Headaches & Migraines

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After personally experiencing The Hallelujah Diet, I am confident I could fulfill this life- long dream.

Within just two short months after adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my husband Joe had lost 25 pounds, while I had lost 15 pounds. I am now off all medications, have more energy than I know what to do with, and all of my above ailments have disappeared! Believe me, I have become a believer! The number one reason I am interested in becoming a Back to the Garden
Health Minister is because I have always had a desire to minister to people.

Submitted By: Alveta R.
One of the best things is no more headaches.

I sent one of your books to my son who is a Nutritional Consultant and he felt your way of life was a little drastic. So on one of our visits to him he insisted that he do a fat check and see if I was losing the right kind of weight - well I wasn't a bit surprised that my fat count had gone down 4 points. He was very surprised. Just couldn't believe I could give up all animal products and be as healthy as I am. We have since ordered ten copies of 'Why Christians Get Sick' and are giving them to family members. We try to tell everyone about your findings, some people listen while others say it is not the way of life for them. It is the only way as far as I can see. God gave us a wonderful body and we have been doing everything we can do destroy it. It is time to listen to God's Word and do what He says. We pray for you daily and may God lead you and give you many more years in His service.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I am one of Dr. Malkmus' true followers

I am one of Dr. Malkmus' true followers. Seven years ago I had my first acoustic neuroma [tumor] removed after going to 3 different doctors who told me I had sinus problems. 

Submitted By: Anonymous
I have been a subscriber for four years

I have been a subscriber for four years and share info from the Health Tips with others as well as encouraging other to sign up for it. I adopted The Hallelujah Diet� in September 2005 

Submitted By: A, B Murfreesboro
Since childhood, I have suffered with seasonal allergies

Since childhood, I have suffered with seasonal allergies, and it seemed with each passing year, the allergies became worse

Submitted By: Patricia F.

I have been a registered nurse for 5 years, and have been on the Hallelujah diet for almost 7 � years. Here are the significant health problems from which I have recovered from, since incorporating the Hallelujah Diet, migraine headaches, heel spurs, two ganglion cysts on my left knee, hypothyroidism, achy bones, swelling feet, chronic sinus problems, constipation, irregular and painful menstrual cycles and hypertension.

The night his first wife left him, 21 year-old Joshua G. was holed up in his bathroom, crying, unable to breathe, overcome by anxiety and stress, not caring if he lived or died. Suddenly, he heard a crack inside his head, perhaps his brain, he thought, and he collapsed to the floor. God was not ready to take Joshua home. In fact, God had a plan for Joshua, an unforgettable journey that would lead straight to Hallelujah Acres and renewed health, a new career, and a new chapter in life.