Health Minister Training

Health Minister Training prepares you to bring The Hallelujah Diet® message of hope and self-healing to your family, friends, and community. The Hallelujah Diet® can help anyone live a healthier, longer and vibrant life. So join us and fall in love with foods that love your body!

Plus, you can earn $5,000 to $10,000 per year or more in product sales commissions as your ministry grows!

More than 10,000 Health Ministers just like you are spreading the message of The Hallelujah Diet® in every state in the United States and in dozens of countries around the world:

Health Minister Partners Program

Health Minister Program Overview

In just six weeks of online training — 1 to 2 hours per day — Health Minister Training gives you all the knowledge you need to share The Hallelujah Diet® with confidence:

Lecture material from the world’s top experts on The Hallelujah Diet®. Exclusive online videos and access to all course materials. The Hallelujah Diet® communications collateral to help you share your story. Quick answers from online instructors. Interaction and participation with classmates around the world.

To participate in the training, you will need a computer and access to the internet. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Week by Week Health Minister Training