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After only 3-months on the diet, my husband had lost 45 pounds; his blood pressure is now good; his cholesterol is getting better; his skin cancers have gone away; and the plantar wart on his foot is almost gone

Apparently those who need to lose weight will, and those who don't, won't on The Hallelujah Diet. I have lost 20 pounds and was headed for another 20 pound weight loss, but now there is a baby coming and suppose further weight loss will have to be put on hold. My constipation is clearing up, and I am watching a skin cancer on my face go away. My husband and I are both 43.

Submitted By: Lamilla of Huntsville, AL

Everywhere I go, people tell me how much better I look, and want to know what I am doing. I now have a new life because of the Hallelujah Diet! I thank God for putting me in the right place at the right time so that I could learn how to restore my health!

Submitted By: Betty
We have had two couples join us at home for Hallelujah meals.

Both were very interested in the diet and our progress. We are meeting with our pastor this Friday to introduce him to the Hallelujah program prior to taking it into our church. There are lots of sick people who need to hear this message. It was an honor to meet you and Rhonda. Judy and I want to compliment your staff in particular for carrying on the Health Ministers training in an outstanding manner in your absence. We are so grateful to hear of your rapid recovery. God is not through with His faithful servant, George Malkmus, yet! Hallelujah!

Submitted By: Richard Webber of Kentucky
Since being on The Hallelujah Diet I have seen my acne, which I have struggled with for the past 23-years, totally disappear.

Additionally, I now have increased energy and my monthly periods, which used to include heavy cramping, are a thing of the past. I now feel emotionally balanced and the things that used to make me very angry I now address with a calm spirit. I am also more patient with my husband and children and just feel healthier in general. Over all, I am less stressed and more patient and positive, and I give the Hallelujah Diet all the credit.

Submitted By: Anonymous
After attending the Cook's Lifestyle Center, I have a desire to start my own Lifestyle Center in England.

After attending the Cook's Lifestyle Center, I have a desire to start my own Lifestyle Center in England.

Since adopting The Hallelujah Diet, Sharon reports that she has recovered from the following health problems: yeast infections; has lost weight; dandruff; and the blues!!

Submitted By: Sharon H. of Verwood, Dorset, England
I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

I cried as I realized that she was God's confirmation to me that this Hallelujah Diet was the answer to my prayers.

At the time, I didn't consider myself to have many health problems (quite delusional I might add), but I knew that if I didn't do this diet with Dave it wouldn't be successful, as I was the one preparing our family's meals. I did not want to loose my husband to disease and was willing to do anything to help him. With my Lord at my side I began to consume knowledge to understand how to do this thing, how to feed my family, how to renew my mind.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Those who choose to adopt The Hallelujah Diet are also seeing the diet work for them. May our mighty Almighty God richly bless you, your family, and the Hallelujah Acres Ministry.

Submitted By: Catherine N. of Machakos District, Kenya
Because of the diet change and improvements in my health, I have changed my business from foot care to 'For Wellness.

I am now selling juicers, AIM products, and stainless cookware. I am currently readying for a trade show booth. Already there have been many testimonies coming from the few families and friends that I have helped get on God's Diet, and the ministry is starting to snowball. I feel a burden to share this Health Message.

Submitted By: Gord F.
The message confirmed my long journey and when I finally cut out meat, found a good naturopath and chiropractor, and ate more raw and added Barleyjuice and carrot juice, I was finally on the road to full recovery and all the ailments were eliminated!

They were chronic fatigue, aching joints, acne, headaches, depression, volatile emotions, stage III Candida, immune dysfunction, liver, kidney and adrenal dysfunction, digestive dysfunction, severe food allergies, skin rashes, chemical sensitivity, weight gain, dry brittle hair, dry skin and liver spots.

Submitted By: Anonymous
God bless you for sharing the truth from God's Word!

Little did I know the side effects would include losing thirty pounds, along with my high blood pressure, and seeing my eczema go away. I would like to join you and Rhonda for the Monday carrot juice/dehydrated barley juice powder fast.

Submitted By: Anonymous