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30 Day Hallelujah Diet Challenge

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30 Day Hallelujah Diet Challenge

Below you will find all things you will need for success as you work through the 30 Day Hallelujah Diet Challenge.

Important Links and Information for you

As you move through the Hallelujah Diet Challenge, you may have questions, need encouragement or need some more accountability. Here is a list of key ways to get the help you need to keep steady on the Diet and finish the Challenge strong and successful.

  • 30 Day Hallelujah Diet Facebook Group: Click HERE to join. You will get encouragement and accountability from others as they are with you on this health journey.
  • Personal Email just for the Challenge: We offer you a direct line via email to the health experts at Hallelujah Diet. Email your questions and concerns to:
  • Toll Free Phone line: If you want to reach out directly to hear and talk personally to our health experts at Hallelujah Diet, you can always call Toll-Free at (800) 915-WELL(9355) - [Available: Mon-Fri (8am - 6pm)ET and Sat (9am-4pm)ET]

On-Demand 30 Day HD Challenge Webinars

Here is your collection of Webinars that you can watch again. And if you missed them, check out what you missed.

Pre-Challenge Hallelujah Diet Webinar - June 13, 2019

This webinar focuses on the BASICS that set you on a firm foundation to begin the Hallelujah Diet. When you are ready and focused, you are unstoppable! Give yourself 30-days, and watch your body perform! Let’s get prepped. We’ll discuss your kit, how to stay committed and how to stay in touch.

What's for Supper? Webinar - June 20, 2019

Learn how to make meals that are fresh, delectable, filling and low maintenance. Nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen after a long hard day. Learn how to uncomplicate, satisfy your taste buds and give your body the foods that nourish the best.

DRINKing your way to Radiant Health Webinar - June 27, 2019

This webinar emphasizes juicing and the importance of clean water.

Juicing may be the pinnacle of nutrition… and the taste is incomparably delicious!

And, whatever you do, don’t undermine all your hard efforts by consuming harmful chemicals found in water, when you can drink crisp, pure wholesome water. What you drink is a major stepping-stone to achieving excellent health.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen Webinar - July 2, 2019

Having the latest kitchen equipment helps manage your time, offers brand new textures and makes your diet invigorating and creative. Come find out our favorite kitchen gadgets and why. Spruce up your life, by sprucing up your kitchen.

Deficiency Busters Webinar - July 11, 2019

Without ample building blocks, the body can struggle to revamp and rebuild. That’s why particular superfoods and key supplements may be necessary. This webinar gives prime examples of how to combat some typical health issues with key foods and proper supplementation.