Diabetes Support System

Type II Diabetes is an ever-increasing problem in the United States and the number of people who are diagnosed with the disease each year continues to climb. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and is a major cause of heart disease and stroke. Diabetes affects 25.8 million people, 8.3% of the U.S. population. Even more frightening; 29 million people are pre-diabetic.

Diabetes doesn’t have to mean a life of insulin shots and disease progression. Modern research has now corroborated what the Hallelujah Diet has been telling people for over 20 years – that a change in diet and lifestyle can significantly improve and in many cases reverse diabetes. The American Dietetic Association states that “vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” More than 200 studies and papers were cited to support its conclusions.

The Hallelujah Diet has been used by people around the world for over 20 years as they endeavored to restore their health. Instead of looking at the symptom, it focuses on the root cause of the problem providing the most efficient and effective way to support the body’s self-healing ability. It was designed to address nutritional deficiency and detoxify the body simultaneously.

While traditional thinking pointed to sugars and carbohydrates as being the problem in diabetes, modern science has learned that animal fat is actually a primary factor. As we incorporate a primarily plant-based diet, the animal fat that has coated the cells begins to gradually dissipate allowing the cells to function normally once again.

By incorporating a clean food, plant-based diet you provide your body optimum support as its innate self-healing works toward reducing or eliminating the diabetes symptoms that can dramatically affect your quality of life.

Only the Hallelujah Diet is designed to address nutritional deficiency and detoxify within the body simultaneously, providing the most efficient and effective way to support the body’s self-healing ability. Consuming the Hallelujah Diet is an integral part of the Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Support System, which includes an additional, customized selection of supplements to support the body’s healing efforts when battling diabetes specifically.

To improve effectiveness, a dietary change is necessary. By incorporating a plant-based, primarily raw food diet you will strengthen your immune system, increase your energy, and help support your body in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

As you begin to follow the Hallelujah Diet your daily food intake should include plenty of leafy greens, blended vegetables, freshly extracted vegetable juices, nuts, seeds, and fruit (although nutritious, fruit should be limited to 15% of your total dietary intake). Fats and sugars should be minimized and animal fats should be completely eliminated as they are the primary cause of Type II Diabetes. The optimal goal to supercharge your efforts is an 85% raw/15% cooked, plant-based diet fortified with water, exercise, fresh air, rest, and stress management.

Whether you’re treating your diabetes through conventional or alternative means, the Hallelujah Diet and Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Support System will put your body in it’s best possible state to augment that treatment.

Please note: Do not immediately discontinue your medications just because you started a plant-based diet. Closely monitor and adjust your medications as appropriate, working with your health-care professional.

Diabetes Support System

We have devised an easy and convenient approach to support you nutritionally. The items that are in this Diabetic Kit have been specifically chosen to provide you with the best quality nutritional support, meeting the specific needs to rebuild your body.


Over the last 20 years we have found that one of the most effective ways to strengthen the immune system is by drinking the pure juice of young barley and alfalfa plants. Scientists have studied something called the grass juice factor as they have tried to understand why these particular juices provide such profound benefits. BarleyMax is the highest quality living juice powder and the most nutritionally dense product available. Its synergistic formula provides unparalleled results. BarleyMax has long been one of the cornerstones of the Hallelujah Diet System because of its ability to deliver life-changing results. Simply consume three servings throughout the day to strengthen your immune system, detoxify the body, boost energy and improve your health. You can enjoy three unique flavors: Original, Berry, and Mint. It is also available in capsules. The signature product of the Hallelujah Diet, BarleyMax, is a pure green juice powder and the most nutritionally dense broad-spectrum living food product available today.




FiberCleanse provides a complete, full-body detoxification with a balanced blend of 28 herbs in a psyllium and flax seed base to help release stored toxins throughout the body, cleanse the colon, restore optimal bowel function, and ensure timely elimination of toxins from the body. As you are consuming the Hallelujah Diet, vegetable juices, and nutritional supplements, your body will begin to expel dead cells and toxins. Achieving good bowel function is imperative to ensure timely and efficient elimination of toxins and two to three good bowel movements per day are optimal. FiberCleanse should be taken the first three months on the Hallelujah Diet. FiberCleanse is available in three flavors or capsules. Note: FiberCleanse should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. It is not designed for using more than three consecutive months.

Fiber Cleanse


Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

What is diabetes? Who is most likely to get the condition? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? And the most important question of all, how can we help prevent it or even equip the body to restore itself to a healthy blood sugar level and optimal health? In this easy-to-read booklet, Olin Idol, N.D., C.N.C. explores the many faces of this potentially deadly disease. He discusses some fundamental steps that others dealing with various blood sugar issues have used in transitioning onto the Hallelujah Diet while maintaining stable blood sugars.

Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar


Simple Weekly Meal Plans, Volume 1

This recipe book features 28 days worth of quick and easy, delicious, full course meal recipes customized especially for The Hallelujah Diet.

The Hallelujah Diet combined with the Hallelujah Diet Diabetes Get Started Kit provides a synergistic effect within the body creating an environment that can rebuild and restore health. While the diet and supplements experienced individually will provide significant impact, their combination creates an unparalleled outcome more quickly.

Simple Weekly Meal Plans Volume 1



If you prefer, you can order the items individually below:


  • BarleyMax – 120 gram bottle – 1 bottle recommended.
  • BarleyMax
  • FiberCleanse – 454 gram bottle – 1 bottle recommended.
  • Fiber Cleanse
  • The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Book.
  • The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar book

The majority of the products in this kit are for one month supply only. Monthly supplementation of other selected products are suggested to continue improved health.

The products in the Diabetes Support System are extremely important as they are foundational in supporting the heart. The products in the Highly Recommended category help the whole body function better resulting in a stronger immune system and overall improved health. For tips on further health improvement, you may want to consider one or more of the Recommended Category.

The Hallelujah Diet has fundamental supplements to assist and accelerate your body’s self-healing properties. These supplements have been specially developed and selected to make a significant difference in a short period of time. These supplements combined with the Diet Guidelines will have you on your way to better health in no time.

Diet Guidelines

When addressing blood sugar issues it is critical that your body receives the best possible nutrition. The Hallelujah Diet is the perfect way to jumpstart your body’s amazing self-healing abilities.

The primary consideration to restoring your health is in what you eat. The Hallelujah Diet has proven to be the greatest source of nutritional support that a person needs when in the process of rebuilding and renewing health. The vast selection of foods and vegetable juices throughout the day will not only keep you satiated, they will easily restore the balance needed to rebuild healthy, new cells throughout your body.

To promote blood sugar health we recommend the following:

  • Follow the Hallelujah Diet. This is a plant based meal plan that is 85% raw, 15% cooked (which is approximately 1 cooked vegan meal per day). Refer to the Hallelujah Diet Get Started Guide. Click here to download.
  • Eliminate all animal products including meat, dairy, eggs and cheese.
  • Follow the recommendations in The Hallelujah Diet Refined: Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar book included in the Diabetes Support System.
  • Consume a large, colorful salad with every meal – this can be traditional salad, blended salad or smoothie.
  • 2 fresh 8oz vegetable juices each day consisting of 2/3 carrot and 1/3 greens and other vegetables. Note: if blood sugar spikes consider reducing the amount of carrot or dilute the juice with equal parts water until the body begins functioning properly again. Also, adding a tablespoon of a healthy oil like Udo’s Choice or Pharmax Fish Oil will slow down the absorption of the sugars and reduce a blood sugar spike.
  • Limit fruit to no more than 15% of total dietary intake
  • Water (1/2 oz of liquid per pound of body weight – this includes juices). We recommend alkaline and/or distilled.
  • Add Hydroboost to distilled water after 3 months for protection against free radicals, increase hydration to your cells, and increase nutrition.
  • If on blood sugar medication, work with doctors to adjust medication to accommodate the improved function within the body. Note that everybody is different but some people see their blood sugar levels improve within just a few weeks.

The Hallelujah Diet has fundamental supplements to assist and accelerate your body’s self-healing properties. These supplements have been specially developed and selected to make a significant difference in a short period of time. These supplements combined with the Diet Guidelines will have you on your way to better health in no time.

Highly Recommended Products

While the primary ingredients for successful health restoration are included in the Diabetes Get Started Kit, there are several additional products that have been valuable for overall health restoration and maintenance and will provide additional value and benefit. While these items are important they are not as vital as what is included in the Diabetes Get Started Kit.

B12 B6 Folate

Vitamin B12 – B6 – Folate

Pharmax Finest Pure Fish Oil

Pharmax Fish Oil

Professional Strength Probiotics

Professional Strength Probiotics

Vitamin D3 K2

Vitamin D3 with K2
Note: Vitamin D3 1000 IU (CAN)

Nascent Iodine

Nascent Iodine

Hallelujah Diet Logo

Handful of Brazil Nuts

Additional Resources

Incorporating a new diet and lifestyle can be challenging and a bit daunting. These resources will aid you by providing greater information, knowledge, insight, and support as you continue your journey toward improved health.

60 Days To Reclaim Your Health

We understand how difficult it is to implement a lifestyle change. To assist you in the transition we have developed 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health. This FREE video program will guide you through the transition in a step-by-step fashion providing shopping lists, daily recipes, testimonies, and inspiration. However, not all of the recipes are suitable for the Recovery Diet as they may have healthy fats and oils, but most can be easily adjusted in these areas. The basic steps toward eating a plant-based diet are extremely helpful and will be invaluable as you make positive change.

60 Days To Reclaim Your Health


Lifestyle Centers

Experience the Hallelujah Diet at one of our beautiful locations for either a 5 or 12-day program and quickly enjoy all the benefits. Your hosts will guide you through a typical day living the Hallelujah Diet through classes and hands-on activities designed to prepare you for living healthier when you arrive back home. All-inclusive programs, lovely first-class accommodations, and delicious, healthy foods are the cornerstones of your experience. Your hosts are experts in helping people implement the principles of the Hallelujah Diet. You are guaranteed to leave healthier than when you arrived.

Lifestyle Centers


Health Matters

Health Matters provides information on specific health issues, delivered to your inbox once a week for the next 52 weeks. You’ll get all the research, advice, recipes, and testimonials you need to make wise choices for your health – and to regain the vibrant life you want! Topics include blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, digestive health, headaches, healthy living, heart health, joint health, men’s health, women’s health, and weight loss. Best of all, this program is FREE. So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Health Matters


Exercise Essentials

Moving the body is of paramount importance to restoring or maintaining health. Join AM and PM as they guide you through a simple set of routines for 30 days. No need for expensive gym equipment, all you need is you and a little space. Look better, feel better, and get started on living the healthy, vibrant life that you’ve always wanted!

Exercise Essentials


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