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Whether you’re treating your Candida through conventional or alternative means, a modified version of the Hallelujah Diet in conjunction with the Hallelujah Diet Candida Get Started Support Kit will put your body into its best possible state to augment that treatment.

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Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sinusitis or spastic colon? You may have overgrowth of yeast or Candida. Though poorly understood by most physicians, treating this underlying infection can have profound health benefits!

There are no definitive tests for yeast overgrowth that will distinguish excessive yeast overgrowth from normal yeast growth in the body. However, if you have ANY of the following conditions you should be thinking Candida:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or fibromyalgia
  • Chronic nasal congestion or sinusitis
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
  • Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis
  • Autism
  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Celiac
  • Been on recurrent or long term antibiotics
  • Intermittent painful sores in the mouth (not cold sores on the outer lips)
  • Mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth
  • Have received vaccinations

Candida is a fungus, a form of yeast, and we normally live with small amounts of it in our mouth and intestines to aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients. But when this fungus is overproduced, it can cause toxicity and many health problems, including skin infections, mood swings, allergies, and even difficulty concentrating. It has also been linked to more severe diseases like cancer.

Candida is associated with craving simple carbs (white foods–pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, and all sugars) which feed the yeast. Candida develops for many reasons. Basically, it attempts to create balance in the gut, generally due to exposure of antibiotics, food preservatives, heavy metal toxins, and sterile foods.

Our gut, which is 80-85% of our immune system, has 500-1000 different types of microbials. Preservatives and sterile “pasteurized” foods provide anti-microbials and offer no microbials to recolonize the gut’s supply. Without balanced gut microbials, the immune system is impaired.

The Hallelujah Diet is designed to address nutritional deficiency and detoxify the body simultaneously, providing the most efficient and effective way to support the body’s self-healing ability. A dietary change is an integral part of The Hallelujah Diet Candida Support System, which includes an additional, customized selection of supplements to support the body’s healing efforts when battling Candida, specifically.

By incorporating a plant-based, primarily raw food diet you will strengthen your immune system, which will empower your body to generate the energy to increase the healthy gut microbials, which will in turn eliminate the prevalence of unhealthy gut microbials. The addition of greater nutrition will support the elimination of the chronic inflammation that seems to accompany many of the diseases linked to Candida.

As you begin to follow The Hallelujah Diet, you will begin to eliminate all sugar, including sugary fruits, gluten, and starchy carbohydrates. Raw, fermented foods will be added after a couple of months and you will begin to slowly adopt an 85% raw, 15% cooked plant-based diet. Fats should be minimal and meats and dairy will be eliminated. The optimal goal is to combine this new approach with plenty of water, exercise, fresh air, rest, and stress management.


The Hallelujah Diet Candida Get Started Kit:

If you prefer, you can order the items individually below:



Over the last 20 years we have found that one of the most effective ways to strengthen the immune system is by drinking the pure juice of young barley and alfalfa plants. Scientists have studied something called the grass juice factor as they have tried to understand why these particular juices provide such profound benefits. BarleyMax is the highest quality living juice powder and the most nutritionally dense product available.

Its synergistic formula provides unparalleled results. BarleyMax has long been one of the cornerstones of the Hallelujah Diet System because of its ability to deliver life-changing results. Simply consume three servings throughout the day to strengthen your immune system, detoxify the body, boost energy and improve your health. You can enjoy three unique flavors: Original, Berry, and Mint. It is also available in capsules. The signature product of the Hallelujah Diet, BarleyMax, is a pure green juice powder and the most nutritionally dense broad-spectrum living food product available today.

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FiberCleanse provides a complete, full-body detoxification with a balanced blend of 28 herbs in a psyllium and flax seed base to help release stored toxins throughout the body, cleanse the colon, restore optimal bowel function, and ensure timely elimination of toxins from the body. As you are consuming the Hallelujah Diet, vegetable juices, and nutritional supplements, your body will begin to expel dead cells and toxins. Achieving good bowel function is imperative to ensure timely and efficient elimination of toxins and two to three good bowel movements per day are optimal. FiberCleanse should be taken the first three months on the Hallelujah Diet. FiberCleanse is available in three flavors or capsules.

Note: FiberCleanse should not be used by pregnant or lactating women. It is not designed for using more than three consecutive months.

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Professional Strength Probiotics

Probiotics play a critical role in the development, support, and function of the immune system (about 80 to 85% of the immune system resides in the colon). A healthy intestinal tract is host to about 3 pounds of bacteria. About 85% of those should be ‘friendly’ flora. Most labels on probiotic brands boast a high amount of bacteria (CFU), but very few make it past your stomach acids to your colon, where probiotics are needed most. Hallelujah Diet Professional Strength Probiotic delivers bacteria all the way to your colon – giving you far more effective results.


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Intestinal Balance

Intestinal Balance is a unique formulation designed to support the body’s efforts at eliminating overgrowth of undesirable microbial bacteria. Specific herbs and enzymes are included to break down the protective outer shell of the undesirable bacteria making them vulnerable to the specific botanical ingredients in the formula that support the immune system’s efforts at killing off the bacteria.


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Silver Biotics

Silver Biotics is a unique, patented silver solution (not typical colloidal silver) that may lend additional support to the immune system in killing off undesirable bacteria. This unique solution is safe to use aggressively and does not build up in the body. It may be used orally as well as topically. Take one teaspoon three times per day.


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Digestive Enzymes

It is important to take Hallelujah Diet Digestive Enzymes with both raw and cooked plant-based foods. Our Digestive Enzymes supplement contains live enzymes that help improve poor digestion and the absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. If you eat cooked or processed foods, most of the enzymes in those foods are essentially destroyed, so it is especially important for you to take a supplement of living enzymes, to support digestive health in the body. Hallelujah Diet Digestive Enzymes helps your body break down and absorb nutrients to ensure you get maximum nutrition and disease protection from your food. Take two when cooked or raw meals are consumed.

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Hallelujah Diet Nascent Iodine

Iodine supplementation is essential for thyroid function but is also critical for the proper function of every other gland in the body, from the tear glands, salivary glands, sweat glands, lymph glands, the pancreas, breasts and ovaries in women, and the prostate gland in men. It also enhances the immune system and assists with cell detoxification. Most people are extremely deficient in iodine and with the uncertainty of the impact of the Fukushima fallout it is wise for everyone to consider iodine supplementation. When iodine combines with amino acids it supports apoptosis, which is essential when battling cancer. Nascent iodine is the best iodine for maximum utilization and uptake into the thyroid gland. This form also has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-germ properties. The optimal way to take nascent iodine is to put one or two drops into a small glass of water and then drink it about 15 minutes before consuming any food. This can be done 2 or 3 times a day when larger amounts are desired. Nascent iodine is active for 2 to 3 hours. It has the highest potency available without a prescription.

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Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Pepsin & Gentian Root Extract

Many people have diminished stomach acid production as they age. Adequate stomach acid is essential in the digestion of dietary proteins. Betaine HCL Pepsin & Gentian Root is a combination of nutrients that are beneficial for promoting healthy digestion. Gentian, a wonderful bitter herbal, combined with Betaine HCL maintains a healthy pH in the stomach, supporting protein digestion, mineral absorption, small intestine pH and B12 absorption. Take 2 with each meal or as needed.


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The Hallelujah Diet combined with the Hallelujah Diet Candida Support System provides a synergistic effect within the body creating an environment that can rebuild and restore health. While the diet and supplements experienced individually will provide significant impact, their combination creates an unparalleled outcome more quickly.


The removal of Candida can be a long process. There are additional support systems available to continue the process of eliminating and rebuilding the quality intestinal bacteria. These discreetly selected supplements will complement the variation of the Hallelujah Diet exclusively created for Candida. Anyone who suffers from Candida will always need to be extra careful not to consume much sugar, starchy carbohydrates and may find that a gluten-free diet will assist them from incurring any recurrence of Candida.

For most people, making this kind of a change is daunting and many if not most, don’t know where to start. To assist you in making a smooth transition, we have developed 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health. This FREE video program will guide you through the transition in a step-by-step fashion providing shopping lists, daily recipes, testimonies and inspiration. All you need to do is register here.

The products in the Candida Support Program are extremely important as they are foundational in supporting gastrointestinal health. The products in the Highly Recommended category help the whole body function better resulting in a stronger immune system and overall improved health. For tips on further health improvement you may want to consider one or more of the Recommended Category.


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Diet Guidelines

When treating Candida or health issues, it’s critical that you eat only foods that will strengthen your immune system. A modified Hallelujah Diet is the perfect way to jumpstart your body’s amazing self-healing abilities. The ultimate goal to supercharge your efforts is an 85% raw/15% cooked, plant-based diet but we encourage you to focus on getting Candida under control before attempting to adopt the full Hallelujah Diet.

When battling Candida we recommend the following:

  • Eliminate all sugar including sugary fruits and vegetables for at least 90 days.
  • Eliminate all gluten for at least 90 days.
  • Minimize or eliminate all starchy carbohydrates for 90 days.
  • Add raw fermented foods after 60 days at the rate of ½ cup per day.
  • Salad with every meal – this can be traditional, blended or smoothie.
  • Water (1/2 oz of liquid per pound of body weight – this includes water from raw foods and raw juices). We recommend alkaline and/or distilled.
  • Add Hydroboost to distilled water after 3 months to improve protection against free radicals, increase hydration to your cells, and boost nutrition.
  • 2 fresh vegetable juices each day consisting of 100% leafy greens and green vegetables such as celery, cucumber and other green veggies.
  • Start with a diet of 50% raw and 50% vegan cooked. Then after 90 days begin working toward following the Hallelujah Diet which is 85% raw, 15% cooked which is approximately 1 cooked plant-based meal per day.
  • Two to three bowel movements each day — Note magnesium oxide and vitamin C under recommended products if needed.
  • Don’t forget to get plenty of water, exercise, fresh air, rest and proper stress management.
  • After finding relief from the Candida follow the Hallelujah Diet. This is a plant based meal plan that is 85% raw, 15% cooked (which is approximately 1 cooked meal per day). Refer to the Hallelujah Diet Get Started Guide. Click here to download.

Whether you’re treating your Candida through conventional or alternative means, a modified version of the Hallelujah Diet in conjunction with the Hallelujah Diet Candida Support Program will put your body into its best possible state to augment that treatment.


Highly Recommended Products

While the primary ingredients for successful health restoration are included in the Diabetes Get Started Kit, there are several additional products that have been valuable for overall health restoration and maintenance and will provide additional value and benefit. While these items are important they are not as vital as what is included in the Diabetes Get Started Kit.


Recommended Products

The Recommended Category are additional items of significant benefit as you pursue restored health.


Additional Resources

Incorporating a new diet and lifestyle can be challenging and a bit daunting. These resources will aid you by providing greater information, knowledge, insight, and support as you continue your journey toward improved health.

60 Days To Reclaim Your Health

We understand how difficult it is to implement a lifestyle change. To assist you in the transition we have developed 60 Days to Reclaim Your Health. This FREE video program will guide you through the transition in a step-by-step fashion providing shopping lists, daily recipes, testimonies, and inspiration. However, not all of the recipes are suitable for the Recovery Diet as they may have healthy fats and oils, but most can be easily adjusted in these areas. The basic steps toward eating a plant-based diet are extremely helpful and will be invaluable as you make positive change.

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Lifestyle Centers

Experience the Hallelujah Diet at one of our beautiful locations for either a 5 or 12-day program and quickly enjoy all the benefits. Your hosts will guide you through a typical day living the Hallelujah Diet through classes and hands-on activities designed to prepare you for living healthier when you arrive back home. All-inclusive programs, lovely first-class accommodations, and delicious, healthy foods are the cornerstones of your experience. Your hosts are experts in helping people implement the principles of the Hallelujah Diet. You are guaranteed to leave healthier than when you arrived.

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Health Matters

Health Matters provides information on specific health issues, delivered to your inbox once a week for the next 52 weeks. You’ll get all the research, advice, recipes, and testimonials you need to make wise choices for your health – and to regain the vibrant life you want! Topics include blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, digestive health, headaches, healthy living, heart health, joint health, men’s health, women’s health, and weight loss. Best of all, this program is FREE. So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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