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Thanks to the Lord again! I really want to go and learn to be a health minister in your program but could not find the time now. Please pray for that. May God bless you, George, and keep the good work. Thanks to all the people working at the acres. Quyen and family.

Submitted By: Quyen Doan of Hayward, CA
No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet four months ago, I have experienced the following improvements in my health: chronic fatigue gone! edema gone! arthritis gone! restless leg syndrome gone! lipomas shrinking! Improved regularity! improved sleep! cholesterol down 52 points and now off cholesterol medication! bad breath gone! Body odor gone! more mental clarity and now have a positive outlook! skin rash cleared up! now have softer skin and nicer hair! black under-eye circles gone! Flexibility improved, and no longer experience soreness after exercise! no more compulsive over-eating, and am losing weight! No more waiting in doctor's office because i have no more physical problems!

Submitted By: Anonymous

I want to help and tell anyone that will listen to me that you do not have to be sick. I have overcome what most people will say is the impossible but I am the first to say, If Jehovah God had not helped me I could never have done it on my own.

Submitted By: Gellet Joiner of Cape Fair, MO
He has blessed me with the will power and strength to follow this Hallelujah Diet plan.

I am excited to be able to tell you that after only five months on the Hallelujah Diet I was drug free, and have remained drug free and pain free for the past four months. Once again, thank you Rev. Malkmus and Rhonda. I will be seeing you at Health Ministry Training in July.

Submitted By: Anonymous
When I run into someone who seems to shudder at the name 'Hallelujah Diet,' I ask them if they would like me to call it the 'Whoopie Diet?'

I am looking forward to seeing you on January 11th in Macon, Georgia, which is only 35 miles from where I live. I would be very happy to share my testimony in that seminar if you need me. Please tell sister Rhonda 'hello' and that I look forward to seeing her in March at the next Health Ministers Training

Submitted By: Dr. Betty Wilson
We surely are what we eat!

My mama used to preach that to me as a child, 'Debbie eat to live, don't live to eat.' Most people do not want that message, but for those few who do, my pastor husband and I will continue to do our best to share with them The Hallelujah Way to health!

Submitted By: Debbie of Clearwater, FL
I have shared your books and video with others.

I admire your courage and the fact that you are helping so many people with your wonderful health message.

Submitted By: Anonymous
I began The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle in October 2006 as a 60 day challenge.

I began The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle in October 2006 as a 60 day challenge. Prior to adopting the Hallelujah Diet.

Submitted By: Marvin B. of Missoula, MT

After listening to advice from many people, and a lot of prayer, I chose a different way than surgery. I had read about the Hallelujah Diet in George Malkmus' book 'God's Way to Ultimate Health' over 2 years before. There is a lot of wisdom in that book about what to eat and how our food relates to the body God created for us.

Submitted By: Robert D. of Georgia

Since going on The Hallelujah Diet two and a half years ago, none of us have been sick, and we are enjoying improved health and quality of life and now feel we can fulfill God's purpose in our lives.

Submitted By: Anonymous