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After one hour, the surgeon came out and asked if she was the same child he had examined previously.

On September 11, 2002 (exactly two weeks after she started on The Hallelujah Diet), Christina went in for a biopsy, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. After one hour, the surgeon came out and asked if she was the same child he had examined previously. He showed me some of the pictures that showed only minor acid burns, and her GI was basically fine.

Submitted By: Jackie R.
My general practitioner has been amazed at the positive changes occurring just from the diet change.

I have given him a copy of one of your Health Primers. I have recently had some blood work drawn, including a complete lipid panel so that my doctor could monitor my progress,and came back with the best results I have ever had. Not all my numbers are where I would like them to be, but they are moving in a positive direction. Generally I am feeling the best I have felt in a long while--my arthritis and joint stiffness is virtually gone, and my hip, which was dislocating on a monthly basis, has not done so since I started this diet, and my energy is much better. Thank you!

Submitted By: Anonymous

Flexibility improved, and no longer experience soreness after exercise! no more compulsive over-eating, and am losing weight! No more waiting in doctor's office because I have no more physical problems!

Submitted By: Anonymous
Had I known about the Hallelujah Diet and experienced the amazing results before writing my personal testimony, I would have included the healing of my health problems.

My wife Ruth has lost 26 pounds since going on the Hallelujah Diet and her blood pressure has been dropping steadily. Since we have slowed down and changed our eating habits we are more than ever enjoying our retirement years. We call them our 'diamond years' because we are both 75+. This June 21,2000, we celebrate 53 years of happy, joyous, married life. God has truly blessed us in these 'diamond years' of life. God bless you and your ministry richly

Submitted By: Anonymous

My new wife Jan and I teach the Get Healthy! Stay Balanced class twice a year. We conduct a support group for Healthy Eating the fourth week of each month. Since we started teaching health, we have helped approximately 650 people.

Submitted By: Hal C.
After the diet change, my bowel movements became regular and free of blood. I have also lost both inches and weight and my breath is now fresh.

I am passionate about nutrition and eating healthy, ministering to women about finding their purpose in life and fulfilling it with passion and power, and ministering to those who are hurting. My husband is my best friend and greatest supporter in this changed diet/lifestyle. He is the one encouraging me to become a Health Minister so that I can bring this wonderful program back to Deliverance Christian Church.

Submitted By: Adrienne Chavers of Canton, OH
After five months on the diet, my doctor diagnosed me as being completely well.

After five months on the diet, my doctor diagnosed me as being completely well. She then went on to tell me that there was nothing she could attribute my healing to, except for my change in diet and exercise. Numerous other good things happened as well during those five months: I dropped from a size 14 to a size 6; I had more energy than I had ever had in my life; and I went from a high risk HPV to no HPV whatsoever, nor have irregular pap smears returned; my gums firmed and I no longer have loose teeth (previously I had experienced gum recession for years and had two gum surgeries), and my dentist could hardly believe the improvement in my teeth, with no plaque, and the excellent condition of my gums; my vision tests revealed 'unexplained' significant improvement; and I was much better able to control stress and focus on the most important parts of my life, including my spiritual life, my family, and my friends.

Submitted By: Patricia D.

I got serious about The Hallelujah Diet in May 2002. Since then, the Rheumatoid arthritis has gone into remission, and I am off Methotrexate. Also, my periodontal gum disease has gone into remission.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Most importantly is my improved relationship with the Lord.

I also was able to come off my blood pressure medication. My cholesterol has dropped over 80 points and is still dropping. Regularity has been established. Menstrual difficulties have decreased. Most notable has been the improvement in my moods, something I have had difficulty with since a child. And we have seen vast improvement in marital relations! I could go on and on.

Submitted By: Beverly P.
All the aches and pains in my joints, bones and muscles have now disappeared

Sixteen months ago I jumped right into the Hallelujah Acres Recovery Diet cold turkey and almost immediately started to see improvements from physical problems I was experiencing that I thought were just normal consequences of growing older. Skin cancers just started disappearing and within two weeks my allergies were gone. Then over the next sixteen months my noise sensitive ears were no longer sensitive to noise, my gums strengthened and stopped receding, my eyes recovered almost to the vision of my youth and to top it all off, I lost 6 inches around my waist and 60 pounds in weight. All the aches and pains in my joints, bones and muscles have now disappeared. I feel as good now as I did when a child and I now realize my body is at last working as God intended when He created it.

Submitted By: Anonymous