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Keep up the great work at Hallelujah Diet!

Keep up the great work at Hallelujah Diet! You will never be able to convince all the people that diet is essential to good health just as Christ was/is not able to convince all the people that salvation is essential for a Heavenly Reward. My wife and I have witnessed great similarities between informing Christians about diet and non-Christians about spiritual salvation.

Submitted By: Larry Jones of Unionville, MO
Yet, now i have more energy than i had in my 20's and I feel healthier than ever, with no aches or pain

Well, I didn't take his drugs and I didn't go back to my doctor. Rather, I decided to give The Hallelujah Diet a try. The result? I am now off all medications and haven't felt this good in many, many years. I had been suffering from depression for the better part of my life - over 48- years. Yet, now i have more energy than i had in my 20's and I feel healthier than ever, with no aches or pains. If I am suffering from anything today, it is the excessive happiness I have experienced as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet. I would never, ever, in 7 million years, go back to the poor dietary habits that created all my problems.

Submitted By: Mae K. of Jacksonville, FL.
I am so grateful to God and HA.

I refused surgery, radiation, and chemo and 15 months later they couldn't find any cancer with a mammogram and manual exams by an Oncologist. I am so grateful to God and HA.

Submitted By: Peggy B.
since my cancer diagnosis. We have a happy, healthy and beautiful family

When Jerrod was diagnosed in 1999 with Melanoma cancer and given but 6-months to live, they had no children, and no hope of ever having children, because Jerrod was supposed to die. Isn't God good!

Submitted By: Jerrod Sessler of Oregon
She was already on oxygen and had fluid on her lungs when she started The Hallelujah Diet.

They told her to keep doing what she was doing.

She did, and the next time she went to the doctor, they were completely gone. Prior to this, they were going to remove her breast. Now the tumor has shrunk so much they are waiting to see if it completely goes away. Praise the Lord! She is telling her story all over Blount County. Leon and I were at her house when they came and picked up her oxygen because she doesn't need it anymore. Do you know what a miracle this is? Their son has been diabetic for 8- years. He is now insulin free since starting the program (Hallelujah Diet).

Submitted By: Anonymous

Now she feels so good and now believes that the Light of Christ shines in every glass of carrot juice and in her body temple. I am delighted, because now the 'chef of the family' is a Hallelujah woman, and the juicer is always working. Thank you for a great work! Many of our friends and family follow different faiths, from Catholic to Tibetan Buddhism, but they all get sick! The body responds so quickly to the living food no matter what religion a person follows!

Submitted By: Stewart of Australia

I hope to become a Health Minister once I'm back to normal again and will definitely go on the bandwagon for The Hallelujah Diet. The medical and nursing professions need to understand this approach, and teach it as a preventative measure in routine care, to avoid illness in the first place. Thank you for opening the door to continued hope and wellness for me. I will always be grateful.

Submitted By: Jacquelin

They come from everywhere. I am on the phone ministering with people all over the world several hours a week. In addition to our regular weekly meetings, we have a raw potluck once a month, attended by 20 to 40 people, This Hallelujah program has changed my life, and I love seeing what it is doing for others. This is the greatest ministry in the world!

Submitted By: Health Minister Rita Myers of Maryville, TN

I trusted that somehow I would get healed. A few months later my Pastor told me about H. Acres. Since I started with my new lifestyle 5 weeks ago some really wonderful things have happen: in one week my acid reflux disease, chronic sinus problems and chronic yeast infections were gone and after a very , very difficult detox the pain from the cancer is 75% gone and still going. I'm starting to feel stronger in every way. God is bringing me through it. If you call out to Him he will help you too. God Bless everyone who has encouraged me.

Submitted By: Maryann

Praise God!!! The biopsy came back clear of cancer. I thank Dr. Francis Bierl, a Health Minister, for introducing me to the Hallelujah Diet. Most of all, I'd like to thank Rev. George Malkmus for developing the diet and for being so courageous to spread the message that, You Don't Have to be Sick.

Submitted By: Dr. Dale D. Schramm of Atlantic, IA