Ears, Nose & Throat

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Thank you for providing all of the information and recipes on your website for free!

Up until that time, I had bought into the Standard American Diet (SAD) lie that I had been taught all of my life. When I applied what I learned from myhdiet.com my health improved. My reoccurring ear infections, fatigue and depression went away, and my vision improved!

Submitted By: Connie M. of Cantonement, FL.
Doctor was simply stunned by the big improvement

I offered carrot juice again and he gladly drank it. Now, he is drinking at least a quart a day. I get carrots from Canada at our local market. They are huge and lose in a 50 lb. bag. Anyway, he went to his doctor yesterday, who specializes in this particular problem and he was simply stunned by the big improvement in my husband's health, and he told him to keep doing what he is doing. My husband is now able to eat and continues to drink the carrot juice I make him. Isn't it interesting and sweet how God works?

Submitted By: Anonymous

I am 36 years old and my family said that since I wasn't really sick I didn't have any major illnesses, but I had annoying ailments: asthma, runny nose, back pain, and sensitive gums. Because of my diet, I don't have any of these symptoms. Well, thank you. You both look so good in person!

Submitted By: Daisy B.
We started Thomas on the Hallelujah Diet in December 1998, with great success!

P.S. Thomas is not the only one in the family who has been helped by this Hallelujah Diet. I have personally recovered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. My father's high blood pressure and diabetes are gone! My mother-in-law got rid of high blood pressure and hypothyroidism. Other grandchildren have been healed of chronic ear infections, sinus infections, and chronic asthmatic bronchitis. We are so grateful to George Malkmus for sharing this diet with the world.

Submitted By: Thomas P.

The short version of some of my other miracles from God since going on His diet: No more hot flashes, arthritis in hands gone, the first month on the diet every sign of fibroid cysts were gone (I lost 4 on my bust measurement as a result), my left knee had been hurting so badly that I couldn't bend it to put my shoes on, the pain is gone, nightly earaches are gone, no longer sensitive teeth, my night vision has improved along with memory and mental acuity.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Thank you and God Bless you!

Because of the diet change, I have also lost 30 pounds, and gone from a size 16 to a size 10/12, which is great! Thirty pounds is almost the weight of two bowling balls, which I don't have to carry around with me any more. My feet and knees are very thankful also, and so is my heart, because it doesn't have to pump so hard now.

I am so grateful for your advice, all your help, and for your weekly Hallelujah Health Tips. I have learned so much from you and am looking forward to learning more

Submitted By: Margrit

So I want to thank you, and Peter and Stowe Shockey, who also worked with me on your book, for really, saving my mom's life. If I hadn't worked on your book I wouldn't have known what to do with her. Because of The Hallelujah Diet I think she'll live a very long time now, cancer and medication free.

Submitted By: Angela D.

After adopting The Hallelujah Diet, the change was miraculous and very rapid. One by one my health problems disappeared and my health was restored. Today, I feel better, more alive, and energetic than when I was in my 20's.

Submitted By: Cheryl of Brandon, VT
Since incorporating the Hallelujah Diet I have lost 45 pounds

I believe that all disease is caused by bad diet/environment. Since incorporating the Hallelujah Diet I have lost 45 pounds, and have seen a significant reduction in the symptoms of Meniere's disease, while my husband has seen angina and diabetes healed.

Submitted By: Anonymous
The principles of eating spoken of in your book has been an answer to my prayers.

Since we have changed our diet, she has not taken any medication at all and her behavior and health have improved dramatically! The principles of eating spoken of in your book has been an answer to my prayers. With Sincerest Thanks.

Submitted By: Anonymous