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Almond/Pecan Milk

Almond and pecans provide a sustaining balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Homemade nut milks are refreshing, creamy, and filling. When they are ice cold out of the refrigerator, they make a smart substitute for conventional ice cream sweetened with refined sugar.

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Living Lasagna / Stacked Salad

This Living Lasagna is one of the most scrumptious recipes! It may take a little extra time to prepare, but IT IS WELL WORTH IT. The Red Pepper Cheese is one of the reasons this lasagna is so outrageous. This “cheese” would be superb atop a salad, or a dollop of it on raw veggies!…

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Micro-chopped Salad

It can take a long time to chew a big salad, particularly when it contains hard vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. Many times, folks are in a hurry and simply do not chew the produce well. If we do not crack open the cell wall of the food, we cannot retrieve the good nutrition…

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Strawberry Green Smoothie

This smoothie is basic and frosty. The omega fats from ground flax and walnuts give richness and holding power. You could give it a sour edge with a half of a peeled lime. Add more kale or collards for a greener bolder flavor.

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Easy Berry Parfait

This frozen berry parfait is delicious, full of health-promoting compounds, and easy to make. Seeing the array of whole berries underneath the creamy whipped topping makes a person want to dive right in. On the Hallelujah Diet, it is a good idea to keep frozen berries and frozen bananas in the freezer and almond butter…

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Clementine Splash

We never tire of freshly extracted veggie juice. It may be the best nutrition possible and testimonials from people who juice are astounding. Putting in a small amount of fruit, like this tangerine and lemon give a remarkably refreshing edge. If you haven’t juiced lately, we urge you to start again today!

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The Satisfier Juice

The beauty of fresh juice is that it doesn’t put a burden on the digestive tract. The juice can be swallowed and off to our cells within minutes. Chewing, and digesting takes much longer than minutes. Living juice is a hallmark of the Hallelujah Diet. Please do not underestimate its power and importance.

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Sweet and Sour Loverly

This juice recipe is so fresh and tasty, you may want to drum up a fresh batch quite frequently. *Celery* and *cucumbers* make a great base for juices because they produce a good quantity and are milder than most other veggies, (such as leafy greens and broccoli). Carrots juice is very beneficial due to the…

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