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Rhonda’s Guacamole Dressing

From Salad Dressings for Life from God’s Garden by Rhonda Malkmus and friends, this dressing is thicker than the average salad dressing, but when spread over the vegetables, is rich and flavorful. It also makes a great spread inside a veggie burger.

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Rhonda’s Vegetable Pate

From Hallelujah Holiday Recipes from God’s Garden by Rhonda J. Malkmus and Friends, this delicious snack will be great to share with others during the holidays or just any time that you want to scrumptious little snack.

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Marvelous Beet Cabbage Juice

This juice is delicious, because the sweetness from the beet and the sourness from the lemon hide the stronger flavor of the cabbage. Beets are loaded with antioxidants. They are great to juice, grate in a salad and excellent pickled.

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Wonderful Slaw Salad

This method of eating a salad takes part of the load off the chewing process. The items are still crunchy, so the texture is very nice. The flavors mingle during the processing so the salad takes on a delightful new taste.

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Tropical Protein Shake

Are you interested in the tastes of the islands without having to go there? Blend up this great shake to savor the flavors from where palm trees sway and the ocean kisses the sand…

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Vegetable Hummus

This easy and wonderful snack for any occasion is shown with Flax Crackers made in a dehydrator. Recipes available in the recipe book, *Lose Weight Deliciously.*

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Honey Granola Base

Here is a delicious crunchy oat recipe that is perfect as a granola base, or can be eaten alone, as simply crunchy honey oats. Store Honey Granola Base in a sealed container in the refrigerator. Take out desired amount and add anything you like. Some excellent additions may be raisins, raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh…

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