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By October 2000 I noticed that a pre-cancerous lesion under my right eye, that had been there for many years was 90% gone, and today I can barely find it. By December 2000 the egg sized cyst on my back could not be found.

Submitted By: Carla Curry of Palm Bay, FL

Praise the Lord! Certainly changing one's diet to get well is much easier and less costly than going the medical route! Thank you!

Submitted By: Carol
After only a month on the Hallelujah Diet, all my problems are gone.

I can read without my reading glasses, my colon feels better than ever, I have lost 14 pounds and I no longer take Zoloft. I am happier than I have been in years. I am now 43 going on 16. Before the diet change I was 43 going on 80. I thank you so much for, through the grace of God, saving my life!

Submitted By: Roberta P.
Please keep up the hard work.

But most exciting of all, I like the mental effects. I now have mental energy, which gives me patience, and I have lost the overwhelming depression that comes from hormone imbalances and fluctuations.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Since adopting the Hallelujah Acres Diet and Lifestyle my pre-menstrual syndrome and the accompanying depression, cramps and heavy menstruating has reduced significantly. My acne is so much better as well as my over all skin tone. My stomach pain is non-existent except when I deviate from the diet.

Thank you for providing all of the information and recipes on your website for free!

Up until that time, I had bought into the Standard American Diet (SAD) lie that I had been taught all of my life. When I applied what I learned from myhdiet.com my health improved. My reoccurring ear infections, fatigue and depression went away, and my vision improved!

Submitted By: Connie M. of Cantonement, FL.

My passion and my reason for coming to Health Minister training are because I am older and know what making a change in diet and lifestyle can do for an older person's health and mental abilities, because I have personally experienced the benefits of a changed diet. With Health Minister training I will be better equipped to tell older people that they too can experience improved health and quality of life no matter what their age.

Submitted By: Betty Higgins of Kerrville, TX
It has now been over two years since she made the diet change and she has been in Bible College since September of 2000.

My favorite verse of scripture is Hebrews 12:1 . . . the 'cloud of witnesses' being all those who embrace this lifestyle of putting God first and all of us encouraging each other to continue, by leaving behind the 'sin' of putting harmful things into our body, and running the race with endurance. That endurance becomes such a joy as making the right food choices becomes exciting and fun, because you feel so good!

Submitted By: Layne Martorelli of Florida
I have dropped 10 pounds

[since starting the Hallelujah Diet]. It has helped me with my moodiness, calmness and mild/seasonal depression

Submitted By: Anonymous

I have more energy than I did in my 20s. Feel healthier than ever, no aches or pains. If I am suffering from anything today, it is excessive happiness as a result of being on the Hallelujah Diet. I would never, ever, not in 7 million years go back to the poor American dietary habits that created my problems.

Submitted By: Anonymous