bladder, ears) or other fevers?
Do you have seasonal or other allergies?
Do you suffer from bloating, acid reflux, or indigestion after eating?
Do you suffer from constipation (less than 2 soft bowel movements a day)?
Do you take over-the-counter medications, or prescription drugs for pain?
Do you suffer from chronic pain, like arthritis?
Do you often feel sad?
Do you have negative relationships with those close to you?
Is your memory noticeably worse than 1 year ago?
Do you have a hard time focusing?
Do you wake up during the night or have sleep apnea?
Do you typically feel like you didn’t get enough sleep?
Do you have low energy and fatigue throughout the day?
Do you have body odor?
Do your fingernails easily chip, peel or break?
Do you have hemorrhoids or varicose veins?
Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Do you suffer from dry skin, flaky skin or dandruff?
Has your eyesight gotten weaker over the past year?
Are you overweight / obese?
Do you suffer from frequent urination, urgency to urinate or do have to get up multiple times at night to urinate? (men only)
Do you suffer from menopausal symptoms? (women only)
Have you been to a medical doctor for an illness during the past year?
Have you lost any time from work due to illness during the past year?
Do you take any prescription medications or drugs?
Have you been diagnosed with any of the following health conditions?
Are you currently on the Hallelujah Diet?
Are you currently taking Barley Max?

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  1. Wanted to share this, Info from a PHD in nutrition, Dr J L Johnson – the Aloe man Reports that we unless sweating a lot drink only 40 or so oz of water, because our kidneys only make so much urine a day, and when people drink like 8 glasses as day or more that over works kidneys and can cause water retention. he also says drink 4 oz at a given time. he can be seen on you tube.

  2. Crystal Tornick March 2, 2015

    I never could drink the recommended 8 glasses a day. My body just won’t allow it except in the very hottest part of summer. This is what I call “Body Knowledge”…when our own body KNOWS what it needs and what it doesn’t need.
    Sometimes, I want a salad…and sometimes, I want toast. But, I won’t be ABLE to HEAR my intuition if I have eaten junk.
    Even a half-day fast on Barley Max will awaken my senses to know what I need. Somebody should tell Oprah that when we feed the cells, our appetite stops yelling. She so wants to KNOW this secret! Barley Max is an excellent weight-loss product.

  3. J M Anderson March 9, 2015

    Thank you for your wonderful informative website.

    Jenny Australia

  4. If you have celiac can a person use wheat grass and barley grass I know they do not have gluten but that’s not the question. If a person has celiac your told not to consume wheat barley or rye so does it affect the villi in the gut?

    • Christy Okon March 12, 2015

      The concern is with the grain which contains the gluten. To insure the barley grass has no gluten, we had BarleyMax lab test and they found NO detectable gluten. It should not be a problem for those with celiac.

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