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We are holding Hallelujah Diet Support Group meetings on a monthly basis for those in the area that are interested in the program that Chris is on, and that has been such a Blessing. We're so grateful! Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all of you!

Submitted By: Health Ministers Jane & Christo Anton of Scarborough, ME

Within one year of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, all the above physical problems disappeared and I was off all my medications. I thank God for hearing and answering my prayers for healing, and I am looking forward to Health Minister Training so that I can learn how to better help others restore their health...

Submitted By: Ruby

I praise God for The Hallelujah Diet and I want to teach the body of Christ the message, you don't have to be sick! Amen!

Submitted By: Hal Hoover of Alpena, MI
Personally, I no longer have to take sinus medication, or even anything for my headaches, which I used to have almost daily.

Personally, I no longer have to take sinus medication, or even anything for my headaches, which I used to have almost daily. I now have lots of energy and want to thank you for getting this health message out. I also want to thank our wonderful friends who loaned us your books and tapes. I would love to be a Health Minister, but cannot look into that until my husband is well. (Editor's note: Rezulin, the drug Mr. Cottle was taking for his diabetes, was removed from the market this past week because of the many serious adverse side effects and deaths experienced by those taking this drug.)

Submitted By: Mr. Cottle
My nerves are better, sleep is better, my mind functions great.

I just wish more people could understand how easy it is to feel so good, and the best part is I don't feel as though I had to give up anything. My life has been enriched so much. Please take good care of yourself, because we need you around for a long, long time.

Submitted By: Dorothy M.
My mother, a very skeptical nurse, has lowered her cholesterol by 80 points in six weeks and her blood pressure is normal for the first time in ten years

My teenage son is like a different child. His acne is greatly improved, but his attitude is incredible. He is quieter and more helpful and respectful.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Dr. Malkmus, please know that you and your family and Hallelujah Diet are in my daily prayers!

When I first learned about The Hallelujah Diet, I had been praying for God to show me how to live a healthier lifestyle, and that is when my friend Rhonda introduced me to The Hallelujah Diet. I am journaling daily my experience on The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle and plan to write about it in the near future. I am very excited to be on this new and exciting lifestyle and I really appreciate all of Dr. Malkmus' efforts to help others in the Christian Community regain their health.

Submitted By: Francis C. of Granville, OH
I have been a subscriber for about four years

I have been a subscriber for about four years, and yes, I do share information from the Health Tips with others. 

Submitted By: C. S. of Richland, WA

I have seen people with cancer, walk out of the hospital the day before they were scheduled for surgery, go on The Hallelujah Diet after reading your book, and they were found to be totally cancer free three months later. Thanks for everything you do for those what will listen! I too would like to see the series on 'How to Stop Cheating' put into booklet form.

Submitted By: Andy M.

I thank God for you and your ministry! I wish my wife and son would do as I have, but I can only show by example. I have endured a lot of criticism over this lifestyle change, but I am determined to stick with it. It would be so wonderful if someone would come to my church and share this program. I have witnessed to a lot of people and do have a couple starting to juice. At least it's something. Thank you again!

Submitted By: Anonymous of Independence, MO