Sweetheart Cake with Fudge Frosting

One of the culinary secrets to this decadent masterpiece is coconut butter. Not to be confused with coconut oil, coconut butter is made with whole coconut flesh (not just the oil) and pureed into a densely nutritious spread that literally melts in your mouth!

Coconut butter is rich with coconut taste and aroma, while giving you nutrition from the whole coconut, including fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Essentially coconut butter is a nut butter, just like almond butter, though we don’t normally consider coconuts as true nuts like almond, pecans, walnuts, etc.

As for its health properties, coconut butter helps to lower cholesterol and stimulate thyroid function. As a result, coconut butter helps the body to protect itself against heart disease, senility, obesity, cancer and other diseases associated with aging and chronic degeneration.

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