Hallelujah Diet™ Guide

Hallelujah Diet Guide
Have you ever heard the phrase “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”? You know that you should spend more time preparing and eating more healthy foods. You know your family should be, too. Why is it that we seem to have enough time to get to those extracurricular activities, see the latest movie, and even squeeze in a date night, but we just can’t seem to spend any time in the kitchen?

Could it be that we can’t even bring ourselves to search for another chicken, or ground beef recipe? The cost of meat is so high that it’s not even possible to consider hormone free, grass fed options. Even if you do, they still have so much protein your body will need to go into overtime just to process it. And, without any fiber, the meat is guaranteed to stay in your colon a lot longer than is healthy.

One of the many benefits of the Hallelujah Diet is it creates less dishes, less mess, less cost, and affords more creativity. Imagine the wonderful recipes that you can create out of the various vegetables and fruits available! And, seasonally, the opportunities are even greater. Add to that the convenience of seeds and nuts generously sprinkled over nearly anything you create contributing to the nutritional value without any effort at all!

The key to using this meal plan is to be open to change. Once you recognize that the foods you were eating were causing your poor health, and were energy zapping, you can easily see the value in replacing those with other selections that are flavorful, nutritious, and easier to prepare. Compare the time and expense of preparing a meatloaf or chicken casserole with creating a colorful array of roasted vegetables rubbed with Italian seasonings. Or how about making homemade hummus with pita chips?

The Hallelujah Diet Guide along with our recipes section gives you great ideas of replacing those well-worn favorite recipe ingredients with healthier options so you can still enjoy pizza, just without the cheese and maybe creating a healthier crust.

You want to spend the rest of your life without pain, in love, and loving what you do. The best way to accomplish that goal is to give your body the daily nutrition it needs to continue to serve you well.

Give yourself a break. See what those simple, but nutritious recipes can do for you and for your family. Sit down with the meal plan tonight. Study it, and begin to choose categories where you can replace the unhealthy versions with the healthier options. You’ll be glad you did.