Educational Opportunities

Most of our parents worked outside the home and our moms loved the convenience of TV dinners and the microwave oven so she could feed us kids quickly and easily. If you are like so many of us, eating healthy wasn’t something we were taught at home or in school other than the television advertisements from the dairy industry telling you to drink your milk. We often hear people say they eat healthy but when we ask for specifics what they are eating isn’t nourishing their bodies. To gain the habits needed to support a healthy body requires opening your mind to new concepts and ideas.

The Hallelujah Diet understands that education is paramount in assisting you in reaching your health goals. We believe that if you understand how carrot juice delivers over 150% more nutrition to the cells than eating the same carrot then you will be more inclined to make juicing part of your health routine.

When you consider that the Hallelujah Diet has been teaching people how to implement healthy lifestyle changes for over 20 years, you will quickly agree that we have a lot of information to share. We urge you to take advantage of as many of our educational tools as possible. Be sure to share them with your family and friends.

60 Days To Reclaim Your Health

Hosted by Ann and Paul Malkmus, also known as AM and PM, 60 Days to Reclaim your Health will give you all the information you need to experience the Hallelujah Diet in an easy to understand and enjoyable format. With their down to earth style, AM and PM will guide you through time and money saving tips as you continue your journey towards vibrant health. You’ll receive weekly shopping lists and daily recipes with instructions on how to prepare certain recipes for 60 days. Whether you are just trying to improve your health or overcome a serious disease you’ll want to take advantage of this wonderful resource. And, best of all, it’s FREE.

Reclaim Your Health

Hallelujah Diet Daily Blogs

Receive the health and wellness blog from Hallelujah Diet promoting healthy living for real people. Each day through out the week, we have daily emails and blogs that you can learn more about health and wellness.

  • On Monday, you will get the encouraging and uplifting words on the Hallelujah Health Tip.
  • Tuesdays will bring you the latest health news covering a host of topics that will be sure to keep you in the know when it comes to ultimate health with the blog, Health News.
  • The Wednesday blog and email comes straight from Paul and Ann Malkmus who give real world and practical experience on how to live the Hallelujah Diet with their blog, Healthy Days with Paul and Ann.
  • If you are looking for health information specifically geared toward woman, each Thursday, we provide you with the blog named, The Science of Her.
  • On Fridays, the blog called Cancer News provides up-to-date information on one of the most devastating disease that faces our world today.
  • And finally on Saturday, the Top News at Hallelujah Diet email recaps all the featured articles from the previous week.

Whether you’re seeking to make a complete change to a plant-based diet or want to gradually develop healthier habits, advice from our Hallelujah Diet experts is always helpful.

Healthy News Website

Bookmark this site and come back often. You’ll find new articles, research, recipes, testimonies and more. Be sure to send your friends so they too can benefit from all that the Hallelujah Diet has to offer.


Health Minister Training

Whether you want to learn more about the Hallelujah Diet for yourself or you have a passion to share it with family, friends, church or community, Health Minister training will prepare you like no other program available today. Get ready to learn and be inspired.

Health Minister Training

Health Ministers

With over 10,000 Health Ministers in all states, five provinces in Canada and over fifty other countries, there is bound to be a Health Minister living near you. Each Health Minister follows their passion. Some teach, others coach while others provide services like healthy food or juice delivery services. Call our Customer Service Center at 800-915-WELL (9355) to locate a Health Minister near you.

As you can see, there is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Now It’s up to you to take advantage of it as you continue on your journey to better health.

Health Ministers

Hallelujah Diet Books and DVDs

For over 20 years, the Hallelujah Diet has been developing materials that explain why choose a plant based diet, how to implement it, and delicious and easy to prepare foods that can be created at home. From the classic Why Christians Get Sick, to the more recent the Hallelujah Diet book and workbook there are resources designed to educate you on the reasons why the Standard American Diet (SAD) foods are killing us and how to implement new healthier habits. And if you don’t care to read about it, the video Living the Hallelujah Diet is an excellent practical approach giving you the how to’s and great tips for every day living. Another great motivating video is God’s Way to Ultimate Health seminar.

Explore all the Hallelujah Diet has to offer with our informative and empowering books and DVD.

Hallelujah Diet Books and DVDs