Raw Peach Cobbler

  • Serves 12-16

This is a raw version that contains no added sugars. It’s full of living enzymes, and only sweetened with peaches and dates. It tastes indulgent, but is actually good for you!

Serves 12-16 This recipe is gluten free


  1. Take half of your peaches and chop them up, removing the pits.
  2. Place them in a food processor with your chopped dates, vanilla, cinnamon and sea salt, and blend until smooth.
  3. Transfer mixture to a mixing bowl, and rinse out your food processor so you can use it to make the topping.
  4. Chop up your remaining peaches and add them to your mixing bowl along with the raisins and ground flax.
  5. Stir until everything is well incorporated.


  1. Add all ingredients except the dates to your food processor, and pulse to a crumbly meal.
  2. Add the dates and continue pulsing until everything is well crumbled and fully incorporated.
  3. In a glass baking dish spread out the filling, and top with the crumble topping.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

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