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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipe Alternatives: Vegan, Protein-Rich Lentil Millet Holiday Loaf (No Need for Turkey!)

If you didn’t already know, we are firm believers in juicing—drinking the fresh liquids from vegetables and fruits to flood your body cells with the healing nutrients that plants carry for their own survival. Among the many benefits of juicing include detoxification of the liver at the cellular level and improving heart health. Juicing also…

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Delicious Halloween Treats that are Perfect Anytime of the Year

We at the Hallelujah Diet are constantly amazed by all the God-given plants that are both oh-so-delicious and remarkably health-boosting. Pumpkin is the perfect embodiment of this. Its taste and aroma fill our senses with the thought of falling leaves, family togetherness and love, but it also gives us the nutrients we need to live…

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