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In short, the results are pleasing after a year.

In short, the results are pleasing after a year. In the last week I have again visited the eye unit at our hospital and been told that my condition has now stabilized and no further treatment is needed. I now have a checkup every six months instead of every three months so that is a good judge of how well the control now is. This past year I have learned so much from you about food, diet and eating, and not only has my diabetic control improved but other problems have disappeared as well.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I thank God for you and your ministry! I wish my wife and son would do as I have, but I can only show by example.

I have endured a lot of criticism over this lifestyle change, but I am determined to stick with it. It would be so wonderful if someone would come to my church and share this program. I have witnessed to a lot of people and do have a couple starting to juice. At least it's something. Thank you again!

Submitted By: Anonymous of Independence, MO

Again - I sincerely appreciate the wonderful work you are doing and thank you for the information that has improved my life so dramatically.

Submitted By: Kurt W. of Daytona Beach, FL
To cut a very long story short, we now enjoy a healthy child and a healthy lifestyle on the Hallelujah Diet!

To cut a very long story short, we now enjoy a healthy child and a healthy lifestyle on the Hallelujah Diet! The best being that our daughter is now free of seizures and drugs. As a family, Chloe's case has enlightened us to look at our own health issues and the direct relationship between what we eat and our health, hence we all enjoy Chloe's new-found energy and love for life.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Thank you, Dr. Malkmus, for opening my eyes to the truth that 'You Don't Have To Be Sick.'

My blood pressure is now 100/62 and I no longer have need of high blood pressure medicine. The degenerative arthritis in my foot that the military doctors said would only get worse despite taking painkillers, has completely disappeared and I now jog 4 miles each day without any pain. My severe dry skin (x-linked ichthyosis) simply went away; my hemorrhoids have disappeared; sinuses have cleared up; and my energy is at an all time high. I am 55 years old now and fully expect to spend the next 65 of the 120 years God gave us to live by serving Him as a Health Minister.

Submitted By: Bill M.
Thank you for providing all of the information and recipes on your website for free!

Up until that time, I had bought into the Standard American Diet (SAD) lie that I had been taught all of my life. When I applied what I learned from myhdiet.com my health improved. My reoccurring ear infections, fatigue and depression went away, and my vision improved!

Submitted By: Connie M. of Cantonement, FL.
My daughter Christina has lost nearly thirty pounds! My mother-in-law Mary, who lives with us, is 78 years old, and with a little persuasion has also gone on the diet.

She had been diabetic for at least thirty years. Also, before the diet change, she had been taking heart medication for the past few years and the doctor said her heart was getting weaker. She had many infections that did not heal or healed very slowly, and had been in a wheelchair the past six months. After only a couple weeks on the Hallelujah Diet she has lost fifteen pounds and has been able to stop all medication, including her insulin. Her doctor was talking amputation due to an infection in her toe that would not heal. After a recent visit to her doctor, the doctor said it was a 'miracle!'--her foot is totally healed!

Submitted By: Anonymous
None of us have been sick during the entire time we have been on The Hallelujah Diet.

And that baby, who was 10 months old when we started the diet, is incredibly healthy, in fact, he's above all of our other three children for his age and development. Our other three children were raised on the SAD diet. I could literally go on and on telling of what The Hallelujah Diet has done for us.

Let me just close by saying that when we were sick, literally all the time, I cried out to God for help and He answered me in a big way. The Hallelujah Diet was the answer to that prayer. We have never felt better! Thank you so much for your ministry and letting God use you in such a big way. I look forward to becoming a Hallelujah Diet Health Minister as soon as I can arrange it. God bless you and everyone at Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Lori
No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet four months ago, I have experienced the following improvements in my health: chronic fatigue gone! edema gone! arthritis gone! restless leg syndrome gone! lipomas shrinking! Improved regularity! improved sleep! cholesterol down 52 points and now off cholesterol medication! bad breath gone! Body odor gone! more mental clarity and now have a positive outlook! skin rash cleared up! now have softer skin and nicer hair! black under-eye circles gone! Flexibility improved, and no longer experience soreness after exercise! no more compulsive over-eating, and am losing weight! No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Every day in the e-mail, by fax, by phone, by postal mail, and at every seminar I conduct, people are constantly telling how the Hallelujah Diet has improved their health and quality of life or even saved their life. These testimonies are what keep me encouraged and help me to keep on keeping on. So please keep sending me those testimonies-- I never tire of them.

Submitted By: Anonymous