Headaches & Migraines

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I've done the research myself and there are no nutritional 'holes' not being filled (based on current nutritional knowledge and dietary analysis). As an intelligent woman (God's wisdom, not my own) who deeply loves my kids, I've left nothing to chance.

Submitted By: Anonymous

But most of the credit goes to a 5' 2 smiling angel from the rugged mountains of Norway, my beloved wife who persisted in trying to get me to change my diet. Who in your life is trying to convince you of a great truth about health? Do you listen? Or will your heart need to shake a little first.

Submitted By: Dr. Dan E. Chesnut, M.D
9 years of Fibromyalgia gone after 9 months on the Hallelujah Diet.

And that was 1 1/2 years ago, praise God, no more pain! Also thyroid is back to normal, no more daily headaches and stomach problems, 30# lighter too!

Submitted By: Linda L.
We are so thankful for Hallelujah Diet and the ministry that George and Rhonda began and continue to carry on today!

We are also thankful for their generosity. We won the Green Star Juicer! We were so surprised! and thankful! I've loaned out my Champion to a friend with diabetes hoping she will try the Hallelujah Diet!

We had such a wonderful time in Shelby! All of you staff were so friendly and helpful. Thank you all for making our stay so meaningful.

Submitted By: Bill & Janice S.
We have been on the Hallelujah Diet for the past 9 years

I have lost 50 pounds. No more migraines. I sleep better. I have a lot more energy.

Submitted By: Beth R. of Mt. Pleasant, SC

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives.

Submitted By: Anonymous

I (Yvonne) have lost 30 pounds. Migraines gone. Nerves calmed. Panic attacks gone. Arthritis in back gone. Circulaton improved. No more cold and tingling hands and feet. Fever blisters gone. Spastic colon and hemorrhoids gone. Fibrous breast tumors gone. Greater physical strength and mental clarity.

Submitted By: Anonymous
My mother introduced me to Hallelujah Diet in 3/2001, and I read "God's Way..." from cover to cover, in addition to a couple of cleanse books.

The immediate results were so significant that I decided to become a vegetarian after two weeks. My joint pain and headaches immediately subsided. These seemed closely tied to my elimination of salt and sugar in my diet. I had no more phlegm in my throat every morning; and my bowel movements normalized.

Submitted By: Sharri H.
Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives.

Amberlee (our daughter) -- At 15, no one would expect that she would be experiencing many health problems, but we noticed several of her health problems had disappeared. She lost 41 pounds and found self-esteem and joy. acne and bleeding gums are gone, achy joints, knee lock ups, headaches, PMS and menstrual pain, dandruff, acid reflux are gone, and stretch marks have disappeared. and the constant cough she had for two years disappeared. Her legs also snapped and creaked as she walked up stairs, making us feel we needed to follow her with an oil can to lubricate her. Today, Amberlee, at age 18, is a beautiful, young, healthy, woman!

Submitted By: Anonymous
But since going on the Hallelujah Diet five months ago I have not had a headache and all my aches are gone.

My wife had many aches before going on the Hallelujah Diet, and was facing possible surgery for bone spurs--but since going on the Hallelujah Diet in November 1999, all her aches and problems are gone, has gone from a size 14 to size 8 dress, and has more energy. I had suffered with headaches virtually every day for the past twenty years, and had the beginnings of arthritis.

Submitted By: Anonymous