Super Immune Booster Kit (Ebola Edition)

Ebola Virus Treament. Information. Prevention.

Protect Yourself From the Ebola Outbreak
There is no medical cure for Ebola. Quarantine and isolation are the only ways to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus. However, when quarantine and isolation have already failed, or if you want to take a preventative measure, there are natural products that can help your immune system from being depleted when you face a lethal Ebola viral attack.

There are four supplements that are excellent for immune system support when dealing with Ebola virus, similar viruses or even the common cold virus: selenium, nascent iodine, liposomal vitamin C and colloidal silver.

Note that these substances are not being given to people to treat, cure, prevent or mitigate diseases of themselves. These substances provide excellent support for the God-given abilities of the immune system to conquer any infection it is presented with when properly and adequately supported. A strong infection requires a strong immune system. We often vastly underestimate the depletion of the immune system caused by strong infections, so we also underestimate the amount of support that is required to mount a sufficient immune response.

The Hallelujah Diet Immune Booster Kit: Ebola Edition is not only for those who think they have been in contact with Ebola. You can also use this kit to generally strengthen your immune system, reinforcing the benefits of the kit’s components to safeguard yourself.

With a clean, healthy, plant-based diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, you can put yourself in the best position possible during the devastating Ebola outbreak, and against any other illnesses or ailments. The Ebola kit includes the following to boost your immune system:

  • Selenium—Vital to the immune system, and shown to significantly slow down reproduction of viruses.
  • Hallelujah Diet Liposomal Vitamin C—A superior form of vitamin C that replenishes the lost vitamin C in the body and is readily absorbed by the digestive system, cells and organs.
  • Hallelujah Diet Nascent Iodine—Possesses germicidal properties, and has been shown to effectively combat viral infections.
  • Silver Biotics 8 oz.—A natural antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and anti-parasite that has been shown to strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight infections.

Click here to read why we chose these products for the Super Immune Booster Kit: Ebola Edition, as described by our research director Dr. Michael Donaldson.


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