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Seasonal Detoxing provides so many benefits:
  • Eliminate the toxins that can make you sick
  • Lose/manage weight
  • Cleanse blood and organs
  • Remove heavy metals and improve elimination
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The ONLY cleanse to Purify + Nourish + Energize your body

The Hallelujah Diet’s® 7-Day Summer Detox Program is the ONLY solution that detoxifies you from head to toe while supercharging you with active nutrition.

Feeling tired, foggy-brained or sluggish? Looking heavy and feeling lackluster? You’re certainly not alone.

A detox alone will not produce the best results. You will feel deprived, exhausted and even more listless. This is the biggest reason why many people give up on conventional detoxes. As your body eliminates weak cells, they need to be replaced with stronger, healthy cells…with a surge of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

The Hallelujah Diet’s® 7-Day Summer Detox Program was built around this vital principle, so you can regain energy and vibrant health.

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The Ultimate Health & Nutrition Boost

  • Lose weight (not just water weight)
  • Get leaner & stronger
  • Enjoy clear, healthy & youthfully radiant skin
  • Surge your energy levels
  • Zap abdominal bloating
  • Eliminate uncomfortable indigestion
  • Get rid of headaches
  • Seamlessly continue onto a longer-term weight loss program
  • …all in just 7 days or less
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Why Our 7-Day Summer Detox Is the Most Effective:

  • Kicks off the detoxifying process
  • Floods your body with nutrition so you feel energized
  • Increases your natural resistance to illness
  • Encourages your brain to produce feel-good chemical
  • No starvation
  • Maintains high energy levels
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In addition to the free recipe book—complete with shopping lists and helpful guidance, you get:

  • Tips for accelerating results
  • What you should know about detoxing
  • Tips for thriving on a raw food cleanse
  • Best practices for using Apple Cider Vinegar when detoxing
  • Information on special cleanse techniques for liver and kidneys
  • How to use Turmeric in tonics and juices
  • Safest way to conclude a raw food fast
  • And...
  • A daily e-mail for encouragement and support through the 7 days
  • A link to the 30 Day Exercise Essentials program
  • A special Facebook page to share struggles, successes and results while learning from others
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