Ears, Nose & Throat

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I have been a subscriber since 1997 and read 95% of each issue. We are a large family of 6 children, 4 of them are very hungry teen boys. We also home school. The entire family is on the Hallelujah Diet over 50%. However, we eat very little animal source foods and practically no sugar. We do take BarleyMax� and juice several times a week.

Because of my husband's heart problems, and the whole family's need for better health, our entire family started The Hallelujah Diet on April 9, 2007.

After only 3-months on the diet, my husband had lost 45 pounds; his blood pressure is now good; his cholesterol is getting better; his skin cancers have gone away; and the plantar wart on his foot is almost gone. Hallelujah!