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Clementine Splash

We never tire of freshly extracted veggie juice. It may be the best nutrition possible and testimonials from people who juice are astounding. Putting in a small amount of fruit, like this tangerine and lemon give a remarkably refreshing edge. If you haven’t juiced lately, we urge you to start again today!

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The Satisfier Juice

The beauty of fresh juice is that it doesn’t put a burden on the digestive tract. The juice can be swallowed and off to our cells within minutes. Chewing, and digesting takes much longer than minutes. Living juice is a hallmark of the Hallelujah Diet. Please do not underestimate its power and importance.

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Sweet and Sour Loverly

This juice recipe is so fresh and tasty, you may want to drum up a fresh batch quite frequently. *Celery* and *cucumbers* make a great base for juices because they produce a good quantity and are milder than most other veggies, (such as leafy greens and broccoli). Carrots juice is very beneficial due to the…

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Beet Blended Salad

Give your body the love and respect it deserves by including a gorgeous red beet in your blended salad. Studies have shown that the nitrates in beets may help relax blood vessels which could help lower blood pressure. A sweet BEET, for a sweet BEAT.

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Strawberry Beet Smoothie

Berries and beets are two great foods with exceptional health benefits. In this recipe, the strawberries hide some of the earthiness of the beets, and the beets add some sweetness to the strawberries. The other ingredients add just the right amount of kick for a terrific bright magenta treat.

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Strawberry Orange Dressing

This recipe is a spin-off of Rhonda Malkmus’ Strawberry Dressing recipe. Her original version adds 4 tsp. raw, unfiltered honey, or other sweetener. She recommends leaving the ingredients slightly chunky.

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Dandelion Soup

Want a new soup with an earthy and cheerfully bitter edge? Add a cup of dandelion to an array of veggies for a unique one-of-a-kind “dandy” flavor. Fresh, memorable and scrumptiously healthy.

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Cranberry Relish

Fresh cranberries can be found in grocery stores in America between November and Christmas. They provide a tart and crunchy base for a beautiful salad or relish for the holidays. Cranberries are as beautiful as they are healthy.

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Raw Veggie Chili

Having a get together and wanting to serve a party favorite with a refreshing spin? Then serve up this attractive RAW version of chili. This rendition is a mild version, though packed with flavor. This recipe is by Rhonda Malkmus, from Rhonda’s Culinary Creations from Simple to Gourmet. This makes a large quantity. Recipe can…

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