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Dandelion Soup

Want a new soup with an earthy and cheerfully bitter edge? Add a cup of dandelion to an array of veggies for a unique one-of-a-kind “dandy” flavor. Fresh, memorable and scrumptiously healthy.

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Cranberry Relish

Fresh cranberries can be found in grocery stores in America between November and Christmas. They provide a tart and crunchy base for a beautiful salad or relish for the holidays. Cranberries are as beautiful as they are healthy.

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Raw Veggie Chili

Having a get together and wanting to serve a party favorite with a refreshing spin? Then serve up this attractive RAW version of chili. This rendition is a mild version, though packed with flavor. This recipe is by Rhonda Malkmus, from Rhonda’s Culinary Creations from Simple to Gourmet. This makes a large quantity. Recipe can…

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SuperStar Veg-Smoothie

This SuperStar Veg-Smoothie is from the recipe book, Less Is Enough. Smoothies are very popular, but many times can be filled with excess sugar…even from natural sources, such as too much sweet fruit. The recipe book shows examples of increasing the vegetable portion and lowering the fruit portion. Some of the recipes, like this one,…

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HD’s Pumpkin Smoothie

Are you ready for the chill in the air and the flavors of fall to go with it? Then this delicious smoothie treat is just for you. Enjoy this bounty of health with this nutrient dense drink.

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Unique Carrot Soup

If you are not accustomed to enjoying raw vegetable soups on a regular basis, this one would be a GREAT one to begin with. The sweet carrots and bell peppers along with the perfect amount of onion, basil, and almond butter are pleasantly flavorful. This soup may even convince you that raw soups could easily…

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RAW Tomato Vegetable Soup

Just about everyone loves vegetable soup with a rich tomato base. This raw rendition is equally as savory and filling. The green avocado even looks like cooked lima beans. This inviting soup could even qualify as a comfort food it is so delicious. RAW Tomato Vegetable Soup Makes around 2 ½ cups Ingredients for liquid…

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Succulent Spinach Soup

This soup is creamy, savory and richly flavor-filled. Goes well with crunchy flax crackers or carrot and celery sticks dipped in a nut pate. Another way to partake in this raw soup is to drink it like a “veg-smoothie”. If you are going to take it to work and want to spare your co-workers the…

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