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I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (an auto-immune disease) in March 1999.

I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis (an auto-immune disease) in March 1999. The disease was confined to my skin and at the time i had 13 painful, throbbing tumors, throughout my body.

Submitted By: Diana & Dennis T.

Thank you Rev. Malkmus for your health ministry! It may be a lot of work in the kitchen (I don't like kitchen work) for me but the results are extraordinary and a huge blessing to live life well and enjoy it with youthfulness rather than struggle through it with sickness. I, Judith have not been as devout on the diet as John but I am sure that once I ask for the prayers of all those reading this testimony that I will be blessed and graced from God with the determination and strength to proceed onward and lose the extra lbs. that needs to come off me. And, Yes, you guessed it, all of you are in our prayers to succeed and promote the Hallelujah way of life to give Glory To God In The Highest!

Submitted By: Judith & John R.

Within days of adopting The Hallelujah Diet, my cough simply disappeared along with the allergies, sinus problems, hunger, and heartburn! my energy level soared, and I felt really good for the first time in many years. within weeks of making the diet change, my memory was totally restored.

Submitted By: Pastor Dan
On my 3 month anniversary I was at Hallelujah Diet and got the great pleasure of hearing Dr. Malkmus give his How to Eliminate Sickness seminar.

I got the pleasure as well to meet Rhonda his God given helpmate in this journey. What a treasure that God meant for us all to have and what a gem that Dr. Malkmus and Rhonda are in this world to educate those of us who will listen. How can the words thank you ever relay to these two wonderful servants of God what I feel for returning to me the gift of my good health and for showing me what God wanted for me all along. The Hallelujah lifestyle is now mine. I have been delivered from all of my health problems. I can now see myself as a wonderfully God made wife, mother and yes I can see myself spoiling my grandchildren and loving every moment of my midlife and golden years. Hallelujah!!!!

Submitted By: Jan R.
I have lost 47 pounds and my hemorrhoids, asthma, allergies, and colon polyps have all disappeared.

My doctor says he can't believe what is happening, though he is concerned because my blood pressure is still too high. He told me to stay on the diet and to stay on the blood pressure meds too because I have already had one stroke.

Submitted By: Robin
I learned about Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet when someone shared with me a copy of Back to the Garden.

I learned about Hallelujah Acres and The Hallelujah Diet when someone shared with me a copy of Back to the Garden.


I praise God for my healing and am thankful to Reverend Malkmus and the Hallelujah lifestyle that he has been so willing and faithful to share with all who will hear. I am planning to attend Health Minister training in Sacramento, California this October.

Submitted By: Anonymous

I lost 70 pounds. This is all in one years' time. Allergies are all but gone. No more hemorrhoids. Praise God for that. Absolutely no acid reflux. No back pain.

Submitted By: Anonymous
Most importantly is my improved relationship with the Lord.

I also was able to come off my blood pressure medication. My cholesterol has dropped over 80 points and is still dropping. Regularity has been established. Menstrual difficulties have decreased. Most notable has been the improvement in my moods, something I have had difficulty with since a child. And we have seen vast improvement in marital relations! I could go on and on.

Submitted By: Beverly P.
The message confirmed my long journey and when I finally cut out meat, found a good naturopath and chiropractor, and ate more raw and added Barleyjuice and carrot juice, I was finally on the road to full recovery and all the ailments were eliminated!

They were chronic fatigue, aching joints, acne, headaches, depression, volatile emotions, stage III Candida, immune dysfunction, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, severe food allergies, skin rashes, chemical sensitivity, weight gain, dry brittle hair, dry skin and liver spots.

Submitted By: Anonymous