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Cabbage Overtones Juice

The cruciferous family of vegetables is a good source of sulfur which the body uses to remove toxins from cells. Sometimes people find hard, raw cruciferous vegetables hard to digest. Take the burden of breaking down the cellular wall of hard vegetables by juicing them. Toss in some cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower in your juice,…

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Let Freedom Ring Berry Delight

At Hallelujah Diet, the goal is to empower our miraculous self-healing, so it can be set free from sickness. The body is designed to heal itself, but toxic foods must be eliminated and replaced with foods full of nutrition to give it a chance. Rev. Malkmus, the founder of the Hallelujah Diet calls refined white…

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Coconut Lime Freezer Balls

Keeping satisfying nut balls in the freezer to grab at a moment’s notice ensures a quick nutty snack is always on hand. Lime and coconut blend perfectly together and the lime brings a nice tang to these nutrient dense treats. For extra pucker power, add a couple more tablespoons of lime juice.

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Kale Reigns Juice

Many times, kale and collards have thick fibrous stems. The stems, and even the leaves, can make a smoothie rather thready in texture. Those sturdy stems, however, are perfect to juice. Straight kale or collard juice is not palatable for most. Although when kale is mixed with a few other items, it becomes a dark…

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Better than Mimosa Juice

As a rule, fruit is kept to small quantities when making vegetable juice; so with 6 tangerines, this recipe has a little more fruit than usual. However, fresh squeezed tangerines are exceptionally tasty, making a marvelous treat!

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Blueberry Nut Balls

Prepackaged foods are so convenient. But many times, they do not contain the best ingredients. To insure top quality raw snack foods at your fingertips, keeping raw nut balls in the freezer provides a great solution when there is no time to prepare. Raw plants maintain their enzymes even when frozen.

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Crunchy Raw Carrot Radish Soup

Not only is this soup marvelously delicious, the texture is exquisite. Be sure to cut the carrot and radishes in thin slices for a fun and different presentation. Other raw veggies, such as chopped bell pepper, celery or onion can be added to the crunchy portion if desired.

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Delightful Avocado Soup

This soup base is incredibly creamy. The “Fold-In Ingredients” can be changed to whatever you have on hand or prefer. You may want radishes and celery instead of bell peppers and corn, etc. Creativity keeps your raw cuisine exciting. This recipe is by Rhonda Malkmus.

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Almond/Pecan Milk

Almond and pecans provide a sustaining balance of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Homemade nut milks are refreshing, creamy, and filling. When they are ice cold out of the refrigerator, they make a smart substitute for conventional ice cream sweetened with refined sugar.

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