Christopher Young

Taking a company’s technology infrastructure from its humble roots in a small community to one that spans the globe, serving two continents a world apart, requires a dedicated team of professionals. Leading that team is Christopher Young. As director of Hallelujah Diet IT department, Christopher makes sure that customers get the information, education and products they need through a state-of-the-art communications system.

Following his graduation from Winthrop University with dual degrees in Finance and French, Christopher joined the Hallelujah team in 2000, working alongside CEO Paul Malkmus as his executive assistant. From that vantage point, he saw first-hand Paul’s life-transforming vision on an international scale and began leveraging his passion for technology to implement that vision. He facilitated the creation of website’s IT “backbone” to ensure its peak efficiency and productivity and is our chief troubleshooter.

During Christopher Young’s tenure, he’s built an entirely new tech platform, giving the company a competitive advantage by remaining nimble to serve our growing customer base and positioning the company for rapid growth in the future. He transitioned the company from a traditional analog phone system with a rudimentary computer main frame to a cloud-based system with two satellite operations in Toronto, Canada and Nigeria. He integrated new computer systems to enhance email, order processing for our call center and ecommerce divisions. And with a watchful eye on our customer’s privacy, he created the critical internal systems to enable a secure, fortified cloud environment.

His contributions are a daily reminder that we are a team at Hallelujah Diet and everyone here is vital to our message of good health and long life!